Soulfly - Born Again Anarchist Lyrics

Born again anarchist
Downstroy the system within
Born again anarchist
Downstroy your bullshit

Born again anarchist
Fuck with me so I must resist
Born again anarchist
You fuel the fire that in me exists
Born again anarchist
Screaming bloody pigs
Born again anarchist
Screaming bloody pigs

Born again anarchist
Downstroy mediocrity
Born again anarchist
Coming at ya, iron fist

Born again anarchist - Born again
Born again anarchist - Born again
Born again anarchist - Born again
Born again anarchist - Born again

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Soulfly Born Again Anarchist Comments
  1. Bobby E Hricko


  2. Hermersonn Nickel

    Estados Unidos da América, nois americanos sâmos fóda.

  3. A is O


  4. RawHP

    M an, when they hit the 1:35 Mark, they HIT IT!!!!

  5. Gent Boy

    Vrijheid Eenheid Solidariteit! 🍺

  6. AyZeD

    Born again, antifa

    Daka 1887

    AyZeD yeah fuck antifa

  7. Spencer Phillips

    Comeing at you im not FAKE!

  8. Seigneur soonblitz

    l'interlude qui déchire sa grand mére... juste énorme!

  9. Schnaider 978

    Born again anarchist - Born again

  10. Frank Neutkens

    the only real anarchist! Fuck the Fakes!

  11. Slow-Stroy

    j'ai une gaule monumentale quand j'écoute ce son putain !

    elie thivillon

    moi aussi surtout que je l ai entendu en live pour la tournée 😉

  12. Adriano Wotan

    Born again anarchist
    Born again !

  13. Julien Henrion

    Bon song quand même



  15. samyazawolf

    FUCK YEAH!Born again and again and AGAIN ANARCHIST !!!!

  16. AlexMustDie92

    I think he meant rock is THE shit.

  17. Rados Milicevic

    Jebeno dobro...

  18. xvbvcv

    huh, maybe rock is a shit, but why you wrote about it here?
    any allusion [;

  19. Gobigmen

    i kill you!!!

  20. Gobigmen

    You missunderstood me: SHUT UP!!! MAX IS LEGEND!!! MAX RULE YOU!!! HEIL MAX CAVALERA!!!

  21. Gobigmen

    Just try to make something better than him and oh!, after all, just shut up...

  22. Derek Henriquez

    You forget where max comes from...

  23. icroak

    You really think I don't know where he is from or that he's been living here? I wasn't bashing Max, but you've obviously never heard him talk. He still has an accent. Some fan...

    Not that any of this is bad, but it explains why he may not get into anything really lengthy or deep in his lyrics compared to a band like Tool, and I'm okay with it because it's Max.

  24. icroak

    I love max's music but I have to agree with you. I've just always attributed it to english not being his first language, so I just brush it off and focus on the music.

  25. Convantol

    Your crazy
    His voice is pretty unique
    its way better then those black metal guys who you don't understand they are "singing"

    gul dukat

    black metal is garbage shit music