Sol - Lost At Sea Lyrics

Wake up in the morning, feeling fresh
Thankful for the pretty girl laying to my left
Maybe roll some, maybe make some breakfast
Like the ocean crash on my bed set
Banging on the walls bang-banging on the walls
Like the beat bump, we jump out of our drawers
On that love drug and I'm a junkie fiend
I might never leave Kingston I'm lost at sea

And your my captain
It's all your fault
You got me strapped in
Ready to sink with the boat
You're everything I know

Like a ship in a bottle, you're trapped inside my heart
Each four corners of the earth have explored
Just to discover you moments before I give up
Lost at sea when we're together
Nothing matters, just us and nothing after
Fucking laughter, my life's in it's favorite chapter
Let's take a snapshot to never forget this moment
Met you at the store buying snacks
I was stoning next to mary
Now you moaning
Get to see you every morning
Get to kiss you 'fore I leave
You leave me feeling floaty
That love is potent
Got me swimming in the ocean
Lost, not giving a fuck where I am going
I'm just a castaway
Casted in your way
Let's make a scene
That time that rapper ran away with that Jamaican girl
Moved to Kingston, built a home
To raise his young
Never to sing another song
What if we did it?
Just finished work and then we dipping
Matter fact start to itch in this thing this very second
I'm itching to get you between them linens, listen
You can hear our past in the distance

Not running from the past
But running for the future
I know I'm moving fast
Baby tell me can you keep up?
I don't need to sleep cause
Girl you keep me going
Caught up in the moment
Floating, ocean

Like a ship in a bottle, you're trapped inside my heart
Each four corners of the earth have explored
Just to discover you moments before I give up
Lost at sea when we're together

Last call you better go home with something
Fall hard or you might end up with nothing
It ain't right if you ain't spending the night in
Young love, tongue-tied and cautioned

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Sol Lost At Sea Comments
  1. DallasStaxx

    Nigga was playing raft in real life

  2. Stanley Patterson


  3. MeikcoBirbs Ahoy

    What a lucky kid to be a alive !

  4. MeikcoBirbs Ahoy

    Poor kid 😑😑😑😑

  5. 44 mag luv Remington

    Dam Gilligan

  6. Ma Leen

    Several Boats passed by and ignored him. And I hear "tubig.. tubig" from one of the crews. There goes pinoy there <3

  7. ianzzzzzzzz27

    I can hear Filipinos saying "tubig, tubig" which meant 'get him water'.

  8. Ryan Slocum

    This would be a great story for that show I Shouldn't Be Alive!

  9. Jacc

    Bruh this guy thought he was playing Raft

  10. your not smart

    Raft irl

  11. Hungry Bird


  12. Remsettiz

    Where's Wilson 😂

  13. Chris Sanchez

    That dude is gona get laid tonight

  14. Boba Fett

    Minecraft irl

  15. Kendra Humpreys

    looks like Filipino seamen found him

  16. Gloppin Boopin

    I would’ve been dead after a week bruh goddam

  17. Merkaba Carpet

    Maybe - maybe not... ABC = fake news and hiding human rights crimes against humanity... Ep st. een coverup!

  18. J Ander

    I’m not going back to see after that

  19. Simon Ramos

    BULLSHIT... sea water filtered through shirt??? fires??? totally dumb propaganda...

  20. OG DEE


  21. Hoang Nam

    Real life The Raft survival


    They really had to pull out the fucking life of pi clip. Fuckin dumb as hell man 🤦‍♂️

  23. James Miles

    Never give up

  24. bertzkie 08

    Prang mga pinoy ung crew

  25. Ruddy Bakewell


  26. n00bzgaming

    lol that wave right at the start was everything


    Bet he is white

  28. Alejandro Perez

    Imagine all the people that get lost at sea but never get rescued

  29. christopher sarran


  30. Benson Adee

    My worst fear is getting lost in the ocean

    The ocean in general is scary

  31. Angelo Uaje

    I Heard one crew says " TUBIG TUBIG TUBIG!" proud Pinoy

  32. Questionable Profile Picture.

    I can’t imagine 2 months without wi fi.

  33. That One Guy

    My boy thought he was playing Raft

  34. Paige Baker

    Y’all are not understanding . 49 days! Let that sink deep in to the grooves of your brain. God bless this kid this shall make him resilient

  35. Marealle Caduan

    Feels like the movie Adrift

  36. Mom Vaz

    Smart kid: -
    News crew: floats at sea asked will you go back to that job?

    Morons : Yes

    Him (common sense) - NO Never!

