Soulfly - Under Rapture Lyrics

Under the blaze of the midnight sun
To wreak destruction, forward we go
Expose the pain, now you reap what you sow
Plague and storms, they will return

Cut from life, face the light
Cut from life, face the light

Born to suffer
Buried under
God's hammer
Under rapture
Cut from life

Aeons descended from the heavens
Ever defiant, open your eyes
Abomination of desolation
No one leaves until it's time

Cut from life, face the light
Cut from life, face the light

Born to suffer
Buried under
God's hammer
Under rapture
Cut from life

Igenous ophidian
Darkness inversion
Splendor of all that's inhuman

Rapture, rapture, rapture

Immortal ascension, divine intervention
Killing intentions, self-immolation

Rapture, rapture, rapture

Cut from life

Holy gospel of savage faith
Grotesque glory reclaimed

Rapture, rapture, rapture

Primitive weapons for sacrifice
Pagan fire, poison messiah

Rapture, rapture, rapture

I see where the demons dwell (Rapture)
Fighting for your life

Like lambs to the slaughter

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Soulfly Under Rapture Comments
  1. Ден Шалапутра

    Могучая песня \m/

  2. Helton Adams

    What are all those symbols?

  3. Hoopyy


  4. Christopher Forsythe

    broke my neck 16x in different angles thanks to this...

  5. Tyler Dees

    Killer song! Shits awesome. I dig that its a combination of thrash, death, and some groove at the end. Really badass song

  6. No SeNsE


  7. John Henry

    Thanks to this tune, immolation got a new fan, what a voice

  8. Haresh Sugrim

    Oh yeah 🤘

  9. austin newby

    MAX CAVALERA the one and only man who I began hearing at 14 yrs old and adored since my childhood till now 2020 still breathing out his onslaught of metal. This man defines metal. Changed metal. Still killing it. ON A PALE GREY WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO IN RETURN?

  10. Fuzileiro olv


  11. rubens ferreira sobrinho

    Soulfly 🇧🇷 underground nacional o melhor do mundo orgulho max cavalera Guerreiro

    rubens ferreira sobrinho

    No existem muitas bandas muito boas só precisam de espaço tem o Exterminate, reabellion, Reffugo, ódio social, mercy killing, subser todas poderosas

  12. Taleah Hoskin

    All hail Max, this speaks to my soul. Goosebumps.

  13. Wood Worker


    Drums = Machine gun !!

  14. 'Ερεβος

    I think this song is about the destruction of Aztec empire by the conquistadors.

  15. adrian

    SoulFly is UP THERE

  16. Vayolaitor


  17. SMMA Music and Movies

    again again

  18. MFJon777

    Jesus! How are they still this good.

  19. Rodrigo Xvs

    Soultura conspiracy

  20. roger martinez

    Pqp que arregaço brutal e nervoso o vocal do Ross Dolan do fudidaço Immolation pensei que o Max por causa da idade não tivesse mais gás pra fazer uma parceria déssa ficou do caralho

  21. michael dixon

    Great song but what's he going on about?

  22. Max Oliveira

    Max Cavalera "caga" riffs destruidores

  23. Thanadol Jarujinda


  24. Marius Sergius

    Max a Lenda do metal brasileiro!

  25. Folkstorm Mazowsze

    Demis Russos ?

  26. Cloudy Sunday

    Leading the way for modern metal

  27. anahowana

    Fucking impressive !! Cavalera and Dolan rule !

  28. Stoned Umaruto

    Ive noticed a lot of the old heavy bands going to Nuclear Blast then dropping there heaviest album....killer

  29. Negaren51 ¡¡No Lap-Fox!!

    2:35 Ross Dolan making spam

  30. Fernando Galvão

    "Ritual" é o ápice do Soulfly. Max é um gênio - uma lenda viva do metal!

    "Ritual" is the apex of Soulfly. Max's a genius - a living metal legend!

    #Soulfly #Ritual #UnderRapture

  31. Mutton Madness

    The image in the background of 3:35 should be a shirt!!!

  32. Marijan Desin

    Slave new world

  33. Danny Salazar

    4 decades still goin under rapture 🌍wide. Dalet it means #4 in Hebrew
    Dalet string lyrical terrorist

  34. xellakov

    This album is incredible

  35. Edd Briz

    Max Cavalera very awesome person!!

  36. Danny Salazar

    Holy ghost of savage faith !!!

  37. Danny Salazar jr

    Still dominating like a savage from bestial !

  38. Meta Tron

    Thanx Maxazillion. Be good & keep It All Leeshed. Grateful to you & crew.

  39. Max Wallace


  40. Andre Luiz

    Souflay e fodasticoo 🤗🤗🤗😍😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😆😚

  41. JUSTICE 33 1/3

    Morningstar Loves Soulfly!!! That's all that matters!!! How we doing Adam and Eve 🌬🌪🌊🔃

  42. Noemi Calderon

    Seems like the world is going out of tune

  43. Knut Thoresen

    Heads Up 👊😎 !!!!

  44. Marc Padilla

    Warms the cockles of my black heart. Fuckin guys know how to transition a song.

