Sonic Youth - Chapel Hill Lyrics

A-back in the days when the battles raged, and we thought it was nothing
A bookstore man meets the CIA, and we know
Throw me a cord and plug it in, get the cradle rocking
Ah, out with the redneck pig old men, and it's go

The hair in the hole in my head
Too bad the scene is dead
Memories in the shadow
Back in time again

Ah, I can't forget your terrorized face, when you cried for the shameless
Wasted life Ameri-K-K-Kan, and you smile
So why should we run when we cannot hide, and my flag is burning?
We could be wrong but that's allright, we'll rise again

The hair in the hole in my head
Too bad the scene is dead
Memories in the shadow
It's back in town again

Lookin' away it's another day, and of course we love you
Radical man is the CIA, and we say no
We'll round up the Durham H.C. kids, and the Char Grill Killers
Jesse H. come into our pit, all ages show

The hair in the hole in my head
Too bad the scene is dead
Memories in the shadow
It's back in time again

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Sonic Youth Chapel Hill Comments
  1. P Val

    Black here. C. White male 5'10. Male is harassing Yankee woman.

  2. Mike Williams

    The guitar solo at 3:45 is timeless.

  3. Postmortem Ritual

    Sonic Youth's albums ages very well. This particular one, made into such strong decade as the 90s and with Butch Vig behind the mixing desk finally managed to doesnt fall into the 90s niche as albums of other bands. Yes, guitars have strong body and mid frecuencies presence as the general sounding of that years but still its not 90s. Sounds absolutely timeless, vivid and fresh as the first listening. Props to Sonic Youth for keep Butch Vig restrained enough to not "90cide" (lol) an epic, inmense album as Dirty.


    The alternate tunings help with the guitar sound

    David Hatton

    fucking tune

  4. beepst

    I love how the intro is so optimistic.

    Postmortem Ritual

    yes, specially coming after a very dense and obscure track as "On the Strip". Dirty achieved one of the most flawless and perfectly timed tracklist of all times.!

  5. Wim Cossement

    Some info about the meaning of the song:

  6. Jon Moss

    Too bad the scene is DEAD

    a w

    what scene?

  7. Piero Graziani

    Probabilmente il più grande gruppo di alternative rock al mondo, il grunge non esiste, esiste solo una ridicola terminologia di esso...

  8. Alexandre Canitano

    So many great songs with SY but that's definitely one of their very best release.

  9. SuicideKid1979

    Beautiful and timeless! ✊ 🎶 🖤

  10. Justin Donaghho

    my dopest.

  11. Edu Alves

    This is my life!

  12. Hexis

    A huge part of my heart will always belong to this band

  13. Michael Baratto

    Just love it - forever !

  14. Charles Lee Ray

    Fuck chapel hill. Duke!

    Eric Pirillo

    Lol but the book store was in chapel hill, why its called that I think

  15. Seba Acatervado

    Wasted life america ca can.....Genius

    Ripped Torn

    Ameri K K Kan . Utter genius.

  16. Jeffery Pitt

    My childhood oh the memories

  17. Jay Ham

    Cat's Cradle

  18. Buck Chinaski

    4931 Aufrufe?

  19. MrAnybody

    I love this track. Essential SY

    Eric Genest

    i love this track too.

    Julien Ezanno

    Way better than that.