Soulfly - Evil Empowered Lyrics

Bow down
To the greatest corrupter
The second coming
Of the antichrist unearthed
Live with a curse
Kill in the name of god
The devil's won

Knife in the back
We ignored the truth
Rise above, rise above
Rise above, rise above
Can you see through the veil that covers you?
Rise above, rise above
Rise above, rise above

Evil in place of power

Awoke by a thief
In the night of retribution
Pandemic welcoming
Of your final solution
We are cursed
An idol to be your god
The devil's won

Knife in the back
We ignored the truth
Rise above, rise above
Rise above, rise above
Can you see through the veil that covers you?
Rise above, rise above
Rise above, rise above

Evil in place of power

Knife in the back
We ignored the truth
Rise above, rise above
Rise above, rise above
Can you see through the veil that covers you?
Rise above, rise above
Rise above, rise above

Evil in place of
Power, power, power
Evil in place of power

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Soulfly Evil Empowered Comments
  1. Paul Osborne

    This might be their heaviest album yet. I hear thrash and death in it. But, sooooo heavy.

  2. Rude Valve

    Certified Platinum!!!!!

  3. Brynjar

    Mom used to sing this to me before bedtime.

  4. Under o Muerte


  5. Zen Aesan

    Thanks to shit bands like this, I miss my beloved 'Deicide' more. Thank you Shitfly.

  6. Алтынбек Касенов

    0:12 bow down!!!!!!!!!!

  7. believer973

    Fucking hell that's good

  8. Knut Thoresen

    Love it!!

  9. Slave in Hell

    Dale MAX!

  10. Samsung M

    Sepulturraaaa !! 2019

  11. Sean Metal

    I'm so glad Max is thrashing again!🤘💯

  12. Lorenza Bocchi

    Soulfly from italy

  13. Ed Sharov

    Рай Зубов, рай зубов!

  14. Marc Rizzo


  15. M Gonzalez

    That opening is fucking incredible....

  16. 5,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Come on I really don’t want an ad about cheeseburgers interrupting this

  17. BinggiDarkownerMini

    beste aber Oli figg dich is chnü

  18. Nazgul Linux

    Production is really bad on this album. Rhythm guitars are almost completely drowned out except for the slower chugging part.

    Even with a high end sound system the rhythm guitar is barely audible. I'm disappointed. Max's rhythm playing is what had always kept me following his music. Shame...

  19. Cuauhtli-Mixtli Mendez-Martinez

    Perfect album and a perfect example of the album's greatest moments \m/

  20. Samsung M

    0:14 Bow down 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✊🤘🤘🤘🤘

  21. Willy Trump

    Best Album Ever/ should've been in 2019

  22. phantomshTTer

    This... is... SAVAGE!

  23. disgusted う ん ざ り


  24. Rock like a rocker

    Um bom disco... Max fiel ao estilo: nenhum estilo, grande arte da capa

  25. Matthew Lakwii’e

    This song makes me want to rape a piece of sand paper!

  26. Adrian Winski

    This is i'll sound what for a power!

  27. Jeff 1969

    This shit is stellar!

  28. mafdet libertario

    venir a barcelona ¡¡¡

  29. Jonathan Collignon

    AWESOME !!!! Soulfly for life !!! ORDEM E PROGRESSO !!!!

  30. Tomislav Ciric

    For me,this is Sepultura,this album is a mix of Chaos Ad era,Schizophrenia,Beneath Remains,and some suprising vibes,this album and Cavalera Conspiracy-Psychosis,are back in early Sepultura,amazing,hail Max!!!

  31. Dan Mecca

    full album my ass! lol 4 songs....

  32. Christian Schöbel

    This is what i need! GREAT Rock - Thx. This Album rules!

  33. Heawy Metal House

    Max Cavalera ✌✌✌✌👍👍

  34. Manuel Vidal

    Soulfly= Sepultura histórico.

  35. Kristian Aburto


  36. Megaton LP

    is this metalcore?

  37. William Mason

    I will Not Bowdown to NO ONE or No Thing except maybe Aton(Sun) & my Mum!

  38. Lilpannies New Arsa

    Max is never failed

  39. hersh23


  40. Lair Fernandes

    Only 3 days bitches


    This doesn’t need any tribal music! It is only good with most of the old stuff

  42. D.S. Park

    It's too bad Joe Nunez and Bobby Burns don't want to work with Max again due to bad blood.

  43. Diegogons 777

    Live support ! Live support !

