Soulfly - Bastard Lyrics

Judas… Liar... Judas… Liar...
Judas… Liar... Judas… Liar...

You keep saying lies, pretending that you're right
I see through you disguise, I'll see to your demise
You can fool some people, some time…
But you cannot fool all the people, all the time…

Why don't you stop your bullshit, stop fucking around
You're just betraying yourself and looking like a clown
You hurt so many people I can't keep the count
Why don't you face yourself and turn your life around…

No more lies, no more lies
I cannot take your lies
Kill the lies, kill the lies
Now it's eye for an eye…


Scumbag, scumbag
A life you never had
Judas, judas
To me it's like you're dead



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Soulfly Bastard Comments
  1. Sebastián Andres

    Sounds like spirit chrusher by death

  2. Rude Valve

    Certified Gold!!!!!

    Rude Valve

    Certifies Gold!!!!!

  3. Snake

    The intro is just fucking amazing. Whole song is, but man, the intro gives me goosebumps all over. Judasssss. LIARRRRR!


    quite atypical .. i came back to soulfly after a looong pause; very welcome the new approach i've found

  4. Vinicius Argolo

    Our flag is respected around the world, thanks to the Grave, "MAX Cavalera", we will raise our flag and our screams will echo in the name of our freedom.

  5. MyGutFeelsOdd

    songs about alot of called

  6. Nous-Sholom


  7. Chiconahui-Coatl

    Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy are way far superior from today's sepultura. Max And Igor are the ones who started sepultura back on the 80's,that lazy fuck of jairo and that greedy bastard andrea's dont deserve to have that name on their cover band.

    Randy Webb



    @Randy Webb listen to Machine Messiah, really a great album

  8. evilsurfo

    To those men who used the name of a legendary band in order to feed their wallets, why they didn't change the name if everything on this new Sepultura if everythng changed on it?, another name, like "Andreas Kisser's project... & friends" I know that Max is like insane too, but i care just about the music, i don't care about their personal problems, there's something called pride and respect and i think they had to respect what that band simbolized

  9. evilsurfo

    Uuuh!, I think this lyrics are dedicated to .....yeah!, you know who are those bastards...they can't fool all the people all the time... Max we know who is the owner of that legend called Sepultura, the cavalera's brothers carry that banner! We keep fighting in your lines... seu povo, sempre com você