Sonic Youth - Hits Of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) Lyrics

Today I
Said goodbye
To my conflicted goddess
Her lush eyes
Show surprise
At how we could gather knowledge
The painting has a dream
Where shadow breaks the scene
And the colors run off
Blue is bashful
Green is my goal
Yellow girls are running backwards
Until the nextime
With six hits of sunshine
The lights will blind up with blues in haiku
The shadow has a dream
Where painters look to sea
The colors burn out
Now I know where
I once saw you
Stepping into muddy water
John's reflection
Decried perfection
Now you walk him through the gardren
Waiting in the wings
Painters shade their dreams
With falling colors
See me wave good
Bye forever
Happiness the goddess lover
Hurry back re
Member last time
The hits of sunshine
The hits of goldmine
I'll see you back tonite
Where painters love the light
And yellow shadow girls
Today I
Say goodbye
To my complicious goddess
Her hushed eyes
Show surprise
And how we captured knowledge
I'll see you back tonite
Where shadows dream of light
Let's slip on outside

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Sonic Youth Hits Of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) Comments
  1. Solzhenitche

    Very Velvet Underground

  2. lylajean100

    He sounds like Jandek on this

  3. Cheap Thrilll

    Headphones only.

  4. ivan montes


    Sancho Ben

    Like the saggy boobs of youre mom


    @Sancho Ben t'es même cancer avec les anglais ahha tu fait que ça de ta vie

    Sancho Ben

    @Kyions you don't have the education to express yourself here, please stay at youre place

    Thomas Chopin

    @Sancho Ben Your daronne this old heifer completely slammed with her pussy distended by the old gentlemen who buy her virtue for a loaf of bread. Ok.

  5. Noah Burnette

    My favorite sonic youth song

  6. Bigfoot

    I have always been a fan of music that takes you on a journey. The way the guitar turns in on itself, the bass and drums whispering in the is like walking through an old growth forest with the sunlight breaking in through the canopy every now and then.

  7. 전문가손을 넣는

    super tight!

  8. thebrokenclaim


  9. guimeplaying

    SY were experts in making the most noisy and craziest sounds and, suddenly, songs that bring us to the quietest place on earth.

  10. Johnaton Perry

    lsd epifany

  11. Donnie Stephens

    I love this one and Unmade Bed. yall should check out the live version of Neil Youngs "Cortez the Killer" you will definitely see how he influenced Sonic Youth. promise you will not me bis disappointed.

  12. Benny Ngoru

    everyone on the planet needs to listen to this amazing piece of art...

  13. goffsonflwrs

    Thanks God i wasn't born deaf

  14. Connie Morgan

    Mike Lynch!

  15. christian achmueller

    Pure Genious... this is GOLD !!!!

  16. Meo Preso

    today i say goodbye...


    que buena #DOSIS DE #Guitarruidosis :3

  18. futurespells

    infinite love for the beautiful song.