Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song For Karen) Lyrics

Dreaming, dreaming of a girl like me
Hey what are you waiting for - feeding, feeding me
I feel like I'm disappearing - getting smaller every day
But I look in the mirror - I'm bigger in every way

She said:
You aren't never going anywhere
You aren't never going anywhere
I ain't never going anywhere
I ain't never going anywhere

I'm in heaven now - I can see you Richard
Goodbye Hollywood, goodbye downey - hello Janis
Hello Dennis, Elvis - and all my brand new friends
I'm so glad you're all here with me, until the very end

Dreaming, dreaming of how it's supposed to be
But now this tunic's spinning - around my arms and knees
I feel like I'm disappearing - getting smaller every day
But when I open my mouth to sing - I'm bigger in every way

She said:
You aren't never going anywhere
You aren't never going anywhere
I ain't never going anywhere
I ain't never going anywhere

Hey mom! look I'm up here - I finally made it
I'm playing the drums again too
Don't be sad - the band doesn't sound half bad
And I remember mom, what you said
You said honey - you look so under-fed

[background voices singing various covers]

Another green salad, another ice tea
There's a tunic in the closet waiting just for me
I feel like I'm disappearing - getting smaller every day
But I look in your eyes - and I'm bigger in every way

She said:
You aren't never going anywhere
You aren't never going anywhere
I ain't never going anywhere
I ain't never going anywhere

Goodbye Richard - gotta go now
I'm finally on my own - but Dan's got a gig
Keep the love lights glowing - little girl's got the blues
I can still hear momma say: "honey don't let it go to your head"

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Sonic Youth Tunic (Song For Karen) Comments
  1. Niko Farmer

    Я на питьевой ^^

  2. SJ Custom Art

    I just close my eyes and listen to this song. Gives me chills to my bones

  3. Sandra Jovic

    this is one of the best video's I've ever seen♥♥♥♥💘♥♥♥♥

  4. Antonio Stella Bottom Tile

    1:50 there's just something so raw about that riff there that I can't put my finger on. That guy really knew something about life

  5. Drew Millett


  6. stella

    this video feels like an infomercial you watch at 2 am that you have to hide from your parents because it gave you your first sexual awakening, I wonder how much pbs and Sonic youth worked together in their long storied careers (;

  7. unodostresboom

    Hello! This is 20 20

  8. JD L

    Love it. I always have.

  9. Brad Aquea

    This video was made by David Lynch

  10. Deja Blue 82

    A great tribute to Karen. Amazing song, amazing band... You aren't ever going anywhere.

  11. Eyal Ronen

    one of my favorite song ever. ever.

  12. fuck bastard need suicide

    This good avant garde
    Getting smaller everyday, anorexia so fuckin make me scare

  13. 555

    ive always just listened to the guitar symphnny and rhythm of that song. Never realised the literal reality of the lyrics until reading the comments section. Brilliant. Seen the Youth plenty of times. Shame they're no more, a great live experience

  14. celia ayneto

    and it was !

  15. Luis

    Uffff temazo! La letra oscura, el video me encanta, amo esta canción ❤️
    Un homenaje grandioso a Karen Carpenter.

  16. Jacob Easton

    I miss first discovering this ;/ best days of my life.

  17. Thomas Sweet

    The band's not half bad

  18. Graham Dyson

    Just listen. Music does not get any better than this.

  19. btbrookie

    Don't be sad, the band's not half bad

  20. just another YouTube channel

    So what's the back story of this song? I know it's for Karen carpenter, but I've never heard of her before.. Can anyone help me out please?

  21. Craig Currie

    Karen Carpenter?

  22. Tony Bones

    From this video we see that they didn't take themselves too seriously, while they were reinventing rock music.

  23. Antonio Stella Bottom Tile

    Anyone think this sounds like Age of Empires

  24. Stephen Bradley

    Art makes all the good and all the crap acceptable.You can apply it to everything.Art is everywhere and all seeing....
    It may help you reach the sun.

  25. papas papalous

    Ohhh yes. That's the drug song!

  26. Barry O'Sullivan

    I don't know why but for some reason this song reminds me of Princess Diana

  27. Nina Morrow

    "Little girl's got the blues".

  28. Diogo Pinto

    This gives me LSD flashbacks ..

  29. Valennn

    What is YouTube recommending these days?

  30. Nicholas Fanzo

    Now I'm scared.

  31. Rye Baldy

    And this where Scion car got its name.

  32. dustinzk

    to me this is by far their best song - still gives me this chills

  33. Aph

    this song makes me fly

  34. Kira

    Now i want to listen to schizophrenia

  35. Valéry Morin


  36. Samuel blinne


  37. Bome Yo

    Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

  38. Win Cup

    "REAL ROCK ERA" 90s.

  39. Di'art Zamora

    This song deserves be a rock hymn on the tops

  40. Alexander Papkok

    Boy I miss the grunge aesthetic & sound & ideas, but at the same time it was a little bit like joining a cult... especially with the whole poser/fake thing... but so funny though how the people who were going around accusing everybody else of being posers and fakes turned out to actually be the posers and fakes :D

  41. Kevin Lake

    The most haunting song I’ve ever heard.

  42. Axel Bergström

    Love this band but some of their music videos hasn't aged super well

  43. Adrian Ortiz

    Dirección: enrique segoviano

  44. sunx prasak

    Who is Dennis

    Ivan Prgomet Selak

    D.Boon maybe

  45. Rodrigo Lobo


  46. Jonathan Vogel

    a negative eulogy .. the truth .

