Sonic Youth - Shadow Of A Doubt Lyrics

Met a stranger on a train
He bumped right into me
I swear I didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't meant to be
Must a been a dream
From a thousand years ago
I swear I didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't meant to be
From the bottom of my heart
He was looking all over me
Together everafter
He said
"You take me & I'll be you"
"You kill him & I'll kill her"
Kiss me
I swear it wasn't meant to be
I swear I didn't mean it
Kiss me
Kiss me in the shadow of
Kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
Kiss me
Kiss me in the shadow
Kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
It's just a dream
It's just a dream I had
Swear it's just a dream
Just a dream
Dream I've had
Take me to it
Take me to her
Maybe it's just a dream
It's a dream
It's just a
Just a

Met a stranger on a train
Bumped right into me
Swear I didn't mean it
Swear it wasn't meant to be
Must've been a dream
From a thousand years ago
Kiss me
Kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
Kiss me

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Sonic Youth Shadow Of A Doubt Comments
  1. fred linne

    can u say underrated?

  2. Joey Khoper

    I do a lot of drugs and i hate it

  3. Francesca De Logu

    I've seen them live twice in Italy.. I was 20 back then. Still one of my favourite bands of all time.

  4. SemiconductorWave

    Always loved the track and the video. Transports me back to 2003. My kids love it too. Gotta say though should have been upscaled to 1440 * 960 before uploading to get more YouTube bitrate per square unit of screen reel-estate.

  5. celia ayneto

    ever great...

  6. 20likeme

    I am not loyal, I am not loyal

  7. Marcos Britto

    Thats nice. The other link was getting moldy

  8. Shoe Monster

    blessed to see this

  9. vale KRRNZ

    I love Kim so much. This is so beautiful it hurts.

  10. Cassette Cathedral

    This song was influenced from an old 1951 film called “Strangers on a Train”...

  11. Agosto Cobain

    So happy to say i saw em live, and got hang with them another time too coolest people I ever met

  12. sexobscura

    *Is Kim 'tagging' that train...*

  13. Jerbo 1

    One of the best albums of the era.

  14. Julio Mateo

    Como eu queria voces de volta.😑

  15. tbeat03

    Please, more 80s Sonic Youth videos on official release + Screaming Fields of Sonic Love!!!

  16. Максим Буторин

    Да вы чё, гоните, трек агонь


    this song still gives me the chills

  18. Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie]

    1:45 OP

  19. Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie]

    te extrañaba, Sonic Youth

  20. Vinyl Diary666

    Kim voice makes me feel desires...such a badass girl, love her!

  21. Dani Camel

    lindo d+

  22. Viviane Guimarães



    this video of light is like seeing the sun for the first time in months, feeling all its warmth and glory

  24. Jack Th

    Sonic Youth <3

  25. I KD

    Love this song! So great!

  26. Robert Alan Bryan

    THE VIDEO THAT HOOKED ME ON SONIC YOUTH................. I saw this on some cable program and fell in love. (with KIM and the band)

  27. anom

    EVOL is so fucking good every song

  28. A humble request

    Omg Sonic Youth is back

  29. Alejandro Vega

    Inspiradores de todo lo que vino luego de ellos.masters

  30. jonanjello

    Neat video. Haven't seen it in decades. Thanks for uploading it, Sonic Youth channel!

  31. panNik1979

    The first time I saw Sonic Youth in 1998 they played this in their encore...special memories

  32. fkore kore

    Check out the album "Spinhead Sessions", fully instrumental recordings from this Evol era, much in the mood and dreamy atmosphere of this song, harmonics, reverb drums, slow tempos. Very different to Made in the USA ost, longer and more solid tracks. This period is one of their peaks. Vinyl sounds amazing.

  33. Yipeekiyay Motherfuqa

    saw this video for the first time in 98 while tripping on acid

  34. Yipeekiyay Motherfuqa

    charles manson approves

  35. Zen


  36. Konghulio

    Lil Peep sampling this was insane.


    Wich song?

    a w

    tiny poop

  37. Fred Stuben

    Directed by the legendary Kevin Kerslake!

  38. Mike Silva

    It's just so incredible listening to this again after so many years- EVOL was both dreamy,radical and way off the grid with what was expected for US guitar bands from the mid-late 80's ...there was no template so it all sounded new not contrived in any way. And it still sounds new .

  39. Mike Silva

    It's just so incredible listening to this again after so many years- EVOL was both dreamy,radical and way off the grid with what was expected for US guitar bands from the mid-late 80's ...there was no template so it all sounded new not contrived in any way. And it still sounds new .

  40. m t

    Psychic hearts go out to all you.

  41. Luksab10

    Please "restore" the band

  42. Space Alien Jesus

    Oh, how I would love them back together..

  43. Артём Назаров

    Evol is the best Sonic Youth album

    Micha De Wandeler

    daydream nation fam


    I 100% agree.

  44. Артём Назаров

    My favourite Sonic Youth's song. Thank you! Love it.

  45. ursaminorjim

    This video (and song) is what turned me into a Sonic Youth fan. First saw it in a common room of an Ohio University dorm, spring of 1987 (back when MTV showed videos!). Blew me away. Bought "EVOL" and "Bad Moon Rising" at School Kids Records the following day.

    Ivan Rorick

    Hey, I'm from Athens (actually The Plains - remember that village, about 5 miles away?). Born in '79, went to OU for a year and then transferred to OSU. Sonic Youth fan too. I enjoyed your comment, especially the School Kids reference.


    ursaminorjim Did you buy Sister later that year?


