SOJA - I Found You Lyrics

We could spend more time together, I'm talking to you
And you could get out of that mirror
And we could talk this through
Cause my eyes open, open wide, and all I see is truth
That in this life I'll always find you
I'll find you...
I'll find you...

The days are passing faster than I ever hoped they would
I watch as we grow apart and we separate too
But my heart's open, open wide, and all I need is you
I feel it in the rain and in the roots, it's in the root
I'll find you...
I'll find you...
I'll find you...

The seasons changing one by one and we are changing too
We are circling the stars and we are god's own proof
My minds open, open wide, and as I read the news
We become the cancer that we're trying to remove
To remove...
I'll find you...

70 years in this life and what we've got to show
We built a family of millions with millions more to go
My eyes open, open wide, I wake myself for you
To thank you for the memories that grew
It's all because of you
I found you...
I found you...
I found you...

"If I could spend the rest of my life with my people
I would do it over and over again"
I found you...

"Just like the land that bares the name Africa
True love is on my mind"
I found you...

"I don't wanna wait today for something
That might never ever show its face again"
I found you...

"I open my eyes each morning I rise
To find the truth that..."
I found you...

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SOJA I Found You Comments
  1. Kieran Roach

    Soja, I found you buddy ❤️ I am greatful for that.

  2. Francesco Franco

    Que linda!

  3. Lenora Angie Attakai


  4. Lucianna Brito

    4:30 so because you


    Song of life

  6. jazz Wayy

    Gorgeouuussss😍 i'm from indonesia

  7. PokerPutin

    Probably best Soja song ever heard

  8. Hel Cha

    I found there a place for me in your heart ♥

  9. Brian Oswanda Pitrajaya

    Good for your song SOJA 👍

  10. Adson Santos

    O melhor som de reggae q existe !😍😍😍

  11. Luan Neto

    alguém 2020??

  12. Andrea Jimenez

    SOJA toca mi corazón💗

  13. Gustavo Micheloni

    Soja, Peace n Love from 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  14. nathaniel limbago

    listening from phillipines in 2020

  15. Janio Florindo Marvila

    Adoro soja, como sou vegetariano tenho que gostar né!? Kkkkk


    This song is so beautiful...How did i Find it?

  17. pikpak boom

    idol soja


    I found you !(8

  19. Exterminador de manginas

    Cadê os brasileiros em 2019? Love soja 🇧🇷🎶❤

  20. Kuinton Elliott

    beautiful song but more impactful to me was the tribute in the end !!

  21. Divina Ollero

    New fan here. I love the beat and the lyrics 😍😍😍

  22. jhon king

    Now i loved Brasil ❤️

  23. Ariana Saldarriaga

    quien mas penso que era harry styles?

  24. Juliane Miranda

    I can’t believe I took one year to listen this one

    Daniel Vasquez

    Same here!!

    Juliane Miranda

    Daniel Vasquez 🙂

  25. Luciano Carmo

    Soja es simplemente genial, una canción hermosa y muy emocionante! Viva la vida, viva el reggae.

  26. Lucianna Brito

    4:30 lindo 💚

  27. UZM YTB

    Thank you for coming un tahiti🔥

  28. Jonathan Slv

    Brassiiil soja rei♥️

  29. Ana Carolina Vette

    Queria viver eternamente em um show teu 🌹

  30. Rozka

    Godspeed SOJA

  31. Yoga Baruna




  33. Paola Riana Santana De Aguiar

    Super fã 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Kukixineo Gameprays

    que vibe boa men

  35. Naìra Bardo

    Só música Top banda Soja #1000

  36. Jessica M


  37. Jose Santana

    Como extraño mi islita

  38. Tchello Negnu Pweyta

    Vivement 14 novembre nouvelle caledonie

  39. José Carlos Peixoto Júnior

    É que vocês vivem de música e venda de pedras preciosas!

    José Carlos Peixoto Júnior

    Assim é fácil né pai



  41. Ricardo Messias


  42. snooz510

    Why can't I see this on your page?

  43. Jan Valle

    Amo esta cancao. O video na minha Puerto Rico..o amo com tudo meu coracao. Algum dia a volta!

