Soulfly - Fallen Lyrics

This is the end of the world as we know it
Weapons of mass destruction are coming
Brutality of man is forming
Your temples will be destroyed

You are the fallen
You are the chosen
Your are the calling
You are forsaken
Fallen imperium - fallen imperium

Subhuman conditions are exposed
Sub-standard existence is lost
Hardening, a warrior is born
Seven pillars of wisdom

You are fallen heroes
You fallen angels
You are fallen traitors
You fallen kings
Fallen imperium - fallen imperium

I stare the abyss in its face
I'm burning you with my hate
Desolation they call this place
Witness hell... you maggot's race

Clean off the blood from my blade
Let it drop blood from my face

The new war ended but the threat remains
Our enemy has learned to live with pain
Confronting mutants going insane
Treacherous thoughts in your brain

Your fallen cities
Your fallen skies
Your fallen statues
You fall and rise
Fallen imperium - fallen imperium

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Soulfly Fallen Comments
  1. Encep Zulkifli

    Indonesia flyers

  2. Chris Velazquez

    Can anyone hear Marc channel a little Chuck Schuldiner on this track?!?!

  3. Steel Series


  4. Joseph William

    Intentions pure path secure.

  5. Encep Zulkifli

    Metal pisaaan

  6. Felix Medrano

    Fucking Crushing Metal!!!

  7. Tirano 8.8

    Viva longa ao Metal caralho _\,,/

  8. Андрей Юргелевич

    Insane song! On repeat for about 3 mounths and still sounds like dope c;

  9. Quasar Supernova

    Reprezent/ Mayhem

  10. Benjamim Ferreira

    Soulfly de best

  11. Michał Helit

    The best song from soulfy

  12. Teddie Prine

    Ain’t got nothing good to say, just shut up, no one wants to hear your negative thoughts.

  13. Teddie Prine

    I believe the band has gotten better over the years.

  14. Teddie Prine

    Straight up badass people.

  15. - Metallica backing tracks -

    This is the best song on the album ... it may in my opinion actually be better than anything Sepultura did before & after Max ... chaos AD ... chaos BC ... shut up inner self.


    - Metallica backing tracks - you know that you are terribly wrong right?


    - Metallica backing tracks - spoken like someone who's never listened to Sepultura. When Max can write songs half as good as Andreas can, then we can talk.

  16. ufologia verdadeiramente única 18 12Sobrinho

    Grande Max Cavalera

  17. ufologia verdadeiramente única 18 12Sobrinho

    sonzeira da porra

  18. Jeremy Mongeon

    you!!!! can sleep in peace now our cats will protect you!!!

  19. F T P

    is that Jamie Hanks?

    Dark Heretic

    Yes the song features Jamie Hanks

  20. C K

    Dis ain't Eminem dawgg, what u be thinkin'?