Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism (Hate Song) Lyrics

Another can of worms
Another stomach turns
Yeh yr ghetto burns
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

You got a stupid man
You got a Ku Klux Klan
Yr fuckin' battle plan
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

A sieg heil-in' squirt
You're an impotent jerk
Yeh a fascist twerp
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

Black robe and swill
I believe Anita Hill
Judge will rot in hell
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

Yeah a cross on fire
By a christian liar
A black attack on fire
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

Yeah the president sucks
He's a war pig fuck
His shit is out of luck
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

Another nazi attack
A skinhead is cracked
My blood is black
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

We're banging pots and pans
To make you understand
We gonna bury you man
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

I'm a human wreck
A redneck in check
I killed the teacher's pet
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

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Sonic Youth Youth Against Fascism (Hate Song) Comments
  1. Fredd Gregg

    Glory to NATIONALISM

  2. doodaderek

    This song predicted ANTIFA the terrorist organization

  3. Darryl Lenette

    This is so relevant !

  4. celia ayneto

    !!! now and here !!!

  5. Peter Sutherland

    Ian Mackaye... A

  6. gnz

    💪 🇨🇱

  7. R. Michael Duttera

    Like they really know what REAL Fascism was. It's just a generic slur to them to be used as an ad hom weapon. Good song though.

  8. Lauren St. David

    We thought we had it bad back when this song was recorded! Boy howdy.

    The impeachment hearings started on today, November 13 2019. No telling what’s going to happen. But it’s a fine day to hear this track again.

  9. Gabriel Valdetaro

    Latinoamerica resiste! No al golpe en Bolivia! Renuncia Piñera! Fuera Bolsonaro! Youth Against Fascism!


    Overture intermezzo..

  10. Aweonao

    piñera chupa el pico

  11. Pedro Fillipe Sousa

    Morra bolsonaro! I Die bolsonaro!

  12. Felipe González Subiabre

    Viva Chile 🇨🇱 PIÑERA RENUNCIA!!!!!!

  13. Sylvi Puzzlewell

    Erdogan brought me here

  14. somacoda

    Whenever barak obama started talking all i could think about was this song.... "stupid man... ku klux klan"

  15. Thomas Von Figel

    What about against communism? They killed nore people that fascism

  16. Robert Atkins

    I love sonic youth's appearance on the Simpson's and their version of the Simpson's theme

  17. monsieur boeuf de tête

    the classics _never_ die.

  18. ganerus

    Hard to look at this title, since everything from Heinz beans, to macron and trump is facist

  19. Flipty18

    The real fascism is happening in Russia right now. This song goes to a fucking kgb dictator Putin and to every russian cop.

  20. Maycon Parton


  21. Zachary Smith

    Great guys and girls

  22. Frank Kelley

    This is what happens when the corporations lose control of rock'n'roll.

  23. Steve B

    Sonic Youth - Youth for Neo Liberalism.
    Only a bunch of privileged white middle class, middle aged Americans could make a song as bad as this.

  24. Stephan Aguilar Williams


    Lee Ranaldo: 0:10

  25. Vitalie Moghilda

    Wow, these guys wrote song against Hillary Clinton before she start her campaign.

  26. Von Clohk

    I think this is the one song off "Dirty" that Ian Mackaye plays "extra" guitar on. I love it!

  27. Ray Alberto Gutiérrez Balanzar

    #Youth against situam

  28. Ray Alberto Gutiérrez Balanzar

    Against Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador

  29. John Lau

    hey, ich versuche die lage zu analysieren, gefecht

  30. Hannah Sheffield

    Same but I’m a fashy goy

  31. firebirdgao

    We must keep the youth

  32. Cayo Felipe


  33. Vini

    People here in Brazil still don't know what fascism is and think that is everything that isn't leftist. Communism is fascism too (just try to remember Stalin, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung) and people have elected shitty communists in the past years. And this was a downhill for Brazil and now we are on the situation that we are now.

    a w

    most people in the world dont know the meaning of Fascism.

