Sonic Youth - Heather Angel Lyrics

Never gonna ya do it
A world below
Heather angel you are somewhere
On the show
Don't you think you would find
Where to go
I want to go dancing on the other side
I want to buy a phonograph
But the money's gone
He bought books and records
I don't care about that
I just want to be alive
And go to the other...
I don't want money or books
Have to decide
And you were shot in the name of it
And then you'd see yeh, yeh
Then you'd see
The relationship
And walking I see you in the clouds
And I fall for
I would fall for you
I would...
Goodbye, bye
And that is all

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Sonic Youth Heather Angel Comments
  1. Glenn Shuman

    Alice in Wonderland animated + A Thousand Leaves.

  2. maurice o

    I know these comments are getting tired but imagine being the one person who disliked this...

  3. Soulfuc

    this album and "is this desire?" are my favourite 98s tune
    oh i forgotten the marvelous "mezzanine"!

  4. kevin melody

    Love Kim. And SY.

  5. PeterVerduyn

    Saw Godard's Pierrot le Fou last night and suddenly recognized lines from this top tune - great! By the way, what an album.... :O

  6. Nikolas Linardos

    3.30 and then
    my favourite 98 tune
    keep it real

  7. altergato

    this song kind of represents what i feel about this band... IT'S SO AMAZIIIING

    kevin melody

    I'm 60. One of my top 3 bands of AII time.

  8. andxxxx

    @PullingTeeth1 Hey man, I really appreciate this, thank you so much !!!!!!!