    @disappearer I most certainly did! This time at Eide's Comix in my hometown of Pittsburgh, P.A.

    Still have it! Avedon/Disneyland cover and all!

    Frances O'Darcy

    I'm suprised MTV showed this video since Sonic Youth was mostly underground in the 80s. Then again they probably showed it late at night or something. Wait a second....that sounds nice actually.

  46. PrankZabba

    love this song

  47. J Luq

    Who the hell dislikes this

    Daman Lidison

    A tasteless moron!
    And there's no shadow of a doubt about it!

  48. is bd aware of being bd

    kiss me

  49. Soulfuc

    Best video for runaways!

  50. Squire Muldoon

    Everyday i wish all this was really just a bad dream.


    @Angel you're just doubting your shadows

  51. sonicleaves

    Sonic Love radiating leaves of happiness from the heart. <3 <3 <3 I love Sonic Youth forever!

  52. Olivier Dubé

    Sonic Youth occupe une place très importante pour moi!! Surtout cette chanson

  53. Y-aivett anguita

    this makes me feel like when i was 17

  54. arturleaorf

    I’m freaking out. I love this song, and now there’s a high quality video of it! I’m so happy

  55. Nana Nico

    Yes thank you

  56. Rota Carnivora

    Love this song. Tears in the shadows. Miss u Sonic Youth

  57. Tom Koselig

    I'm watching this on psychedelics and it feels so good

  58. Salaï Léonard

    J'en reviens pas que Kim Gordon soit née en 1953. Dire que j'ai toujours voulu qu'elle soit en couple avec Kurt Cobain - ils auraient été si parfaits ensemble.

  59. Primitive In The Extreme

    ...beautiful song from a beautiful album.

  60. Rade #

    Sonic always youth☝

    Otto Hodkin

    Rade # it’s always fun to scream

  61. mutetouretteshimself

    what's "restored" please?

  62. iSK

    So cool video

  63. Anita Annunziata


  64. Raphaël Marois-Ortega

    Man.. i just wish i was alive earlier to see them in a show before they split. It's one of my favourite band but i'm sure it was a great experience to see all of them playing together.

    Noah L

    Saw them open for Pearl Jam to this day never seen/heard anything like it. They had a screen behind them just showed people walking the entire set.

    Claudio Puglia

    I saw them twice. They were Amazing. Also, I was young

    Aaron Jennings

    @sonicleaves saw them in 98 and 2006, both shows were the shit. The first was the classic SY 4 piece, and in 06 it was with Mark Ibold from Pavement on bass and some gtr stuff. Totally mind blowing both times.

    Full Moon Society

    They came to my country in 2011 or something, I missed it and I regret it everyday...

    Arcangelo Lonoce

    It really was. I saw them for the first time in 1992 and I think I must have seen them about 20 times after that in all sort of scenarios and environments. Never anything less than magical, inspiring, devastatingly wonderful, even when not at their best. The last time I saw them was at NYE in London in 2011, with Shellac. They came on stage at midnight and started with Brother James. I was incinerated within 30 seconds.


    Обожаю Соник Молодёжь, слушаю с 10 лет их, благодаря им и Нирване я полюбил музыку

  66. Erik

    wow, i have the original pressing of this album from sst. top tier music.

  67. Rzucam Glanem W Losowe Przedmioty

    it make me feel depressed af

  68. Julian Potter Music

    Plasteredon vodka listening to sonicyouth does it get any bettter?

  69. Валентин Дубовицкий

    Thanks from Russia. We love Sonic Youth ever!

    Константин Власов


  70. tmw 554

    Love this song. May 86!

  71. Custodio Rodrigues

    🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  72. Emily

    I’m happy you guys or whoever runs this continues to upload. I’ve listened to basically everything you guys have gone on to do but haven’t had the pleasure of see a lot of the videos since I was too busy being a egg in my madre in your prime, haha. You guys influenced a lot of my music taste and writing. I bought Washing Machine at a thrift when I was 13. Bought it to put the album art on my wall but it ended up being one of my favorite albums till this day at 22. You guys turned me into the raging hipster turd that I am today and I love and hate you for it!

  73. GuNZfRee1

    I remember hearing this for the first time in my uni during break, time just stopped and i fell in love immediately with the song.

  74. Samuel Soares

    🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 Sonic Youth 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  75. Saphira

    So, so pretty.

  76. Billordo


  77. Marina King

    Amazing ❤️

  78. ABrookeByTheTree

    My heart just exploded inside my chest, raining millions of sparks into feelings; the same way it does when I see his face, and feel our connection is still strong.
    Love the restoration! <3

  79. Samuel blinne


  80. VinWizzy

    One of their best songs. Top 5 favorite for me.

  81. Jacob Stinnett

    Their videos are my favorite.
    This is one of my favorite songs!

  82. Vinícius Cond

    Sonic Youth é lindo, essa banda mudou minha forma de ouvir música


    Y la de muchos!

  83. Emmo Hernández

    This is one of the songs that first got me into SY. And I still love it as much as I did back then <3

  84. Alfredo Garces

    taaa ien zi

  85. Verses Records

    Awesome. Just gave my old vinyl copy of this a spin the other night. Esoterically good.

  86. Julián Del Gobbo

    That image filter is so sick

  87. lenonel

    Heck yea

  88. Paulão Rogerio Santos e Silva

    Sou viciado em Sonic youth... E este foi o primeiro clip que conheci deles!! Pirei...

  89. Maykell Scandiussi Duete

    Te amo Kim