  34. Vini


  35. curryjerk 7-11

    PaRty liKE iTtz 1999.

  36. Harriston Miller

    a song that is poignant today as its original release in the 1990s. A classic anti racism song from one of the pioneers of grunge music

  37. danny haobam

    194 fascist youths were here.

  38. T H 4 1 S S 4

    Sonic youth nunca me decepciona mesmo, banda que deveria tocar na maioria dos lugares, muito além de noise rock, amo demais #ELENUNCA

  39. aris manolopoulos

    Holland you love, Holland you get..

  40. RideMyTruck

    This song desperately needs a cover for 2020... "A Mar-a-Lago man....ya got the Ku Klux Klan!"

  41. Alex Redfield

    Alt-right can never be punk rock no matter how you try or see it

    Kurt Cobain

    the left cant be either


    Kurt Cobain wym? punk is 100% anti establishment

    Kurt Cobain

    @CostlyFob93984 because the left is the opposite of that. They are fascism limiting what people can or can't. People are racist well fuck but they are still allow to say what they want but they racist too because discriminate white. Hold anybody down because of their race is racist

  42. E Taka

    Cool sounds, but the listeners no longer know what fascism is.

    If you look for fascism in these days, go to: Venezuela, North Korea and (hopefully not) in a few years to France and Germany.

    Jules Spoonclown

    I doubt that either France or Germany is going to go fascist. I don't know much about Germany so I can't really talk about it but I'm from France, although I live in the US now and have lived there most of my life, but my whole family lives there and I go there regularly. The far right party there is loathed and mostly has only old bigots on it's side, and the youth there is really involved in politics. A lot of revolted bohemian leftist kids there are going to be able to vote soon, and hopefully they will turn the tables around. As far as America goes, it seems there are lot of brainwashed right wing kind of kids here who seem to think that being conservative is somehow cool.

  43. Sandra Bianchi

    Youth against mondialism!

  44. Priase Lord Vader

    So every calliou is a nazi

  45. Priase Lord Vader

    This is a bit offensive

  46. Harriston Miller

    a group at the forefront of the grunge music phenonemon who is unique music sets them apart from their contemporaries of the time

  47. desi lopez

    To the Venezuela chavistas +++

  48. mesonspfc

    Bozo enforcado nas mangueiras do seu saco de bosta

  49. Psychedelic Lizard

    We got proof! GET THE FASCIST OUT!

  50. Hugo Paz

    Fuera al gato Macri!!!🖕🖕

  51. Hugo Paz

    Youth Against Trump!!!

  52. Pericle Osellieri

    My personal dedication to Salvini government and his supporters in Italy too

  53. survivor geek

    baik uh sia

  54. Mr G

    Brought to you by Antifa


    Call better Fascism the USA outsider country USA...killed million people all over the World...and the biggest Genocide ever happend was this for Indians...more than 100 million people Indians Killed since 1492...but You now live on their Earth....for example Manna Hatta-today Manhattan belongs to Indians and not to you...You all thieved the land of the Indians and you put them away...means from you all starts the Fascism and became on top point with your guverments you select as U.S.A....O.K. small mind mister Sonic Youth...??? and don't telling to us you are away from all these politic 'cause you use the same Facistic Capitalistic consum economic system to produce your step on the way of USA Capitalistics you call fascism...O.K.Mister S..Youth idiot??? finally,you don't know really what you are...

    Psychedelic Lizard

    But I agree with everything you say besides that last part, I understand your emotion.

  56. rick hunter

    Sounds like Iggy Pop and the Stoogies

  57. Joseph Burke


  58. Carol Warner

    So true, even in 2018. To those killed in the synagogue shooting over the weekend.

    Mr G

    and Charlottesville and the fact that david duke endorsed trump and did nothing and said nothing about it

  59. Xcalator35

    Dedicado a todos os que se preparam para resistir no Brazil de Bolsonaro: 'WE GONNA BURY YOU MAN'!!!