  44. Thayna Santos

    Soja me ensinou que tudo que e vivido com simplicidade fica mais bonito

  45. Jeiel Ribeiro Montanhere Montanhere

    S.O.J.A .....SEMPRE ❤

  46. Raymond Agusto

    S.O.J.A FOREVER 💕💕
    Hope You Can Visit Philippines. 😊😊

  47. Lucianna Brito

    4"30 só por sua causa 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  48. Lucianna Brito

    Jacob ❤❤

  49. Priscila Soares

    Setembro de 2019!! I love soja

  50. Aryanne Raquel

    Acalmar a alma...

  51. Krishna Aditya

    SOJA is the best respect from TIMOR LESTE♥️

  52. Zionroots TV

    I love SOJA,god bless you all..

  53. Danilo Batista

    Som que acalma a alma...

  54. Raphael De K

    The English comment you are looking for.

  55. Olivia Kołodziej

    I Wonder who he found. Himself?

  56. vesa chi

    A banda q me acompanhou e q acompanha minha caminhada nessa babilônia ♡♡♡♡♡

  57. luksBR2

    I love you SOJA my brasil❤🔥

  58. South ßeirut

    Fuck puerto ricans. Can't be messed with? Eat my dick.

  59. Krayvn Arts

    I said goodbye to Negative Vibes Since I found You. Thanks for the music SOJA! :D

  60. Jonatan Lucero

    Grande SOJA!!!! Saludos desde Argentina!!

  61. Elvis Limah

    Pqp mano que música linda😍😍😍

  62. Wahyudi Stones

    INDONESIA berasama soja 🇲🇨 🤙

  63. Canal Collins

    nós Fãs queremos um novo album!! melhor que Poetry in Motion, essa música deixa nós na esperaaa

  64. Jessica J.

    I'm judgemental as all get out. I listened to this song and thought.. wa wa wa, why is it not more up beat and they didn't include a riff from a female artists since I thought it would have added that extra element at times. I then watched the music video and found it super sweet.

  65. Junior Rodrigues

    Preciso conhecer alguém que goste de soja , viver na mesma vibe é muito foda 🤩

  66. Erik Laurindo


  67. Nothing Hive

    if we all repeat can we remove the bad

  68. Gleis Borges

    Own, lindjos 😍


    Big up world!!!!

  70. DyDy Lkanaky

    Super j'adore 👌😍

  71. Renan Pereira

    Brasil ✌

  72. Steve & April Premo

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ( this is April ) lol, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Another BEAUTIFUL video!! I can feel and see the emotions in Jacobs eyes all the time when he sings! He has such an incredible soul! I seen you guys in Utica NY. I just had an Angel ( little girl ) 2 weeks ago, so I can’t travel to see you guys! But soon. Come back to Utica NY. I wanna feel your music again in person. You guys are forever in my heart! Thank you for your inspirational music. I love you all. Your all beautiful souls. 🙏🏻

  73. Rafael Jimenez

    Coquí de Puerto Rico🇵🇷

  74. Em's Peñero


  75. Elvie Jongko

    SOJA...your one of the great artist Ive known..always have a sensible kind of music..Full of wisdom and emotion.

  76. Alê bartziki

    Top 🤙🏽

  77. Gs friendly Trees MMJ

    I love you linda Barrera

  78. Carlos Yupanqui

    SOJA, no se olviden del Cuzco, aquí en el Perú los Amamos 😏😎

  79. Ismael Oscar Rodriguez Rios

    Good music

  80. Merlyannrose

    Love from Hawaii. 💚

  81. Daniel Anthony

    Despite our government, the fact remains, We the People of the US Love You, Puerto Rico!! <3 Please forgive us for not having our government under control enough to get you our brothers and sisters what you need and deserve. My government is an embarrassment right now but change is in the wind. Love, Blessings, and Respect to all the people of the world!

  82. Los Control

    Indonesia ?

  83. Victor Chaves

    Que som 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  84. Kyle Smith

    Just English comment passing through..

  85. yuansa joey

    SOJA 😚😚😘

  86. Râs Katö

    El reggae es universal como el amor de Jah no sabe de razas ni fronteras !!! Jah guide

  87. cléo silva

    Isso sim e reagge i love sojah o Brasil te amaaaaaa!

  88. Jason Rivera

    Los mejores🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  89. ivy balea

    Looking for english comment.😅

  90. Timothy Phillips

    This is me and my Honey song. One of of our favorites 👩‍❤️‍👨

  91. Is Be


  92. Lucianna Brito

    Lindo meu jacob❤❤❤

  93. Romerio Silva

    Que lugar foda !!

  94. Patrick Delfina

    I wish we could have some dance at sunset on the beach k