Soulfly - Babylon Lyrics

Lightning and thunder
Fear and wonder
Murder and murder
Chaos, disorder
Hate and pain
Will rise again
Nothing remains
Bring it on again...

On and on and on and on...
On and on and on and on...
Inna babylon

Hell on earth
Like a curse
War is hell
Time will tell
Apocalypse meets
The final disease
Death now creeps
The enemy within...

On and on and on and on...
On and on and on and on...
Inna babylon

United nations
Divided tensions
Body count rises
While leaders lie


On and on and on and on...
On and on and on and on...
Inna babylon

Murder nation...
Too much tension...

On and on and on and on...
On and on and on and on...
Inna babylon

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Soulfly Babylon Comments
  1. Nurhamin Ladja

    2020 anyone??

  2. Clark Mugford

    2020 anyone?

  3. Mike Arndt

    Gangster s were repubs,not demotwats

  4. Dovic


  5. NDN 078

    Love from indonesia

  6. Makis Lalakis

    Fuck babylon! Soulfly 4life! \m/

  7. Denise

    Saw them live years ago, right in front of Max, damned they are awesome live 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪👍👍👍 their show kicked ass 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Denise

    IN DA *BABYLOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 LOVE SOULFLY

  9. Dimitar Dimitrov

    God, my childhood was great.

  10. SvenRzR


  11. Якуб Бакиев

    Anyone from 2019 )?

  12. viniciusmarca

    This makes me think the level Sepultura would be at if they hadn't broken up.

  13. Chris Brown

    BRUTALLY BADAZZ !!!! \m/😈

  14. Cheetoh Nation

    thought he was saying... on and on and on in a parking lot.

  15. Clark Mugford

    Love this band they get me by on and on we the popular

  16. Davide Barontini

    yautcch! 2019 Energy never lies!

  17. Robot Mechanical Whiz Kid




  19. Igor Oliveira

    devastation confontation aaaaaaahhhhhhh

  20. Orawin Laohanun

    64 dislike are Super junior fans

  21. Clark Mugford

    One badass song

  22. April Rose Banluta

    max cavallera rules!!!!!!!

  23. Elvis Teaches English

    I feel down and come here to this track just to charge up...specially at minute 2.42...fucking wanna fight !!!

  24. Attila Márton

    best Soulfly ever

  25. don diego

    fuck 2018. 2019 anyone ?

  26. RJ Rainer

    Love Soulfly and this song along with many others. But this particular one reminds me of coal chamber for some reason. No matter, both are badass.

  27. Dominic Pizano

    Bring it on again neighbors!

  28. Ciacho x


  29. Indyferentny

    2 0 1 9 ANYBODY?!!!!!!!

  30. Seguridad Prosegur Centro Comercial Villanueva

    max es un mosterrrrrrrrrrr.

  31. REVAN

    \m/ epic \m/

  32. Andreas Klausner


  33. zeitxgeist

    Only Soulfly song I truly love. VIVA BRASIL

  34. Rizal Muhammad

    Wellcome to babylonia

  35. patrick kavanagh

    There best album not a bad song a true masterpiece

  36. Rizal Muhammad


  37. sheeple butcher

    first song i listen in 2019 !

  38. favio condori

    *Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly ... Soulfly*

  39. Tonyc Sangret

    The enemy within if your a slave to your flesh?

  40. TylerMr i Timms to m S

    I was very blessed in life with a cool stepdad. I saw sepultura, slayer , pantera , morbid angel , nirvana and Alice in chains before I had hair on my figs. Not bragging , I just hope people with kids take them to concerts of incredible music. My roles have reversed with age. I now take my stepdad with me.

  41. Ian Guilherme


  42. favio condori

    *Soulfly yeah*

  43. Andreas Klausner


  44. David Jenkins

    Hail satan. U lost sheep. Choose. Or suffer fires of hell to me. Just keep me from being cold. I love it.

  45. Paulo Rogério


  46. D E A D L O R D

    2018 - I listen to every metal genre from thrash, DEATH, slam, metalcore, deathcore. I listen to trap, rap too but i never forget SOULFLY

  47. Arcel Aguilar

    Algo de brutal metal siempre cae bien , desde México te sigo Max Cavalera.

    Mohawk 13

    Max é foda... Saludo desde Brasil!

  48. Boa Constrictor

    If I were a bit madder, I'd get that siiik album cover tattooed on my shaved head! \m/ \m/

  49. flüküm flüküm

    perro caca kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uma delicia kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  50. Android Brasil

    Boa música

  51. Nikki Sisson


    Jasper Bunny

    Ur awesome

  52. Josh Carrero

    curse all religions on earth curse all these false fake kingdoms that are so far gone Whit flys around them

  53. Soror Tamori

    Hail Babylon 😍

  54. Jay Fake

    Listening to this after 13 years.Feels old man.

    Levi Boldock

    This whole album hasn't left my playlist since it came out.


    @Levi Boldock 2005 was a good year hahaha

    Flappy Terryfolds

    @Osiris1992 Yes 2005 was a good year for metal.

  55. IRAQI Metalhead

    i am from babylon

  56. Hellspawn

    A classic Soulfly song, from a excellent album.

