Soul For Real - Every Little Thing I Do Lyrics

You Are On My Mind, You Are On My Mind

Every Little Thing I Do You're On My Mind
The Way I Feel Lately, It's Driving Me Crazy
Every Little Thing I Do You're On My Mind
I Can't Get Over You, I Think About You All The Time

Can't You See What You Do To Me
I Think About You All The Time
My Mind Is Hazy And I'm Mixed Up Feeling Crazy Over You
Let's Not Waste Anytime


Round And Round I Go, Where I'll Stop Only You Know
I Guess It's All In My Mind
Take Your Time Think It Over Let Me Know
What You Wanna Do, Baby It's So Good


Every Little Thing I Do You're On My Mind
You're On My Mind, Hey...

[Chorus x2: Fade]

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Soul For Real Every Little Thing I Do Comments
  1. Jessica Dawson

    Who else listen to this in high school and still does in you're 30s??

  2. Derrick Sanchez

    No song has ever summed up infatuation any better.

  3. Meshach B Camara

    Rockin out to this Dec 2019

  4. Sheepdog94

    Who still listening in 2026?

  5. Dennis baya

    You are on My mind

  6. Razorsharp Studios & Mgmt

    My first trip to ATL brought me here..This group is always in my top 7 Boy Groups

  7. Topaz Dominique

    Who is here in December 2019?

  8. Shellouy Grace

    Yes my group

  9. rebirth70

    Real timepiece kind of tune. Great 90s tune, that kicks it still today. GOd/Jesus bless and save all that read this. Amen!!

  10. Nathaniel Villarreal

    Had no idea seal was in this

  11. Surf Surfing

    Music went from soulful young men, to young men in dresses......

    Fa 'Le

    And scribbling on face, shit looks like a primary school desk

  12. Vincent Noblet

    mortel !!! new jack !

  13. Vincent Noblet

    excellent ma jeunesse !

  14. Braxton Oertwig

    Its Cam Newton at the 1min 32 second mark of the video.

  15. Raquel Aguilera

    You are...on my mind!🤗

  16. LyriC` B. TV

    1:32-1:35 3rd man over. Papoose 👀 REMY MA HUSBAND OR NAH

  17. Javier Herrera Quiroz

    Bruh chance the rapper samples this on a snippet

  18. Adonay Lopez

    I’m 20 & I’m just now discovering this 😭

  19. Real

    Heavy D and total cameo

  20. Real

    Look at all that damn fabric lmao.. look like they got on they daddy's suits. And this is coming from somebody in their 40s

  21. Clare Vickers

    Nearly 2020 😎



  23. Tara Mensah

    Choc did this thang on this song , they all talented tho

  24. Marie Davis

    Patiently waiting on an unsung from these brothers ❤

  25. Jr Hunte

    At 2:47 did y'all see the R&B Group total rock into this song too? One of my favourites soul for real songs y'all!!!!!!

  26. Michael Plein

    God i miss the 90's.. So much

  27. martha shepherd

    Here Dec 2019

  28. Legend 95

    College years the best man

  29. Lewis Jefferson

    Man this was my jam back in the day. Turning back the clock on the train this evening.

  30. Aaron Drouri

    Omggg im French but thissss song make me american 😍😍😍😍😍 soooooo funky

  31. Lateshia Childs

    I'm comment here so many times, once again this is one of my favorite music groups and one of the best songs from the 90s.

  32. Johnathan Pride

    still here 34 n counting 🙏🙏💪💪💪💪👆👆👆👆👆rip heavy d

  33. Corabeth Whalen

    i like candy rain better gtg

  34. Y B

    I almost cried playing this! The memories!!!!! WOW 😱

  35. Dan Asmerom

    I am here before 2020.

  36. Brandon Cunningham


  37. Lee Carwile

    Heavy D wants his suits back

  38. Jabari Britton

    Why is this saying a lyric we all know on this song and jus say “Hey”

  39. Euclid’s Chemical Equation

    I hate that Choc has let drugs ruin him ...he was so handsome

  40. Camailria Wingo

    25 years ago, the year 1994, this is a timeless soul2soul video, #restinparadise Dwight Meyers

  41. insanebeatjunkie

    This shit is burned into my soul

  42. Malcolm Sanders

    A 90s classic, from Malcolm Sanders Louisville Kentucky

  43. Just blame Dave

    Love watching this and Heavy D. Now for Candy Rain by Soul 4 Real lol Old School 2019.