  44. AwieKK80 cAwie

    Max Cavalera Rules!!!instant greetings from KK Sabah Metal fans,Malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾🤘🏼🤘🏻🇲🇾🇲🇾🤘🤘🏻

  45. Kellen Nicholson

    I feel like Bow Down To The Greatest Computer is an incorrect lyric

  46. Barend Van Niekerk


  47. Alexandre Araujo

    É Brasillllll porrada . curitiba

  48. Pensaste que era facsy Pero soy yo DIO!


  49. Chuck Dorado

    This song is a killer! Max sounds brutal af! On the other hand, Zyon's drumming still sounds below average for a band of this magnitude. Ok, he can handle the double bass pretty well but that is not all... their is a lack of creativity and sounds rudementary and basic. They should get Nuñez back in the fold... that was a killer drummer!

  50. arce marlon


  51. Leonardo André

    Nice Max, cant wait to listen the whole album!!! You're a true brazilian metal god

  52. Трудовик Петровичъ


  53. Симеон Валентинов



  54. Matthew Lakwii’e

    Trying to drown out party in the usa in class withsome good old fasion metal. Evil empower is a good choice \m/

  55. Ana Bravado

    Que som !!! Muito bom, o Max é único, grata. Soulfly muito criativo como sempre...

  56. А. К.

    Excellent, similar to the old Sepultura

  57. william soares

    Metal brasileiro mais vivo do que nunca...

  58. robert4twenty1

    Fucking head exploded!!!!

  59. Danny Salazar the 4th


  60. SlaughterTV

    Crowbar meets Hellhammer

  61. bryan phillips

    I was telling my wife how amazing this is. Elements of reggae, hardcore, and black metal. This album is going to be sick.

  62. Kyle Urso

    The opening riff sounds like the opening riff in Propaganda.

  63. ufologia verdadeiramente única 18 12Sobrinho


  64. Rocha HC

    Evil in pleace of "POWER"!!!!!!

  65. jordean gomes

    Muito Bom ☆ Soulfly tribe 🤘🏽 4ever 🎼

  66. Ocean King

    As long as they focus on the tribal aspect of their music they still have the skill to sound amazing. Been a fan since the beginning of Sepultura days. Same age as Max and imo he needs to only consume small amounts of ganja as he has the slows at times in vocal delivery.

  67. Gumpy Cognac

    Sounds like fucking brandon dico singing.

  68. Jaymz Guimaraes

    Killer fucking track!!!

  69. Raymond Reijerkerk

    The vocal change fits the music well.

  70. Cube Hire

    Killer song. I just preordered the album.

  71. matej grzetič

    damn finaly something good

  72. DjJokerr

    Not feeling this track, where's the tribal atmosphere?

  73. Kyle Urso

    I like how I can hear some good sounding Groove Metal again.



  75. gozzyboy1989

    Yeah boys new soulfly spun out when i seen this

  76. Provocation4

    Max says in interview he honored his soulfly albums to god. But now makes devil song? lmao

  77. Joseph Williams

    Resplendent yet tadly settled pon 0 1

  78. Adam Hinkel

    This is so sick I just threw up all over my keyboard!

  79. schall dichter

    oha ..soulfly is back in primitive ! not that future rizzo style!! MOre MAx More Soulfly !

  80. Let It Be Known

    This song is like my ex girlfriend: extremely heavy!!!

  81. Lucas Fuly

    Viva o Brasil caralho !

  82. Gumbo72203

    For those commenting on the drums, you'll need to wait until seeing this song live to offer an accurate assessment. Every producer and engineer quantizes the drums in modern metal, so that the strikes line up to a time grid. You can move the wave form to correct for little timing errors, if a kick drum is early or late, etc.

    This sounds perfect because it was made perfect on a computer, most likely. It's why i dislike modern extreme metal... it's so clinical and sterile sounding. This isn't the sound of a people in a room, the way the old albums sound. Metal isn't supposed to be in a white lab coat!

  83. Herwan Dinata

    so groovy

  84. C Nun&s

    Max Cavalera é salvação do Heavy Metal brasileiro. 🤘🏿

  85. Mother Fucker

    Soulfly toujours présent, et depuis tout ce temps toujours aussi bon.....

  86. José Augusto dos Santos


  87. Jay

    If you're not pushing a thousand watts an banging at least a 12 inch sub you're not going to experience the best sound of these two songs. Bad Ass Soulfly !!! Keep em coming !!

  88. kornfreak78

    Soulfly is fucking back!! I am so hyped for this album. It comes out a day after my Birthday. I need this album in my life!

  89. Hadegel

    Sounds a bit like Entombed DeathnRoll 😍

  90. Bomor Vish

    Soulfly rise above.

  91. Kronikalrag3

    Fuck yea \m/>_<\m/ anyone else notice 333 must be Dime approved.