Soulfly - In The Meantime Lyrics

Earth tone suits you
so give it a smile
if I could hold your feet down
get to know for awhile

to make due is a promise
hard to keep without help
never taught to look in
I'm too concerned with my health

help me spread right, ash is
cow fertilized
come down in a feed town
strength to minimize

hold it

in the meantime

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Soulfly In The Meantime Comments
  1. James Rudland

    Epic groove metal cover.

  2. Killah Kin Loyalty/Royalty


  3. Nathan Jones

    Great tribute to a GREAT band!

  4. bmjv77

    Christ that was horrible. The original version was much better.

  5. Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS

    You know you’re the shit when Max Cavalera covers your shit🤘🏻🤯

  6. Clayton Cuff

    2:08 best part of this song!! Head bangin shit!

    The Shmekler

    That part of the song finds its way into my head about four times a year; since 2004. Never gets old. At the grocery store, at the gym, at work, in line at the bank, drinking coffee in the morning, brushing my teeth, this riff is silently chugging away in my head.

  7. william quinn

    Love this version!!!

  8. Jeremy Carr

    Fear Factory, would've done a good cover

  9. tobinicky

    listening @ 2018 \m/,

  10. Quarthon Mix

    This riff is 'KILLER' 🤘

  11. Drunken Master

    A beefed up version of what is already a heavily laden riff. A Helmet song on steroids!

  12. Casey Carey

    should this be called a helmet cover or an uncircumcised dick?

  13. Jeffrey Swiderski

    Dank as hell


    i see you

    Amanda Cox

    not through the smoke im throwing up...

  14. Homer Simpson

    I like the part where he says "In the meantime".

  15. VCS Brasil

    Muito bom !

  16. Harry Rehnquist

    Sick, one of the greatest riffs of all time.

  17. Christoph Awe

    THE Killer Riff !!!

  18. tepman

    great album!!

  19. ektomorf69

    great helmet cover!!!

  20. megan herbert

    Fuck Yeah soulfly tribe 4 life bitchezzzzzz , my favorite band followed close by hatebreed , i have all albums by soulfly , Max is nuts , gotta love the man ....... from Garrett ........ on the wifes account :p

  21. Locust Dawn

    Max is one of the all time greatest vocalists of the extreme music genre

  22. Veronica Clark

    Max Cavalera, how I want you....

  23. springerjohnson

    one bad ass jam

  24. spoonman1039

    Max sings better, but guys from Helmet plays it better, especially drums

  25. joope666

    Not only is he tone-deaf, he managed to post the same inane comment X3.

  26. Bennet Erbaugh

    Max has some heavier vocals than the guy from Helmet. Both songs are top notch.

  27. Man with a Bear

    Thanks for putting this up. I always have a hard time finding this cover for some reason.

  28. 31CaptHowdy13

    good cover but it sounds exactly like the original, there's was no reason to cover this on an album


    I believe it is a homage to one of his favourite bands


    exacto un homenaje bien hecho!! meantime y betty son altos albums! aguante helmet y soulfly

    Hiram Abiff From Sirius

    Can you really improve on perfection?


    For me it sounds better than the original