  57. Levi Maag

    2018 anyone!? \m/


    Hello 2018

    metalhead heathen

    2069 here

    Bobby E Hricko

    8/'19...10:34 pm,est. Weather 79° cloudy sky's.
    Elmira, New York waving

    RosalieNSeth Gratz


  58. mehtaab sandhu

    Morbid angel level brutal sound to the whole chorus strings. Love it.

  59. Jose Prigge


  60. Wasilla Picazo

    One of my favorite songs from soul fly.\,,/.

  61. Jasper Bunny

    Good disco music lol

  62. ernesto juarez

    que ricura

  63. القارىء سيد متولي عبد العال رحمه الله

    Hail Babylon ✋

  64. IceCat7

    brilliant and IMPORTANT rock song

  65. Charles Thompson

    A Fuck your feelings song

  66. Lune

    I met my girlfriend with this music, she left me, can't listen to it anymore. Totally fucked in both ways.

    Josh Wyatt

    just listen to "no hard feelings" by bloodhound gang . you will feel much better.


    What a faggy comment

  67. Andre Sousa

    GReat Maxxx!!!

  68. Dewintha 311

    My favorite 😍😘👍 Soulfly - Babylon

    Jasper Bunny

    Ur awesome

  69. Deus Kinzoro

    Happy kids listen to metal \m/
    sad kids listen to shit

    Deus Kinzoro

    oui mais tone boufonne sa xD


    Deus Kinzoro
    jamais, mo ti p coz are twa mwa. Acause to pd, pas contant fam 😂😂😂

    Deus Kinzoro

    lolll mo pas content homme aumoins xD

    Nikki Sisson

    Deus Kinzoro are you talkin shit about soulfly?

    dansebastian marinovici

    i am 40 years old and still listening tto this

  70. Karl Lewis

    soulfly intense

  71. maddyBOOMbaddy BADDY

    1:36 too much for such a short moment. two tone riff gives me chills, changed my lifeMISS U SOULFLY COME BACK TO SALT LAKE SOON

  72. Isolated 937

    Have not listened to this album in a while. I need to do so.

  73. Talus

    tremendo disco loco!!!! la primera vez que lo escuche voló mi cabeza y cada vez que lo escucho hasta el día de hoy hace lo mismo!!! AGUANTE SOULFLY!!!!

  74. Adriano dutra

    2:42 a bagaça fica lôca!!

  75. Diegofb


    kilhom torto

    dmorefire. Grande abraço de um português que é fan dos soulfly

  76. Rafael Santos

    Essa música é muito top

  77. A Alshamiri


    Daniel Miranda

    anacrista babylon was a horrible place b4 its fall and the song is pretty much saying we are all living in a babylon like condition aince then but i believe that babylon was much worse then the world is now.iraq is in a horrible state so yes godbless them.
    reggae also references babylon in almost every song. i love music and its messages

  78. An86

    In a babylon! :D

  79. dark stanley

    one of their best, besides of jumpda****of, back to the it!!!!

    Steven Wilmot

    Eye for an eye. 🤘

  80. Zoltan Nagy

    best of music!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Albert The Hun

    it's Inner Babylon

  82. Drakenforks

    I think this song was in Prince of Persia, but I Dont know wich game :D

    Shadow Games

    I dont think so, I do know they had godsmack however.

    Jose Larios

    sup weeb

    Maluco lapin

    the second one, one gamecube, had a metal ost ;) but i don't think there were any soulfly in it

  83. Leinad Serolf

    8 dislikes... by Justin bieber, selena gomes, miley cyrus and one direction

    IWishiCould PlayOnPiano

    you must be really inteligent person

    Broken Matt Hardy

    People still wrote these retarded comments a year ago?? gods blood

    Pogo's Ego

    Leinad Serolf Obama did 9/11

    diego roa

    Leinad Serolf 21 dislike, because??

    Daniel Miranda

    Leinad Serolf seems to me you know how many members are in one direction.... hmmm

  84. FuNkY BlUnTs

    oxy & soulfly = heaven on earth! =P

  85. Hati Wolfheart

    I think he says "inner Babylon", but i can't be sure until I check the booklet

  86. jsh510v

    Lol 1 dislike by Justin Bieber 😂😂😂😂

  87. Od Vjesala

    bog otac

  88. David Flores

    This song is too fucking good

  89. Kevin Wilson

    soulflys best album. genius

  90. Kevin Ross

    This song came on my Pandora and I accidentally changed the station and I was so pissed.

    Ryan Marr

    @Kevin Ross lol thats why you use Rdio instead (yes rdio not radio)

    5,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Kevin Ross it’s actually a thing just look it up rdio

  91. Explore Nevada

    i can't get enough of this track

  92. DANIEL Carneiro

    O max, é foda

  93. Martin Kirilov

    Ctrl+C....Ctrl+V Genius

  94. Undeath Core

    Lightning and thunder
    Fear and wonder
    Murder and murder
    Chaos, disorder
    Hate and pain
    Will rise again
    Nothing remains
    Bring it on again

  95. Ozzy Osbourne

    Inna Babylooooooon!!!!

  96. Rafal Anonim