  44. 31membami

    Sad the hate these boys ended up having for Heavy D in the long run that music business is a whole beast

  45. Mya Maria Lopez

    jamming 12/2019

  46. Tiaonnie Gist

    Good job

  47. joshua phillips

    I'm 45. It's almost too much. Where did my youth go. This song makes me feel like I'm in a time machine.

  48. Sintonia FM 87,9 MHz

    wow..........viajei no som ..............que maravilha

  49. R& by KFLOW

    New jack nostalgia

  50. muNdyaNeR muNdy

    Zu geil

  51. Nikita

    2020.. here we come! #classic!

  52. Marques Williams

    Were these Craig Mack son's?

  53. Rashonda Oliver

    Yerrrrr 🗣🗣🗣

  54. love a nurse 55

    ❤️ Love this Song!

  55. Brown Oforington

    Forever love my boys, would love to see them perform this song wearing skinny clothes, this will bring to light their body dancing moves as opposed in their baggy dresses, slightly visible in the baggy clothes though. Brilliant song that could never fade. One love..

  56. Badriyah Zee

    look how crazy oversized the suits are!! today they just keep shrinking and becoming tighter and tighter lol

  57. got 2

    I just love being a black man

  58. Sarath Bin

    I still remember asking a a girl to a dance and we danced to this song. lol nostalgia is a beautiful thing.

  59. Joe Pizzoni

    this track is soooooo fressssshhhhhhhhhhhh............. feel like i come out from my shower baby.............

  60. Celso Bernal

    2020 and beyond. Never forget my jamz. I make sure my kids know about classics

  61. Paser One

    Is that DJ Clue at 1:49??

  62. Jonathan Soko

    this song came out in 95, it was WAY ahead of its time. This could have been released in 99-2000 and it would have fit right in

  63. Miss Gonzalez

    Ayyye 🙌🏾

  64. Kagiso Rapoo

    I'm still here December 2019... Anyone else...

  65. Candice Alane

    This Song reminds me of my Bae 🙆 who happens to love skating.

  66. Kayshawn Simmons

    I love this group of brothers. Rest Up Heavy D💐👑💗

  67. Sabrina Torres

    OMG...Alltime one of my Favs to dance to..BadAss beat..

  68. Redhook Brooklyn

    Best era 90’s

  69. Helene Smith


  70. Zizou Tv

    On est toujours la même en 2020
    Seul les vrais savent 😉

  71. reib hobdy

    Who missing this music in 2019 ....

  72. Edwin Williams

    1:25 Total in the building

  73. P-Jay B3nchMarQ

    Who's here in ---

    ... you know what , we gon do this every year so let's just vibe to this Immortal music.

  74. Dani Aguilar

    This song Is too have sex

  75. L.A. Picasa

    Lisa was here 11/28/19 ❤️

  76. Honest000w

    Killin that rewind button ⏪ 💜

  77. Honest000w

    So smooth, mad chill, and fun 🔥

  78. Ivalina Passe

    Awesome Driving in the Drivers Seat!!

  79. Valerie Moizant


  80. Sharif Uddin

    Loved the music back then

  81. jmlakos

    Man this song brings me back to High School, those were the days. If anyone has any old Szhool Playlists R&B or Latin Freestyle or hip hop let me know.

  82. Kissoon Kushana

    Still good to this tyme

  83. Khurram Shah

    Holy shit. This song is so underrated. This puts me in such a good mood. Mesmerizing beat and lyrics.

  84. John Eliakim

    Who is here in Nov 2019?

    Kayshawn Simmons

    Yes, im still listening💐

    Brown Oforington

    They're on my mind all the time

    Craig Patterson

    Nah ! DECEMBER !!! ..... YEP ! 👍🏾

  85. Tonya Jones

    And I still got it roller skates backward too ⛸

  86. Deon Richards

    Memories in Music! 🇿🇦Moving closer to that dream of opening a 40 Something Chill Bar in Durban where one could pop in with loads of friends, give the DJ a list of golden oldies and then just chillax with a glass of red wine or cigar while reflecting on life! 🇿🇦

  87. Lil-Aimer 75

    pure song

  88. techtee murphy

    Bad mf rite here🎥📀👍👌

  89. Adrian Dane Kenny M.D.

    the beats and edm win on this one.

  90. Shell Stewart


  91. georgep505

    2020...who still here??

  92. Heather Graham

    I remember in 1995 going to Rollertown in Clovis when this came out.

  93. Lowkey Treal

    I remember when this hit the radio.

  94. Jerilyn A

    I want to go roller skating now...

  95. budweisser888

    My favorite song!! I still listen to it in 2019.. good ole days lol

  96. Auxin relari

    Baltra - Soul 4 Real