Soulfly - Wings Lyrics

Wings all over us
Watching us from above
Protecting us from this world
Protecting us with your sword

Wings all over us
Calming us when we're sore
Guiding us when we're lost
Even against all odds

Wings all over us
Healing the bleeding pain
Making us seize the day
Helping us find a way

Wings all over us
Everyday I feel your touch
Never letting go
I can feel your soul

Wings all over us
When I die you come and lift me up
Carry me to my home
To meet the king on his throne

Wings all over us
Keep our heads up high
Keeping our spirit alive
Open your arms and rise

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  1. mansoldworld


    Modest Uskok

    mansoldworld s koje strane...😂

    Whereismybiceps Butter

    Co to melete mrtki

  2. nocny wilk

    Coś pieknego

    edward renowator

    tak,prawdziwe arcydzielo