  37. sameer munshi

    i wonder how that wooden fish boat even held that guys balls that are probably stronger than iron I'm pretty sure that wooden fish boat would have sunk if he stayed on it for a few days longer

  38. MantaMarsh

    RAFT: VR

  39. Moonlightvibes

    it must've of been so boring

  40. Destiny Gaming YT

    Real life TOM SAWYER

  41. College Student

    New movie ... 49 DAYS

  42. Tyrus suitipu

    My cousins were lost at seas for 51 days and it’s was really scary knowing that they would never be found but fortunately they found them
    And the whole village were rejoicing

  43. Diomedes Del Rosario

    The crew is filipino, he said tubig, tubig, means water water

  44. Guzun Nicolae

    It reminds me of The Life of Pi movie!

  45. Black

    anyone else saw that guy waving in the beginning?

  46. Ed Scott


  47. Smirk Man

    "i was just trying to save Wilson"

  48. James Hall

    My grandpa explaining his walk to school:

  49. squatting turtle

    He doesn't look like he's been out that long.

  50. Lisa Guerrero

    Then why won’t they let Florida man try to run to Bermuda in a hamster ball?

    wudup fammm


  51. Markted Delos Santos

    One pilipino crew say tubig tubig tubig...
    Or water..

  52. JMaTy

    Life of Pi

  53. Mrck Mrck

    That’s Mihawk

  54. Josh Hernandez

    This is such BULLSHIT, what a gigantic LIE!!! There is absolutely no way in hell he survived that long with no food (fishing? Gimme a break) and no water. And you can't filter salt water from the ocean using just a tshirt, that's complete bullshit. 🙄

  55. DB Doubledoughnut2

    Teen rescued after 100 days at bedroom

  56. AyZer

    This guy was literally playing *Raft* but in *real life*

  57. Christina Housholder

    I hope he survived. What a brave person

  58. CHIBE YT

    1 mouth

  59. That Guy

    He deff needs a movie

  60. Joi Malone

    49 days with no food? I can’t even go 49 minutes..

  61. khan jan

    Allah (god) is saver

  62. BuckandOden

    For thousands of years, people have been trying to figure out how to economically filter sea-water, and it turns out all you need is a t-shirt.

  63. B Moore

    This is the reason why I prefer to stay on dry land.😱😟⚓

  64. 22getta

    I can’t even go 5 hours without food

  65. andrew daley

    You mean strong winds you would use the word blistering in a sentence like this . I was overwhelmed by the blistering heat. Were do they get these news presenters they get paid extremely well and cannot put a sentence together .andy England 🇬🇧

  66. thatoddfoo

    That’s how he gets to school

  67. DJDEmooN B0Ss

    It's raft online VR
    Buts how's the gameplay

  68. choco mint

    I thought the crew here are Filipinos after hearing them saying "tubig, tubig" which means water. Good job!

  69. Carl Pulido

    Mom:dont play video games like RAFT go play outside
    Teen:ok *builds a raft*

  70. Gon Freecss

    plot twist: he was trying out for the hunter exam

  71. Rodny Santiago

    When you play to much ARK: Survival Evolved

    Tony 115

    Rodny Santiago that game gave me ptsd



  72. Louie P

    So it was his third time already???

  73. Borey Chhorn

    Wow 29 days

  74. Clint C.

    This was just a preview for season 3 of Naked and Afraid XXL

  75. Cup & Cone

    This was the *THIRD* time his line broke and he floated out to sea?! Shoulda left his ass out there then.

  76. Addie Cads

    Mga pinoy yan yung sumaklolo

  77. Z. Anime

    Wow that kid is smart 😨🤞!

  78. mark gil tayag

    2:15 tubig tubig.. filipino


    Raft in real life

  80. Jmiah 79 NFK

    Wow that’s insane. Amazing he survived that. It’s sad all those other boats passed him buy. Who sees that at sea and doesn’t think to help

  81. Armel Lacanaria

    I just heard someone speaks in Filipino 😲

  82. kervmeister69


  83. Andreas mathiassen

    What an adventure, let's build a raft.

  84. Mike's Palace of DownTime

    Well that’s a movie

  85. Jefferson Noguerra

    He said Jesus sheltered him.

  86. Allen Argel

    you could tell the crew was Filipino cause of their accents 😂😂

  87. 1226Papabear

    2:12 Rescuers are filipinos i can hear in the background “tubig! Tubig !” Means Water! Water!

  88. YoungKid _XD

    0:01 he lookes like mike tyson

  89. Emily Peters

    How do you filter salt through your shirt?

  90. Ethan K.

    Filterimg sea water through his shirt. I dont think so.

  91. Lilly Taggert

    Imagine, the left complains about working conditions here and think it’s better everywhere else. A towel? 😂😂😂😂

  92. Itz Chip

    This kid was trying to change regions during the Fortnite black hole event so he could play again..

  93. Juicyz

    If it snapped why didn’t he just jump off as soon as it happened so he’d only have to swim a bit

  94. PewdieNye The minecraft guy

    Bro, has he been playing Raft

  95. StopMotion&Stuff

    No food no water wait no water **confusion noises**

  96. KottManuel

    einfach raft in reallife

  97. Perfection Songs

    I read 49 years at first lol