Soulfly - World Scum Lyrics

Bloody century is upon thee
Revolution, war and disease
Earthquake, the citie's falling
Catastrophe will kill the east
There will be fire
There will be famine, drought and plague
We will succumb in the arena
Thumbs down to sell our fate

World scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum
The generation of sin returns

World scum, world scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum, blood scum
The generation of sin returns

Down at the gates, the gates of hell, open and fell
JFK shot in the head – conspiracy
Auschwitz – they breathe Zyklon B
Gas chamber, they all marched in
Many shall come, many shall go, many shall learn
Many shall live, many shall die, many shall burn
One thing is certain, we all share the guilt
We'll die alone in the house religion built

World scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum
The generation of sin returns

World scum, world scum
Bloody century eclipses the sun
Blood scum, blood scum
The generation of sin returns

Procreation of the wicked
Mass slaughter of the weak
Mustafa and his children
Knife down and kill the living

Eternal devastation

Eternal devastation

The brutal human instinct
The spirit of inhumanity
Scum of a species failing
Holy war – death knell tolling

Eternal devastation

Eternal devastation

Assassination of the tsar
No more kings, no more tsars
Damnation on the rise
Baptized by fire

A warning I see in these eyes
You cannot put a price on life
Holy purge will crack the sky
Terror screaming in the dark

H-Bomb dropped out on the front
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, brutality
Armageddon draws a Meggido
The final war, the antichrist and Jesus

Arise descendents of Babylon
Judgement day has come and gone
Words of hate, words of filth and on and on
Influence for generations beyond

The final war, the antichrist and Jesus
The final war, the antichrist and Jesus
The final war, the antichrist and Jesus

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Soulfly World Scum Comments
  1. No SeNsE

    Maestro Max!

  2. Евгений Александрович

    Super death metall

  3. Ruddy Bakewell

    Shit video. Powerful song!

  4. bIametheniIe

    lol what is this? lololol

  5. Caio Freitas

    That break on 2:41 is amazing

  6. Gerson andonay

    This is SOULFLY Tribe 🤘

  7. April Myers

    cant help it, love them!

  8. April Myers

    omg so glad I stumbled on this one! great

  9. rubens ferreira sobrinho

    Lenda monstruoso grande max cavalera Guerreiro do underground nacional o melhor do mundo

  10. Yauh o verdadeiro e único Criador

    Se todas as músicas da Soulfly seguissem essa linha seria foda ; pois tem algo de Deicide ao menos nessa música ; os riffs banhado em Death Metal com o vocal gutural ficou o cão de bom

  11. Dragisa Boca

    I can't get into a metal video if I don't see some instruments and performance...

  12. A.T.Pickle


  13. Juan T. Mog

    Sleeping dogs.. ashuashuashua


    Soulfy Aguanta todo Putos


    So the end depicts the devil beating Jesus??!!!!

  16. Gary Rossiter Jr

    Great song it kicks meager ass

  17. nuryn hannany

    Baby Shima nak jadi drum cover

  18. nuryn hannany

    Rock metal live in dewan dato Hamid bersama Contra band

  19. nuryn hannany

    Contra band anggota oleh arifzoneattack selaku drum zuar xpdc selaku Bass Dan vokalis Ritz metalasia selaku gitaris Ahmad sharifff taufik selaku gitaris

  20. Corpse Grinder

    This is the a really good song and the video makes it even better

  21. SpiritCrusher28

    "The generation of scene retards"

  22. Hanthrax


  23. Michael Teale

    killer stuff??

  24. Inoshikacho Konoyaro Bakayaro

    Fuck yeah

  25. Guy Up

    Two things....the intro is the best soulfly intro....the video is killer...the Ash's falling from the sky for the death camps.

  26. Vítor Martins

    Max é foda

  27. Martin Sisovsky

    Maxs did great job again 👍

  28. Insomniac Owl

    I used to kill people with my moped in sleeping dogs to this :D lol

  29. Guillermo Gomez

    Getting soulfly tatted on me! Best band in the world!!! At 0:30 it sounds like once upon the cross by deicide

  30. Hoopyy

    *Eternal Devastation*

  31. ALEX MAZ

    Loucura total li seu livro um porrasso do Caralho.

  32. Asiimovicek Highlights

    No Comennt :D

  33. Brett W

    Awesome song 👌

  34. Jay

    Been watching this video for years now.. Fucking love it each time I watch it. Good Job Max !!!

  35. Jaimie Legein

    Love the tripple drum

  36. Miroslav Andonov

    Совршена дефиниција за целиот свет

  37. Luke

    well there is two characters really. the christ and the zionist....each cleanly states what they promise

  38. Marv Wet Bandit

    They’re will never get better drummer then Kinkade. Max son is good but Soulfly is not his level.

  39. Gary Rossiter Jr

    great song

  40. Luke

    it is the diary of the jew

  41. Wyatt

    so they replaced the spiritual / tribal sound with generic heavy metal sounds. threw the originality right out the door. this is good but nothing compared 2 when they had the tribal sound


    they lost their originality after Omen, atleast there is something decent going on with Archangel...

