Soulfly - Chains Lyrics

Master of creation
This manipulation
Means manifestation now...
Fatal termination
Divine intervention
End the sufferation now...
Build up tension
Killing operation now...
Karma to burn
Becoming undone
Injustice is done now...

Kill... Survive... Survive to kill
Breath and breath - The air smells diseased
Trenches and trenches - The middle passage ending
Bleed in... Bleed out... No one will get out

Five to one - One to five - No one gets out alive
Master of creation - No more chains - Oppression
Slave state - Slave hate - Feel this day of hate
Five to one - One to five - No one gets out alive

Break the chains and break away
Break the hate and run away
Break the chains and face the day
Make a way, a new dawn fades
Stolen away, a new dawn fades
Stolen away, empty decay
They fade away in the slave trade
Lord of hate, lord of fate
I resist - Desecrate

Military dominance
Communication ends
Ordinary intolerance
Chaos and insolence
Ominous apparition
Evil manifestation
Malicious operation
Corruption and tension

Slavery is misery
Inflicting heresy
Wounds are open endlessly
Hatred, animosity
Torture masks and bleeding backs
Whipping cracks and faceless deaths
We'll rise and we'll defy it
And send their masters to the fire...

Destroy the chains - These are the chains of hate
Destroy the chains - We cannot tolerate
Destroy the chains - Where we were created
Destroy the chains - The evil of man-made
Destroy the chains...

The chains...

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Soulfly Chains Comments

    Wish Max made a video for this

  2. Danny Salazar jr

    Breakdown,putdown, downstroy

  3. santa_diabla neko

    Este disco es de lo mas puro y rudo que hay sobre el metal puro ritmazo para llenarse de energias......Saludos desde Mexico... Viva Guadalajara

  4. Herbert Tchechel

    God Max

  5. phillip st

    soulfly 4-ever

  6. Matthew Holda

    I got to see them play most of this song in 2012, New Hampshire right on the beach. Then they went into Pantera Walk, hell yes place went nuts

  7. Collective Madness

    Uttered by Marduk:

    I will produce a lowly Primitive;
    "Man" shall be his name.
    I will create a Primitive Worker;
    He will be charged with the service of the gods,
    that they might have their ease.

    The very terms by which the Sumerians and Akkadians called "Man" bespoke his status and purpose: He was a lulu ("primitive"), a lulu amelu ("primitive worker"), an awihim ("laborer").
    That Man was created to be a servant of the gods did not strike the ancient peoples as a peculiar idea at all. In biblical times, the deity was "Lord", "Sovereign", "King", "Ruler" or "Master." The term that is commonly translated as "worship" was in fact avod ("work"). Ancient and biblical Man did not "worship" his god; he worked for him.

  8. ufologia verdadeiramente única 18 12Sobrinho

    Max Cavalera surpreendeu com esse álbum Death metal puro e verdadeiro

  9. Julio Rocha pereira

    Adoro essa banda

  10. The Mirror

    You think playing with that number is a joke? Please read Revelation 13:11 - 18 pls. And Revelation 14:9 - 11

    David Jenkins

    Hell awaits

  11. Failing Immortal

    My favorite on the album. Right along with Plata o Plomo.

  12. Nicolò T

    This breakdown is INSANE

    David Jenkins

    Welcome to hell. Hail satan u lost motherfucking inbred sheep


    5 dislikes motherfuckers

  14. juarez de carvalho

    two macho



  16. laatilio

    too much good

  17. kerman zan

    that drummer is a from slovenia!!

    Roupher Fernandes

    Hail from São José dos Campos - SP

  18. Andreas Winkler


  19. Daniel Miranda

    i think it's safe to say this is a heavy metal masterpiece

    Jimbo Smith

    Daniel, THANK you for what the metal world should see Max & Igor cavalera do... str8 mother fucking brutal metal, with tribal twists, thrash, and SOUL (FLY) HAHA! METAL FOREVER MOTHA FUCKAS! YEAH

  20. Dylan Doran

    hellyeah max

  21. JensenComms

    my fav song on this album!

  22. RAKTAR

    master of creation

  23. megan herbert

    Long live Max cavallera , he should play more of this stuff in his concerts instead of playing older soulfly even though i like it all , would be a nice change and also maybe get another rythymn guitarist and drop his cuz he dont play it no more its just for show,he should just sing , and his son aint that good live, sorry Zyon .... should bring back joe nunez ,  and also take care of himself more i want soulfly to be around in 10 years from now ........ Garrett 4 life


    agree dude!

    Daniel Miranda

    megan herbert bring back this drummer david kinkade! dude is sick

    Ana Rossi Lence

    i agreeeeeeeee

    Aakash Iyer

    AMEN To your words man. Seriously!

  24. Mr MoOn

    3:20 \m/


    real metal fucking awsome

  26. Vita Gomez

    Fuck yes!

  27. Matt I

    ahh playstation 1, good times

  28. Patty Cummins

    Wow!I've never heard this before it totally shreds!just incredible,so freakin heavy.Love it.

  29. lucas müller

    Max volto a sem o max do sepultura

  30. Regenschirm666

    helll yeah!

  31. Michał Gomułka

    Come to listen Light of Christ music.

  32. Adrianmike20

    strong album but not enough rhythm and the climate was better omen when it comes to guitar

  33. Noob

    why get so butthurt over trivial shit like opinions grow the fuck up idol worship is gay.

  34. metalvocalistwanted


  35. soul7ify

    se escucha lo maduro de su sonido y el estilo bien estructurado menos experimentos y mas metal del bueno si vale la pena comprarlo original

  36. Diego Rosero

    I didn't listen to all Omen's songs... My last soulfly's album was Conquer and after hearing this "Chains" I realize thar these people is streachin' metal 'til its fucking awesome limits. I hope Max could visit southamerica after the mutherfuckin' world's end. SOULFY 'TIL DEATH!!! .Cheers froms Ecuator, a fuckin' free country.

  37. Aaron Baldwin

    I'm surprised this album is good, last one wasn't great and i figured soulfly had run its course

  38. 26luuke


  39. 26luuke

    Fuckin Goddamnin baddasss!!! My Fire is LItt!!!!

  40. Anderson sn

    Muito foda esse novo album do soulfly.

  41. ForLorNVuLgaR

    Most brutal breakdown of Enslaved!!! Fuck.... o.O

  42. vap21

    one of the best soulfly songs ever!!!

  43. Daga Saga

    "Destroy the chains - These are the chains of hate
    Destroy the chains - We cannot tolerate
    Destroy the chains - Where we were created
    Destroy the chains - The evil of man-made"

  44. cryingslave

    shocking and creepy !

  45. samyazawolf

    this is epic...the best of this album...Max rules...