Soulfly - Bloodshed Lyrics

Fire, the burning path
Downstroy the weak minds
The weak minds rising nature’s demise
Enslave system creation

Everywhere is bloodshed
Wasteland bloodshed
Everywhere is bloodshed
Wasteland bloodshed
Bloodshed wasteland
Bloodshed wasteland

Life, ravage skullduggery
Rage, dethrone the enemy
Die treacherous leprosy
Scorn the self inflict

Everywhere is bloodshed
Wasteland bloodshed
Everywhere is bloodshed
Wasteland bloodshed
Bloodshed wasteland
Bloodshed wasteland

This is my redemption
Strangling superstitions
This is my conception
Condemned for eternity

Blood of the lamb touching the empty void
Slowly eats my soul
Drag down the black hole
Join the cult of dark hope
Swarm of deadly locusts
Beware of the prophecy
Rulers of reality

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Soulfly Bloodshed Comments
  1. tm zen

    Moi je trouve cela au-delà de tout ce que je pouvais espérer

  2. The Man Who Doesn't Die

    God I fucking love this band.... Literally my favourite metal band. Fuck it I'm gonna say it. I love what they speak for

  3. Marcos Brandao Vitorio

    tOP demaissssss

  4. Budak Kita Semua fav band..

  5. Llewylan Craucamp

    This song never gets old....

  6. Pussy Licka

    Sic Sic Sic excellent song well done!!

  7. Justin Widle

    Cavalera's getting lazy. This is proof. Killer Be Killed is FAR better than this because he's working with people who inspire and challenge him.

  8. henry

    this track was a joke back when it first released and still is


    Som louco da porra, da hora

  10. won_do_piekła

    Teraz wiem, czym byłby Sepultura, gdyby pozostał w niej Max. Dziedzictwo trwa nadal. :)

  11. T Virus

    this drums are the perfect for fuking soulfy.....MAKES SOUND SO FUCKING HEAVIER LIKE IGOR CAVALERAAAAA..... REMINDS ME NAILBOMB.COM!!!!!

  12. Willie Poe

    Opinion: first soulfuly album was great and max was fake teeth.. That's ok

  13. RawHP

    Although hard to hear, riffs like 4:12 speak to me

  14. TheOnemanmoshpit

    Isn't that the bass player from Cavalra Conspiracy? Is the only difference the drummer now?

  15. Aaron Levario

    I don’t get all the hate that spews from Idiots who rarely know anything about how songs are written and recorded. It’s comedy that they always leave comments that are so moronic😱. But hey keep it up cause it’s great fodder!! Max fucking Rules forever!! No compromise no apologies!! 🤘

  16. Pablo Henrique

    Listen To APAVORO



  18. Darius Michael

    Miss that old soulfly

  19. Con Gavril

    mind blowing stuff the haters and posers

  20. Эдуард Новицкий


  21. lee rea

    Maxxx always rewrites the same damn lyrics..

  22. Hadegel

    Its funny to find this video from soulfly, bc I was getting interested in reenactments of that era

  23. Alex Pinkman

    Rispect for Max Cavalera !!!!! 🤘🤘

  24. Nilselayne Gomes

    2018 ? brasileiros por aí .....

  25. mopar king

    iller be killed is awesome..soulfly has lost its ...well its soul

  26. Erik Walthar

    Awwww, how have your little nephew Igor's son playing drums for you

  27. Alex-SDC. Banda Sobreviventes do Caos

    Som do caralho!!!!Max é foda.vocal monstro.

  28. Renato L.


    Sonny Curry

    Tony Campos is A Beast!

  29. Randy Petree

    With music like this it seriously baffles the fuck out of me as to why hip hop is the dominating music these days. Pitiful.

  30. duane drummond

    The most prevelant family in Metal. Bad as fuck!

  31. Gacek 79

    track good, sound quality sucks!

  32. Ramiro Villalobos


  33. Kevin

    Video is lame but song is great.

  34. rafael morocho

    Max Cavalera

  35. DeadxGhxst 10

    Max and his brother made this band sick asfk

  36. Christiane Hodel Meyer

    hat das ganze Gift abbekommen

  37. Jay 99

    thats fucking kool that max and igor kids are in the video thats show that they are badass parent's

  38. Rasheedah Richmond

    Still one of my favorite bands and its 2017 !

  39. Andrea Gierig


  40. Marc Rizzo


    santos jelly

    Marc Rizzo a

  41. Super Free

    THX MAX!

  42. Denis Demin

    Always respected Max !!!!!! His style does not change, which gives him even more respect, though I did not understand what kind of drummer the drummer appeared)

  43. ufologia verdadeiramente única 18 12Sobrinho

    the best of the music

  44. iz current93

    Lyrics anyone ?? Post them please

  45. M3rlin

    Bring your son to work day?

  46. Kamil J

    Fucking heavy !

  47. Apollon


  48. Alexander Salinas Suarez

    this is the Best song of the family cavalera

  49. михалыч 11

    ну это да!!!

  50. Ogrgels Lair

    wtf sound quality?

  51. Super Free


  52. Super Free

    Respect for ZYON! and Marc the best!! I love MAX!

  53. jordean gomes


  54. Apollon

    i think Max Cavalera is everything and soulfly are the best continue after roots what a lovely trip Max prefel tribe exotic metal and i love it

    James Mashburn

    It is excellent

  55. Arthur Smolenski

    Гражданская война страшная вещь

  56. VinceLA91

    Awesome song. Shitty video. That green screen reeks of low budget production.

