Sonic Youth - Mary Christ Lyrics

[Thurston / Kim]
Talking to a punker priest
Just dogging the breeze
About beein in a tree / he says it's free now!
Along comes Mary Christ
Skating light on ice
And says, 'let's go on high' / later, priestoid!
You gotta go - God I got a date now
Yeh I know - shall not be late now

Possessed by x-ray eyes
Her spirit spy's
Into my lies / let's burn 'em out now!
Wraps my head in skin
Says now I'm in
Dig the candy skin / yeh spit it out now!
Everytime - she sings that low song
Everytime - I know I'm right, wrong

Angel in a devil skirt
Buys me a shirt
Says I hope you like / uh, like what now!?
Hope I hope you like
Like you like yr hope
With the tightest rope / I see, I know now!
Here we go - I've been waitin so long
Yeh I know - for Mary to come along

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Sonic Youth Mary Christ Comments
  1. Not Kurt Cobain

    Sonic Youth deserves more fans

  2. Zachary Smith

    Psicho show

  3. John Lau

    wir liegen 79 meter unter wasser und warten, nicht traurig sein, wir sind besser geworden. etwas.

  4. Yosua F. Rosas

    excelente cancion =)

  5. GravityBoy72

    Sounds like The Damned.

  6. Yosua F. Rosas

    una de las mejores canciones de sonic youth =)

  7. Yosua F. Rosas

    Para una de las mejores anciones de soni youth =)

  8. startervisions

    Dont overlook Lee's rhythm guitar. thats the sauce

  9. HAWHAW really

    love how their music is so liquid flowing so smooth through the air as my ears drink it up refreshing the soul

  10. Yashasvi

    What is this song about?

    Shawarma Boy

    Yashasvi Whatever you want

  11. Havalina Chiel

    whoa, donmatter - one of the few sonic youtf songs that sounds damn funny to me . sumpin wrong going on . until ,then , no ...

  12. Havalina Chiel

    old vhs , maybe

  13. Johan Liebert

    Can anyone recommend other sonic youth songs.I've gotten past some of the more popular songs.


    the last one is actually one of their worst.

    Jay G

    Listen to the material they released before Goo and Dirty and you've got yourself a treat.
    Also, Washing Machine is a good album.


    First and second álbum 🔥🔥✔✔

    Johan Liebert

    Thanks guys

    Slight Difference

    D A Y D R E A M N A T I O N

  14. Victor Nepomuceno

    This music sounds like blister in the sun


    When i'm a-walking, i strut my stuff and I'm so strung out.

  15. Valeriaowo

    I love Thurston

  16. Valeriaowo

    I love Thurston

  17. ND K



    Yeah it looks a little bit Brakhage-ish

  18. tarasded


  19. Flavor Bud Living

    This song is pure Black Flag.

    Charles Williams

    @Flavor Bud Living black flag, misfits and cromags in between, then sonic..


    now that you said it really kind sounds like BF.

    Nicholas Fanzo

    Drinkin black coffee

  20. Cosmic Dream Girl

    Does anyone know how you'd edit footage to make it look like this ? :)

    Pedro Kupersmit

    +Georgina Castle yes! effects, and shots like that (inks, burn things, acelerated movement, etc)

    Music changes just enjoy it

    Pedro Kupersmit I’m very late but thanks for answering

  21. KiLLeRHAnDs

    Fuck yeah havent heard this in years

  22. Todd Lawrence

    My favorite song !

  23. Levyfolamour

    Dans ton !

  24. feleepe92

    The song that got me hooked on Sonic Youth

  25. Countess Boochie Flagrante

    I will name my first born child after this song, regardless of gender.

    Frank Scorpio

    Giving your child the second name "Mary", regardless of gender, was quite common in Ireland until recently. I've twin male cousins in their 50's with that as their second name.
    It's a Catholic thing.

  26. Matheus Santos

    melhor banda do muno

  27. Ryan Carse

    So which band's are you talking about?

  28. Vegeta

    what are you guys talking about? this song sucks

  29. Henshinagogobabyy

    You do realize that Sonic Youth formed in 1981 and this song was released on the album Goo which came out in 1990.

  30. Ramiro Alcantara


  31. Flamestar1989

    its so annoying when bands try to be exactly like ones from decades ago. Its okay to take inspiration from older bands but so many are just a copy upon a copy. You can get mad at me for saying this but my opinion is just as valid.

    Jackson Geary

    u mean bands now or Sonic Youth? They took some inspiration from a few older underground bands but im pretty sure they invented their own sound.


    This band was innovative, bringing noise to the masses. No one was as influential since the Velvet Underground. Thurston is a multi talented artist. Who are you?

  32. Kurt Cobain Aberdeen


  33. Adam Bredlau

    This song kicks serious Ass

  34. SilentComplexity

    ...they just don't make music videos like they used to. This brings back memories. Back when there was an array of music and creativity. Bands like these always leave a mark on generations.

  35. rensq

    Sure i didn't realize there were videos for these songs... Noice! :-)

  36. Uilson R

    Now we have six.

  37. Mariví

    Only 5 comments? This is ridiculous.

  38. Knot Miller

    this deserve more views...

  39. ZRN959

    Kim 1:58!