    Steve Wyffels

    I love both styles . max is awesome song writer when he wants to be

  42. Shades of Rage OFFICIAL

    Perfect song! By the way...who's singing? hahahhaa

  43. Luke

    9%. 8%. 7% we are dying. a (((virus))) holds us to ransom

  44. Jimmy Gray

    I haven't been listening to Soulfly ever since I was in Community college in Nashville Tennessee. They're still the shit.

  45. LeedsIsLife

    I love Marc Rizzo, too bad he left SoulFly

    David G

    He's still in Soulfly.

  46. Hull breach detected

    The final war, the Antichrist and Jesus!

  47. jober quevedo

    ao extremo

  48. Ricky Witte

    Travis Ryan <3

  49. Edge Harper

    If the symbolism of this track is lost on you, then you are what feeds the so called terrorism that plagues our world now and you may count yourselves amongst the sheep populace that destroys everything we strive to protect as a nation and may as well lay down your arms and accept your fate like lambs to the slaughter.

    Edge Harper

    If that's what you're in to...

  50. Edith Erazo

    The first 30 second sounds like Morbid Angel

  51. Hanthrax

    Their best song

  52. Mastema

    boring. haven't heard soulfly since their debut album.

    soldier gladiator

    Mastema I would not say that it is boring, but I prefer their early albuns

    Dickbrain McGee

    This destroys that nu-metal tribal shit.


    i think its better than those ones

  53. Luiz Camargo

    The best song of Soulfly.


    thats disappointing cause it's very boring.



  54. Young Mexican

    Sleeping Dogs?? 😂

    Ethan Navarro

    Young Mexican yesss lmao

    Drake C

    It's the raaaainnn wizard !!!

  55. Ramon Mascarenhas

    Essa música é animal demais <3...

  56. Tales Mendes

    Esse disco é o mais brutal do Soulfly

    Homero Simpson

    Tales Mendes gracias a tony campos

  57. Jason Matthews

    Holy shat! Haven't listened to these guys in a decade. Man they've progressed.

    Carlos Alberto Hidalgo Moreno

    Soulfly (max) come back to his roots of Thrash, left the Soulfly´faced new metal behind!

    Paulo Cavalcanti

    They've always been good, but they're way better now


    Since 2005's Soulfly Dark Ages Max has been going back to his deathrash roots. He even made a newer band with his brother Iggor called Cavalera Conspiracy! Both bands just keep getting better!

  58. Felipe Santos


  59. David Font

    I'm Puerto Rican and I've been following Soulfly since the were Sepultura. My most favorite band for the longest...Marc Rizzo and guys have skills. Keep em coming!


    If Uve been following since Sepultura then U know this isn't Sepultura or a Progression of said band it's Max LEAVING Sepultura & starting Soulfly not Morphing into another band. Get it Right Son

  60. wovokanarchy

    Cookie monster music.

    juha pohjola

    +wovokanarchy not even close...

  61. Berly Tannyono Putra

    02:42 Gorgoroth, anyone?

    Louis Castelyn

    I can name that riff in a couple of blackmetal songs.

  62. Tomáš Kupec

    Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation on vocals.....super!!


    Travis is probably the most brutal gore grind vocalist


    My bad I meant to say death grind

    Draden Merenox

    cattle decap's pretty much brutal deathgoregrind anyways

  63. Moon Orchid

    I can't believe I forgot about soulfly


    +Sunny Lupitan NEVER FORGET!

    David Font

    These guys do it hard. They need to keep doing it!

    rigoberto barrera

    GleeDestructionFace😥😥😥😥😥 how can u forget them

  64. Sal Benitez

    i remember when we open up for sepultura and party with them for two days am the singer of sarcastic LA now playing with a band called ozyo

  65. Rafael Valero

    Ok, quien se supone que es el tipo tras las rejas?

    Yoyix Don Patato Galleta

    +Rafael V se llama Paco,es amigo de la infancia

    Rafael Valero

    +Yoel coudereau perez jaja Saludos a Paco

  66. Fabricio Cristiano Martins

    Max Cavalera mais uma vez provando que e um dos melhores cantores de metal do mundo

  67. mikelime514

    This song goes fucking hard!!!

  68. Fagner Alex

    Massa demais esse som!!!

  69. Putri Aisyah

    Recalling the same sepultura

  70. Hanthrax

    Best SF song ever

    Steve Wyffels

    Basically. But so many good ones

  71. joe mcdoug

    Nice part 3:25 
    Great album !!

  72. logan mckinney

    Anyone else think this song rips on Deicide a little?


    +logan mckinney Nah the drummer is from cattle decapitation is in this song, hence the similarity. Soulfly switches up its sound all the time :D

    logan mckinney

    I just meant that this song sounded like Deicide. You're right Soulfly is dynamic band.