  47. janko ciric

    God give mi a gun to shoot my self

  48. Tristam Price

    You said honey, you look so underfed.  That's one of only two songs that ever made me cry.  The other is Motorhead 1916.  52yo male here.

  49. Twellvuisiss Maximus Jabbatthumarumagumma

    So glad I didn't smoke before watching this!

  50. Michael J

    Sonic should name a hamburger combo after these guys. "I'll have a Gordon Bleu Burger, Moore Fries with a Sonic Shake".

  51. Michael J

    I saw these kids at the Latin Quarter in Detroit, 1990. Iggy Pop played the Fox Theater that same night. They were loud and fuzzy. Very loud.

  52. Heather Mooney

    I love Karen Carpenter & I love Kim Gordon & Sonic Youth.

  53. Oivalf Music

    This song is heavy. Lyrically and emotionally

  54. sexobscura

    *the bit where they're all around her as she sleeps reminded me of that lewis and the news clip where they all sing around the girls bed*

  55. Jesse Rondinelli

    I was 5 at the time this was on mtv, so fuck my life, yeah.


    Great Tune

  57. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Seriously, Karen was an under-appreciated instrumentalist (drummer), singer and songwriter -- her music may have been too mainstream "poppy" for heavier rock fans, but there was a depth to her lyrics that most pop songs of her times didn't dare have.

  58. Kris Frederick

    PLEASE, can someone find the name of the song with Kim repeating "Don't look at me" in the background over and over. I've searched every lyric I remember of it and NOTHING. Ghost song.

  59. indie 00

    No Wave


    just listened to this for the first time, after hearing it mentioned in a documentary. I can`t say anymore about it, because I need to stop my ear`s bleeding, so off to A&E!!!

  61. Igor Prpić

    lp goo 1990

  62. Cosmic Heretic

    A powerful tribute if there ever was one. Sad and haunting but liberating as it gives Karen a voice she was denied while living.

  63. Joey Wall


  64. Jacob Easton

    No girl in the ever world could match this.

  65. Rafik

    Karen give the kids back please I miss them they're my kids too

  66. sexobscura

    this *IS* the song where the bridge was supposed to have them singing a Carpenters song but of course Mr. Richard did the old *'copyright infringement' rubbish* like he did to poor old *Todd Hayes with his 'Superstar' flick*

  67. 99nessuno99

    As much as the sonic youth songs are beatiful their videos are horrible and stupid, some of the worst i ve ever seen..

  68. Eric Gates

    Who else had this pirated on their walkman with Slayer on the other side? Just me? OK then.

  69. Alain Becerra

    shit soo good

  70. Martin Wagner

    shit... loooong ago... me, my board, my favourite half pipe and sonic youth..... best times in youth! ;)

  71. anonymous_alien

    Whenever i hear this song it just hurts my soul :'(

  72. Jared Chapman

    Why are they not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  73. Hernánrestauracarros Martínez

    lo mas 10 10 10 10 10

  74. Reptile Toe Joe

    This song is the only song that makes me cry. Rest in peace Karen, wherever you are I hope you're happy and we all love you. ❤️

    Reptile Toe Joe

    P.s, thank you Kim for coming up with these lyrics and letting people hear her story.

  75. Sebastian Caterva

    Increible cancion y escalofriante video. Solo Sonic Youth puede hacer estas obras de arte. Thank you,Sonic Youth!! Rip Karen

  76. Laurence

    Blonds and blue eyes have more fun but really mid remembered the next day


    None can choose probably why they call it Red

  77. GrungyAssCinema

    Nothing makes me cry, but this song does it easily.

  78. Major Tom

    So much SY

  79. Yojimboism

    Such a badass song

  80. Xaviermatot Xaviermatot

    Ce disque sent la dope ; Autant que le premier Velvet. Certains sons changent votre ADN ...

  81. Indigobush

    Kim Gordon is so ugly she has horse-face

  82. Ayrton Hollingsworth

    this scares the hell out of me

  83. Rebby L

    I'm learning this song on guitar and it's so weird to play lmao the tuning is fucked

    Out Of Oblivion Productions

    What is the tuning?

    Rebby L

    @Out Of Oblivion Productions GGDDGG (tuned up not down)

    Out Of Oblivion Productions

    @Rebby L Thanks. They liked that GD combo. Great start this song, when the drums kick in.

    Rebby L

    @Out Of Oblivion Productions I'm playing it for a cover band I'm in and I love it it has so much energy but it actually pretty easy to play.

    Out Of Oblivion Productions

    @Rebby L awesome not your usual covers band :) Keep the Indie flame burning. I saw SY twice. Now I love Stereolab.

  84. lethrneck4

    SYs greatest era was Sister, Daydream nation, Goo, and Dirty...

  85. danielle hodge

    I love how I had a food commercial before this song😅

  86. Major Tom

    Sonic youth

  87. Giuseppe Saviano

    Excellent !!!!!!!

  88. bfinkk

    Brillant song that would deserve a better video

  89. Doug Brandmill

    This is one of my favorite songs by sonic youth. Kim is such a badass

  90. SlyStonedTuna

    Total Budget For Music Video. $37 plus Video Cassette CamCorder Rental

  91. Frank Rizzo

    Heroin muzic

    Michael Mole

    :( hard grappling this shit

  92. Norberto Velazquez

    Que temazo!!👏👏

  93. Vasco Apolonio

    This Free Soul are so lovable... I wish i could have loved her.

    hot dog water

    i wish she could have loved her

  94. MsNooneinparticular

    Terrifying but accurate! Wonder what ol' Richard thought of this?!

  95. Si Murphy

    Its nice to know that a band can break when they hit their 40's.