  60. Gabriel Martinez

    2018, BRASIL

  61. Tory


  62. Lilian Corrêa


  63. Marcelo malcher Queiroz

    Uma canção ao Bolsonaro falso mito

  64. RudJohns' gaming channel

    Assistam enquanto podem, antes dos juízes mandarem retirar o video do ar kkkkkkkkkk

  65. Rodrigo Pinheiro

    I bought this album 25 years ago and i never though that facism would be a real menace again here in Brazil. So, here we're in 2018.... it makes sense even more nowadays.


    are you dumb? there's no fascism here on Brazil, wtf

  66. Darlã Fagundes

    Greeting for youth from Brazil in a danger of electing a fascist!

  67. Bardic99 •

    cant wait to read this comment section

  68. samuel fernandes


  69. ponponvinsky


  70. Marcio Couto

    E L E N Ã O

  71. taticocteau


  72. Geiziene Tauane

    #ELENÃO, BRAZIL, 2018


    Continuamos na luta. #ELENÃO

  73. Rafael Nogueira


  74. jeanzepelin

    essa musica é para o bolsonazi!

    Sebastián Rodríguez

    Latin America against fascism. Support from Chile!

  75. ave lucifer


  76. Rebeca Paula


  77. Rebeca Paula


  78. Ana Karen


  79. RudJohns' gaming channel

    GO Brazil!

  80. Kokoro Yuge

    You guys would be scared as shit if you knew what is happening here in Brazil.

  81. John Hawk

    Is this in any way ironic now?

    Rabbert Klein

    Has it ever stopped being ironic?

  82. Joseph Aziz

    triggered 155 nazis who adamantly deny theyre nazis

  83. danilofvlima


  84. Vinicius Uiti

    #elenão #nothim

  85. Danis Barsant

    #NotHim hugs from brazil

    Ademar Lourenço

    Thank you. We will resit!

    John Wise

    @Ademar Lourenço That's right Brother!

  86. Antonio CR

    #elenao 2018

  87. Razorblade 93


  88. Darren

    This song is more relevant than ever. I BELIEVE DR. FORD!!!

  89. Susan Barnaby

    This should be the national anthem.

  90. Michael Bonanno

    I still believe Anita Hill

  91. AgentBanana

    "I believe Anita Hill"? Was this before or after you were screwing around on your wife, Thurston?


    "Before" How do you know? If we're going to be digging up the personal lives of public figures from 30+ years ago....


    "Thurston Moore is plying for a seat on the highest court in the country." Well, he'd be better than Ginsburg.

  92. Pedro Baptista


  93. Steven Tomlinson

    I believe Anita Hill

  94. Max Oakland

    This song is really relevant right now. I believe Anita Hill and Christine Ford!

  95. Gabriel Valdetaro

    This song goes to Bolsonaro in Brazil! Youth against fascism! #ELENÃO

    Fábio Bridges

    Morte à familícia 🔥

    Frank Kelley

    To Trump too!

    Giovanni Silvestri

    @Gabriel Valdetaro In Italy Salvini is like brasilian stupid. Death to fascists

    Sebastian Enrique Salinardi Ascheri

    O Maduro no?

    Fukawe Tribe

    Let's hope Brazil becomes such an enlightened, liberal country that you too are flooded by third world immigrants with zero respect for women or the rule of law. Let's hope you revel in the joys of political correctness when this happens.

  96. Jason Kreitzer

    Happy birthday Thurston Moore!

  97. David R

    Nice boilerplate lyrics for whoever the left happens to hate at the time. It's actually kind of funny.

    Psychedelic Lizard

    If you hated Obama you surrender your card to complain about left wing hate.

  98. Peter Mazzei

    One of the best songs ever and still rings true (unfortunately) today.

  99. jjxxjjxx

    and.... Trump win...

  100. Kerrie Barker

    Kim's bass... Whoa!.
    I hope for a day that this song is no longer relevant.