Sonic Youth - Wildflower Soul Lyrics

Sing yr children
Yr children song
Sing yr love child
Love is on
See thru child eyes
Eyes are old
And old is magic growing
See the child lights
Spinning gold
Everyday girl
They blow away
Leaves falling to the water
For you today
Sing yr birthday
Yr birthday blues
Sing yr wild light
Wildflowers bloom
They will not forget you
And down/they go
To sleep/so slow
Away/they grow
They go
I wait/i wait all day
Sing yr love child
Love is on
Sing yr child lights
Sing yr child lights
Lights are gold
Sing yr child life
Wildflower soul

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Sonic Youth Wildflower Soul Comments
  1. Warren j Pelnar jr

    Also takes me back my to my tripping days!!

  2. Ash T

    First song I ever heard by Sonic Youth

  3. Ivy

    Thanks for uploading. I have this album on vinyl it’s one of my fave sonic youth albums ❤️

  4. Cassette Cathedral

    At 3:33 this song steals my heart, all the guitars suck it right outta me ( this is where I dance 💃🏽 insanely around in my apt.!)

  5. Ash T

    I love the drums at the end. Fuck, I love this entire song!

  6. MeloLand

    Wonderful song

  7. LimeC

    5:46 the guitar swirls that begin here are absolutely incredible

  8. Aldo Méndez

    A masterpiece, too many feelings put in this song

  9. Zach Hollander


  10. Andy Krajewski

    Quickly becoming my favorite Sonic Youth song.

  11. Mr5kull5trobe

    Bought this album in Amsterdam on an art trip in 2000.
    This track in particular is one I always go back to.