    Herculean Death

    +GleeDestructionFace Vocalist* Travis Ryan is actually in this song. Not the drummer.


    Yeah you are right David Kinkade is on drums

  73. VanguardReaper

    I only know this song because of Sleeping Dogs. They had this on Roadrunner Records radio an  I'd jam to it

    Harish Subramanian

    @Jordy You could change that in the settings.


    I remember this song playing in the final mission after Jackie was killed and driving to get your revenge while Wei was running through his thoughts and broken promises to Jackie. This song made that moment very intense

    trent lange

    @Drake C No it is the lyrics

    Drake C

    @trent lange alright I shall after work

  74. Bongwater

    Soulfly still makes want to rebel!

  75. เสรี Freedom

    The hobbit

  76. green gray

    its good shit

  77. leoni pacheco

    bateria animal, Soulfly agressive total

  78. Sergio Lopez


  79. Mario Seynaeve

    In your illusions whe believe, in your lusts whe trust... Bibi

  80. logan mckinney

    This song is da shit!

  81. Jason

    Something tells me Max knows about the "Deep Web"


    What makes you say that?

    Ivan Dean

    @Jason What is that?


    @Ivan Dean Its a part of the internet that isn't indexed by google or other search engines and the only way to access it is with a tor browser. About %99 of deep web is just benign excess data but the other %1 (the part its infamous for) mostly consist of criminal interests, such as child porn, killers for hire, and other fucked up shit.


    @Jason you mean the Dark Web.

    Gaddafi Duck

    You know, tor is the worst way to get to the deep web. So many government back doors.

  82. Dreamflight

    Why is this so good and in CC u cant hear him ??? :(((

  83. Daniel Rodriguez

    How many kids do I need to sacrifice to be able to sing like Travis Ryan?

    Dream Better

    One, yourself. After that all people around you are much happier.

  84. Anti-Human Misanthrope

    0:30 it sounds like deicide.

    rocco roccki

    yes indeed !


    It's actually Travis Ryan of cattle decapitation.more versatile vocalist than deicide.dont get me wrong still love both bands : )


    damn true you said it.

  85. Akhamesh

    Well, this is certainly better than Jumpdafuckup.


    Akhamesh Jump da fuck up is the best song ever, faggot! Shut the fuck up you fucking bitch.


    Soulfly's first 3 albums are their best, but man Jumpdafuckup isn't that good really. I'd rather listen to this song indeed

    Josh Ryan

    HazyMan.. Soul flys last few albums are heaver than there first few.. Cause their older stuff is puzzy shit..


    Josh Ryan their first albums are fine, but I prefer the later ones as well. Dark Ages is my fav

    Johnny 5

    Gannicus God forbid someone who has a difference of opinion to you.

  86. Xplosive59

    This song is Bolt Thrower as fuck

  87. Talez Silva

    Max is the real Sepultura!

    Lee P

    Not even dude I think every member was a key piece to that amazing puzzle . One can only hope they get back together

    Inoshikacho Konoyaro Bakayaro

    Word up. They shpuld have changed their name when he left.

    No SeNsE

    Max only

  88. Hudson Lucena

    Travis = Best

  89. Adam

    Sleeping Dogs sucks

  90. DiligentObserver

    Why is Geoff Ramsey from Achievement Hunter in this video and why is he in jail?

  91. Lindell Rodriguez

    Best album Soulfly ever recorded

    Jack Thomp

    When the best songs are ones with guests, that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the album's quality. And to be fair, there are a few other excellent songs like “Plata O Plomo.” Conquer is the best Soulfly album.

    Yeah Right

    @Jack Thomp Dark Ages

  92. Hendrik Marissen

    Everything Travis Ryan touches turns into gold, even a Soulfly song, and that's saying something. 


    @Jack Thomp You called the most diverse and talented metal vocalist a no talent.

  93. Andrew Mania

    when did cookie monster join Soulfly?


    Yes.. Travis Ryan is FUCKIN MONSTER!!!

    Dream Better

    Talking about you? No worries, you did not join, is an illusion. As for Jesus, Max sings about god since soulfly, go figure.


    Morbid Angel did this twenty years ago. I love Max but can we get some originality please?

    The Evil Incarnate

    If you want originality, start your own band

    Carcass 88

    Im petty sure it didn't sound like this tweenty years ago...

  95. Kai Brainard

    I love running into people in Sleeping Dogs while listening to this song, very funny when in the moment.

  96. MultiKickyou

    Sleeping dogs brought me here

    Aaron Galloway

    MultiKickyou a man that never eats pork bun's is never a true man

    Drake C

    I also like the one that's like TAKE WHATS MINE !

    Ultimate Metalhead_97

    is it on thr soundtrack?


    @Ultimate Metalhead_97 Yes.

  97. tallas12

    fuck yea travis ryan on guest vocals

  98. Zak Claybrook

    OMFG!!! Soulfly are SO much better than modern Sepultura :D WORLD SCUM!!!