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Mildred Pierce


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Sonic Youth Mildred Pierce Comments
  1. nightschool

    this song is the equivalent of feeling like a success thirty stories above the ground in your corporate office when everybody's left and the windows show a surreal downtown night but coming home to forget how the fuck it matters what you do

  2. Lemon Pay

    00:00 - 01:36 dancing barefoot on my hall

    00:37 ... stepping on Lego

  3. Raul Mendoza

    Porqueria de sonido estupida malogrado y dañado contenido de audio nisiquiera es musica sino basura

    Javi Savić

    Callate regaytonero, el regayton y el trap urbano no son nada, comparados a esta joyita, aprende a respetar la música de verdad

  4. 1990

    on december 31st 2019 i'm gonna play mildred pierce at 11:58:27 so when it hits 12:00 it transitions from the clean part to the screaming part

  5. Jonathan Manson

    The first 10 seconds remind me Devo's mongoloid

  6. Dr.Sonny

    What did he mean by this ?

  7. Svetlin Kirilov

    Sonic Youth for ever!

  8. StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    Overrated. The original hipster twats



    StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    @rob You sound like the typical SY fan... brain damaged


    i bet you're a sixties pop rock fan who's in denial that music times have changed and that noise is an actual genre of music

    StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    @1990 Nope I grew up in NYC listening to Pavement, Husker Du, Jesus Lizard, Sebadoh, Rapeman, Grifters, Mudhoney, etc etc etc.... & love all kinds of music from 50's to 2000's... but the fact is Sonic Youth is overrated and were not great songwriters.

  9. Lgcars


  10. Gilson Severo

    Poow do caralho!
    Descobrindo essa pérola em 2019🎸😎🤘

  11. gustavo machado


  12. Son Gülün Efendisi

    Why do you scream at me?

  13. Boiar Muzhik

    Thank you Sonic Youth for this visceral goodness...tasty!

  14. CJ Meiko

    Watches video

    Goes to Wikipedia afterwards
    to see if her life matches end of the video

  15. Jay Dee

    Awesome . Nostalgia ;)

  16. Evil Koala

    Yep that's it.
    This is the nail in the coffin. This band is just pompous hipster trash

  17. Sleepy Ghost

    Hey edgy 13yros

  18. p857rr7f7ug 5dd56fc


  19. Mr Grey

    Anyone know who is that sexy brunette dancing at 00:15?

  20. yheikirius cyka

    Porque Youtube me recomendó esto? Ni idea vieja, pero está buenardo

  21. Jaime Panda

    Youtube like this:
    2009: no
    2010: no
    2011: no
    2012: no..

    2019: Lets Go Broo!

  22. BadBoy T

    My friend passed me the aux and said to only play good music

  23. Jaime Montaña

    Does someone have the lyrics to this?

  24. Samantha Mellfild

    Anyone said about Joy Division?

  25. forehead bruh moment

    This song feels like a scary laundry room

  26. Harry Burrows

    Me by the song: What a cool intro
    Me by the Intro: What a cool end

  27. Başak Ünlü

    What the f-

  28. VoGiWasHere

    nice lyrics m9

  29. thanapat 65


  30. Peter Sutherland

    So fucken grunge... Like... GRUNGE

  31. Mo Tee

    Yeah right. Sick.

  32. Wayward Son

    I forgot how shitty 90s videos were

  33. Soul Slasher

    at least all grunge bands have one song that is related to Endless Nameless

  34. Justin

    And people say Sonic Youth sold out with Goo. Nah they just came up with actually memorable riffs this time.

  35. marat akhmed


  36. Rektaro

    666 dislikes👺

  37. Marco xd

    No se pero me recordó mucho a Joy división al comienzo y al final a silencer

  38. 4匹の気まぐれキャットアングラー

    Love that bass sound

  39. Lorinda Sanchez

    Love you mum

  40. RincokPlay

    that's the worst song I've ever heard


    Okay Rinkokplay

  41. 例のあの人


  42. Leo Castillo


  43. Sammy Boi

    was listening too this album high and had a good time until this track

  44. 사익호

    sonic old

  45. just another YouTube channel

    Not gonna lie, the ending is disappointing because this could have been a phenomenonal song, but it's so fucking funny at the same time that it makes it kinda worth it.

  46. just another YouTube channel


  47. Windu Sy

    Sucks song

  48. M̺͆E̺͆T̺͆A̺͆L̺͆E̺͆I̺͆R̺͆O̺͆

    Pelo jeito a deep web tb produz musicas

  49. Crazy Uncle Hank

    Mildred pierce amiright


    My gf name is Mildred lol

  51. James H

    Sonic youth are fuckin sick!!

  52. Lovan Berényi


  53. Lovan Berényi


  54. Piero Yataco

    Fueron los 2 min más tontos que he perdido de mi vida

  55. monsieur boeuf de tête

    02:05 my sentiment exactly!! o.O

  56. Curtis Newton

    jeee that band sucks

  57. Khalid Wiratama

    whatever, nevermind that's still art👍

  58. y el juan!

    Que grito! 1:36

  59. Rob Crane

    sonic youth has the best videos and this one has Richard Kern written all over it i swear.

  60. Sava Bil

    Шо цэ було?!?))

  61. Jack Napier

    They recommend it to me after 8 years lol

    Henry Sylvester

    The song came out in 1990

  62. Angelo Santaniello

    I think I love Sofia Coppola

  63. Daniela Soto

    q rolota

  64. Rocket Power

    Terrible copy of Joy Division.

  65. John Lau

    ok, ich nehms mit, wir machen druck

  66. weezaaz somwin


  67. Luis Alberto Nava Altamirano

    Bandotaaaa!!!! Saludos desde Tepic Nayarit México my Friends!!!

  68. Atio Stefony

    L.a blues

  69. lfd jg in hf

    That nice

  70. groundzero857

    I ... I think I love this

  71. MadMan731

    Like a punch to the face...

  72. Can Kuyumcu


  73. Steven Mora

    Why is this on my recommendation list lmao

  74. Shoe Monster

    man that girl is pretty

  75. 秘密結社naisho


  76. Alastis Alastis


  77. jmpmo03

    That chick in the makeup looks like Sofia Coppola

  78. Michael Miller

    Drive on= ain't shook

  79. Carlovesfam

    Las Vegas in the background video 🤟🏼

  80. Liliane Beeckman

    Impress yourself ....

  81. Tom Turesson

    1:25 Is that Amy Winehouse?

  82. Juanito El Oso

    Mildred Pierce

  83. Noobye

    Mix need it anyway shit

  84. Mostafa Hanafy

    at the first the song was pretty then shit till end

  85. Corby Dinsburger

    Damn that bass tone and the snare are killer.

  86. Kira

    *mildred pierce*

  87. Gellead costa

    Porra do clipe bom

  88. usuario3 mrrobot

    Best ending ever :v

  89. amara

    wasn’t this song originally called blow job?

  90. Martin Jordison

    This video and song screams 90's..

  91. Tommi Bauga Hilfiga

    Lyrics please

  92. CrispTofu

    0:14 whose the chick tho

  93. Shoe Monster

    courtney love would slaughter this vocally

  94. Reiko Furiya