  45. rocco roccki

    final riff stolen from Far Beyond Driven strength beyond strength

  46. Luk_23

    Good, better, best, SOULFLY !! \m/

  47. J Angel

    Music video length: 5:42 [ 5 + 4 + 2 = 11]
    Album's released: 11

    The number eleven is important in that it can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgment.

  48. Solomon Williams

    This is on Nuclear Blast? Fuuuuuck! Of course they were probably pumping one of their clown acts. That's why I've over looked this.

  49. sean mccafferty

    The bass player is Max's illegitimate son, I tells ya! Shit, he looks more like Max than Zyon does lol. ;)

    sean mccafferty

    I agree wholeheartedly, random person! ;)

  50. Pasior

    I see where the deamons dwell fighting for Your life. That is f...g life. Thanks Max for all music and lyrics. Respect Gentelmans. I would like to see You on live concert. I hope I can make it. Great job Gentelmans. Greetings from Poland

  51. Luis Triviño

    I came here for fucking ROSS DOLAN! lml

  52. Zenbane

    I saw Sepultura live in the 90's with Max leading the charge. Now it's 2018 and this song = FUCK YES


    Max é o cara !!

  54. Slava2222 slava11

    Ну хуй його знае

  55. Maciek Kot

    Ave 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  56. Marcelo Galvão

    Esse som é a cara do Max porrada nas orelhas

  57. rubens ferreira sobrinho

    Soulfly sangue brasileiro Soulfly blood Brasileiro life forever


    Hail Ross Dolan.

  59. Willie Poe

    I can hear the false teeth in Max's head

  60. Maioio

    back to the primitive now means back to metal

  61. Roel van den Dries

    Insane track, respect!

  62. Houston McKenzie

    The Return Of Christ

  63. Tyler Dees

    Can't get enough of soulfly there just epic!!!!

  64. Occul†

    2:48 "GooseBumps"

  65. William Clarke

    Wasn't sure about this was very fuckkn wrong. \m/

  66. Marcos Matos

    Que música maravilhosa! Death revive!

  67. Joey Broussard

    Oh my fuckin gawd...thank you YouTube for existing!!

  68. Антон Сойченко


  69. TurboZombie83

    Holy fucking fuck!

  70. Daniel Paez

    Jajajajaja remember those days when many people threw shit at Max because Soulfly was a Nu Metal band mixing brazilian with reggae music, well, I'd like to see those haters now. This is how Sepultura would sound if the band was still active. This is just great!!

  71. capt howdy

    Best song I have heard in 2019 hell probably my fav soulfly song period

  72. Max-RDJ

    That tempo change (if that's the right term) in the verses is a fucking eargasm

  73. wilr1000

    he sounds very like he did back in the days of Schizophrenia .. savage

  74. Joe Palladino

    Damn I am getting major pumps at the gym with this song.

  75. ardi bernardo gallardo gomez

    Grande soulfly

  76. Kaca

    The best!

  77. wwfhasbro1

    This song is ace, the whole album is absolutely immense in my opinion it is the best Soulfly album! It is what I’ve been waiting for since Enslaved. More of the same please - helps my lift more at the gym! SOULFLLLLLLYYYYY!!!

  78. Minimum Overdrive

    This is the best metal song in the history of metal. Ancient astronaut theory.

  79. Jeff Becerra

    Completely blown away. Every song on this album is fucking brilliantly heavy. Max always knows how to deliver the goods! ~Jeff Becerra/Possessed~

  80. J. Ricardo

    *Esse álbum ficou pesadão, se é louco. Bom pra caralho \m/*

  81. Damian Toro

    Minute 4:12 like a Pantera song

  82. Mr Grady

    Ross Dolan...the best!

  83. Ronny Torres


  84. Henrique Fratus

    Sonzeira do karalho slc 🤘

  85. ivan katic

    Strong style..

  86. Juan Diego Martínez

    Damn Zyon is really killing it in the drums

  87. james todoroff

    Such beautiful madness!

  88. Samuel Goudin

    Soulfly is like à fucking bottle of good wine (Baron Philippe de Rothschild) : best taste in age coming ^=/.

  89. Rodrigo Pitel


  90. Tamara Pala


  91. andersjaevel

    4:00 stronger than all anyone?

  92. hatesfaith1

    Lamentablemente máx ya no canta bien en vivo, quizás los primeros 3 temas después se desgasta su voz, es mi ídolo ojalá mantuviera su voz por siempre y que tocara guitarra como en los 90, en sus presentaciones en vivo tampoco ejecuta los temas 100% en guitarra se apoya mucho en marc rizo. Aún así eres y serás mi ídolo por siempre máx!

  93. Peter Koslovski

    Holy shit! What an intro! The ones with the thumb down, you have to listen it louder. Much louder! still LOUDER!

  94. Dave Minnich

    What do Nailbomb, Soulfly, Sepultura, and Cavelera Conspiracy have in common?


  95. Phantom Lord

    Its the first time that I listen them, and I love it, its so much power

  96. Severe Metal

    Fucking Beautiful!!!!!

  97. Joseph joseph

    This shits on slipknot new crap

  98. James Clare

    Love to know how many songs max has written

  99. Maddie MF

    At 2:40 i just wanna jump of a fucking coconut tree and break my legs🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘RAAAAAPTUUUUUUUURE!!!!!!


    Max sempre representando o peso na música no cenário mundial 💀