Soulfly - I And I Lyrics

Why you deny - criticize
You deny - criticize
Don't feed me with your lies
Why you deny - crucified
You deny - crucified
Out of this world demise...
Realize - realize
In this time - realize
My soul will rise
Realize - realize
In this time - realize
You can't fuck with the tribe

I and I - see the signs
I and I - in the sky
I and I - see the signs
I and I - in the sky

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Soulfly I And I Comments
  1. pofukanotele

    I almost had an accident last time because i was headbanging so hard in my car

  2. KaoSicK

    I'm sorry but I searched for the best of SOULFLY and landed on this POS entry. Congrats on the baitclick.

  3. michael silla

    @130...if this groove was 5 mins long

  4. Uthrak

    One of the best album of all life for me

    Felipe Augusto

    For me too.

  5. Ricard Pinzon Suller

    Awsome, that song goes into my car.

  6. Dr Gandhi Clinic

    this stuff is addictive

  7. keison francisco ferreira lacerda Lacerda

    O Max é o cara ! Merece respeito

  8. Mickazilla

    hello from the future, this song is still awesome

  9. Garry Brown

    Prophecy and Dark Ages might be my favorite Soulfly their self titled and primitive too..but this album went away from Nu Metal kinda and into that Chaos AD/Roots era of Sepultura groove metal and some Thrash elements that reminded me of Beneath the remains and Arise kinda.

  10. Cayman Sass

    1:30 You're welcome

  11. Андрей Анисимов

    Во многом благодаря харизматичному и талантливому гитаристу Марку Риззо!!!

  12. Андрей Анисимов

    Один из лучших альбомов Soulfly!!! Обожаю его!

  13. Fariña Roa

    Chaos a.d

  14. Ivan Bailon

    Uffff... Orgasm

  15. Hangel Florezmtz

    SUBLIME lml

    Crocodilo Dundee

    Sublime ??

  16. Nathan Dunn

    Mr Cavaleras' voice and guitar style are as ball tearing as they are timeless. That man keeps raising the bar.

  17. Женя Шендерова


  18. Trandafir Dorin

    0:40 - holy shit

  19. Avsky


  20. D S

    Has anyone ever seen that solo being played live? I think I've read somewhere that it was not "really" played on the album and I don't know anyone that can do it. Can anyone point me to a performance where this solo is played exactly the same way?

    William Barrow

    I can't sorry. I'm too lazy today, try me tomorrow.

  21. TheDrapocalypse

    Brutal! And Ethereal at the same time. Only the likes of Soulfly can accomplish such a thing

  22. LordOfTheSin

    uaaaaaa.... INFERNAL AWESOME !!!!!!!

  23. Ricardo Gonveda

    the solo of this song.....fucking awesome!!!

    Berserker Smile

    graspop live 2006 hahaha

    peter phoenix

    @Bradman06 where you here that nonsense?? its finger tapping and harmonic whammy bending as any guitarist knows....


    @peter phoenix Sure so show me a performance of that song where it sounds even close to what is on the album.

    peter phoenix

    @Bradman06 yep they don't...because they can't be fucked with the hassle. because of the key they play in it's better to have locked strings to stay in tune then carry around a guitar with a floating tremolo bridge which needs attentive tuning and also changing guitars in the middle of a concert for one song. it's nothing to do with studio effects just logistics.

    Sean Dankert

    Marc Rizzo is amazing!!

  24. Alan Lloyd

    Their best song

  25. Illidan StormRage

    Max Cavalera... Representando o Brasil no meio dos gringos. \m/

  26. myopinions

    during that part i picture some cosmic whales singing their song telepathically throughout space.

  27. Melvin Cieslar

    thanks for upload :)