  57. A Midsummer Night's Sharpshooter

    Fucking love Max but this overproduced shit in metal these days is annoying as fuck.

  58. Visions of Madness

    The green screen background doesn't go with this video at all hahaha.


    I think it's supposed to be a shack with bullet holes, but I think I agree with you.

  59. Giancarlo Pacelli

    Love for max and soulfly <3

  60. JAM C

    uff excelente aporte!

  61. Sebastian Rodriguez

    para todos los chetitos , para voz ivan

  62. Sebastian Rodriguez

    max lo más grande de Brasil

  63. Willian Cardoso Ferreira

    Max Cavalera is back

  64. AwesomeAvery

    Anyone else hear a resemblance in this song when compared to the endind credits of invader zim

  65. Sd Ny

    Rizzo I thought was Colombian. Either way he is awesome. I played with him when he was in ILL nino. I like Cav Conspiracy way more. If he wasn't Max's son do you think he would make the cut on drums?

    nicolas kahler

    honestly yes, max is a very fun and he always has a plan!

  66. Ricardo Çocoletzi

    Is Ritchie Cavalera or the drummer? 0:09

    josesalyans3 Gomez

    +Ricardo Çocoletzi ZYON CAVALERA MAX'S SON

  67. carlos picazo

    Marc rizzo agradesco todo tu poder . fucking awesome you are. .saludos

    Rafael Coelho

    +Miguel guillen alvarez El mexicano de Asesino es el bajista, Tony Campos.
    Marc Rizzo es el guitarrista.

    Enderval Vieira

    carlos picazo

  68. carlos picazo

    Max cavalera fucking awesome . he's son great on vocalist. soul fly for ever in my vains..

    nicolas kahler

    back to the primitive <3

  69. Andrew Parker

    fucking amazing! How awesome would it be to play in a band with your son! saw them recently and got to meet max on his your bus, fucking awesome guy!! definitely a bucket list thing for me, he's always been my hero in music.

  70. Gray Piano Flying

    Is that PRS SE?????!?!? Why is he using such cheap shit guitar???

  71. Charith Mayadhunne

    aulak ne

  72. Rodinas Junior

    Caralho max, conseguiu cagar a porra toda, o baixo do tony ficou ma bosta e esse batera pior ainda... a tentativa de promoção do moleque não colou, na boa, soul fly de raiz cara, ta bem longe disso... mostra pra gente aquele tribe, fire, son song, please.

  73. Mohamed Ahmad

    the quality sounds like ass

  74. imun design


  75. Paulo Martinez

    Max the best!

  76. DCLXVI_89 gaming

    i want Max's guitar here

  77. francisco D


  78. coodyscoops smith

    its nice to see awesome heavy american rock... i love me some fleshgod and dragonforce but i havent came across any good hardcore american tracks... and as patriotic as i am, the war reenactment iced the cake

    jamie hubbard

    Max and Rizzo aren't American, his son on the drums may be though.

  79. Fagner Alex

    Foda esse som!

  80. marko mačič

    Yes Max sold his soul to metal,but that doenst mean he will be betray metal by being little bit more creativ and versatile...roots bloody roots was his final destination!

  81. World Scum

    Max put his son on the drums although he could of put someone there with more experience, it's to bad some shallow people still judge a book by its cover, Max may look a little rough around the edges but he is a great father.

  82. Krzysztof M.

    "Blood of the lamb touching the empty void" Empty void = our souls.
    If we will praise only money we will be doomed.
    "Beware of the prophecy
    Rulers of reality"

  83. kasapertunc

    vokal mikrofonları bağlı değil?

  84. kokoy chacorta

    which it is the brand and version of the guitar using max cavalera and marc rizzo ?

  85. exitthelife

    Hard as fuck. Like metal should be!

  86. Gerwin van der Linden

    Was this recorded woth a potato?

  87. Jose Espinal

    Fucking awesome

  88. Robert Adams

    that kid,ha,those are Max's son's,fucking awesome i think its killer he has them in the band now.

    Erik Walthar

    Robert Adams .....that's Maxs nephew , Igor son

  89. Hugh Jass

    Goddamn that kid totally ruined the fucking chorus.

  90. Denis Leskovar

    is this his son on drums?

  91. Donawan Putra

    That is Tony Campos on the bass right? Cool. I agree that Max is less agressive compare to their previous album. Take a look at single such as 'Prophecy' and 'Jump da fuck up'. He was totally sick at that time. It doesn't mean that I complain, but hey, we certainly must respect his spirit and dedication to stay productive as a qualified artist. Can I get amen up in here?

  92. オソリオ

    So many fags complaining about "muh firs 2 abums" fuck off, it's his project and he can do what he wants with it, everybody gets tired of making different versions of the same song every fucking album, so what? max isn't nu metal since 2008, what's the problem with soulfly making a more polished, technical and melodic song eh? Just in case you didn't know max wasnt always the nu metal dreadlock guy you all know there was a time with OLD sepultura where he played death metal, so what?


    Plus, if you don't like the way soulfly is headed since omen and enslaved go listen to your "firs 2 abums" and stop being such a pain in the ass

    James Mashburn

    That's right

  93. juuso

    Damn.. That beard makes Max look really old...

  94. metalby c

    MUCH love

  95. Henry Sellers

    his finest work

  96. Patrick Pfahl

    Man ist soulfly ruhig geworden egal ich höre sie immer noch gerne

  97. Nick McLeod

    Great song. Stop bitching.