Soilwork - Sworn To A Great Divide Lyrics

'cause I won't take what I give
I've sworn I'm better within
Not the last time it keeps coming back
Building knowledge, gaining strength
A part of the Jekyll, a part of the Hyde

Fear itself is bigger than the seed
It bares resemblance to the mouths that I feed

I'm sworn to a great divide, sworn to a great divide

How will I turn when it beckons to me?
Can I turn myself from home?
Well, it's time to decide is that really the key
All that matters, I can do this on my own...

So now to complete this journey towards the back of my head
Inevitable, the disaster comes as quickly as it came
Inevitable dangers, inevitable crimes
Considered a victim, a wide open file

When the truth just hurts, you will confess, not deny
Incinerate, illuminate, either way is just fine
Truth shall set you free and I won't push it or let it be
Master the puppet or cut off the strings self indulgence
What a beautiful thing

I'm sworn to a great divide, sworn to a bottomless tide


(I can feel it's coming the way
Here it comes now, one, two, three GO!)

I'm sworn to a great divide, sworn to a great divide...


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Soilwork Sworn To A Great Divide Comments
  1. Lie_Ren-1994 gaming

    This album introduced me to Soilwork and I absolutely love em

  2. Nicole

    Still listening 2k19

  3. Alternative Groove

    Everyone who says 'it's the worst Soilwork's album' it's just deaf.

  4. HypnotiX Sounds

    0:07 Soilwork invents djent


    It's more like Soilwork discovers djent :D:D

  5. Erica Juxtapose Jones

    I never heard that people didn't like this album. It's fucking beast. One of my favs.

  6. silenttoxic707

    Lyrically this could be one of the best albums but who ever recorded the guitars really blew it

  7. Hallogène Subtil


  8. Kyle Rhodes

    You can tell Devin Townsend had more input in this album.

  9. Arthur Bromback

    This is an awesome album!!! I dont know why it gets criticism of not being as good as the others. Its also the last with Lord Frenning playing on it.


    Well it's mostly that the production is absolutely god awful

  10. Tyestor

    even though this is probably soilwork's worst album, it's still good. does that make sense? lol.


    +Tyestor This and a couple other songs on this album have been my introduction to this band and I'm digging them SO much. Can you recommend some of their other good stuff? I haven't heard much else.

    Daniel Balan

    THE RIDE MAJESTIC the latest album from the band

    Jerzy Dziś

    Not making sense is making sense to me" - LoveBattery

    Zedrik Allen

    This or The Panic Broadcast. Steelbath Suicide is probably 3rd then Chainheart Machine.

  11. snapascrew

    I always remember little things from concerts that most people don't cherish as much (whether it be an opening act, or the 2nd song the headliner plays). I will always remember Soilwork coming out to this on tour with Killswitch Engage (headlining) in 2007. Good times.

  12. SpymanTIVC

    Actually This is my favorite Soilwork's Album

  13. Ry Guy

    this album got a lot of criticism but i think it is one of Soilwork's best albums.  


    It's mostly that the production is lame (the guitar tone in particular sounds like shit)

    Peppertown Studio

    agreed I think its the krank

    Jerzy Dziś

    God's voice, on otherwise spoiled Earth with all consumerism, refreshing,, his change from shitty growl on a first album, towards where there are today, is absolutely great... such a good band. I feel Nordic listening to that

    Jeremy Eriacho

    I bought this album when it first cameout. I didn't like it then. But i was And dumb. It's good

  14. YisFX

    well slipknot is a bit metalcore and it can be parly same

  15. tob chi

    Gosh this song is just amazing, I don't see how more people come to be amazed by Soilwork's genuineness.

  16. gaapeek

    2 persons missclicked download button

  17. iRaiseTheDead

    Their best song in my opinion!

  18. TheAPPC

    Wonderful song!!!

  19. dethtrain

    that's some album cover

  20. Frasard93

    Favorite song of this album

  21. MattAeon

    2 persons were divided..

  22. Frank c

    yeah i know that right?

  23. Vince G

    so original

  24. Frank c

    my favorite part is from 0:00 to 3:32

    what it mean? THIS IS A FCKING AWESOME SONG!

  25. preacher jonson

    @BlackShadow451 who gives a fuck how they look, its the track suit wearing thundercunts that should be slaughtered in the divide

  26. ozankaya

    @BlackShadow451 They should be given shampoo.

  27. Tyler Pilizota

    @snaigel No. lmao

  28. Savvyge

    who agrees that all mainstream metla listeners that obsess with thier pitch black, greasy shoulder length hair and undersized clothing should be slaughtered in a great divide. anyone?

  29. Duckman118

    holy shit! this song is amazing like WOW.

  30. Keysmaan

    1 person just tryed to divide by 0

  31. ShakespeareanMetalhead

    @darktrooper27 well, yeah. i meant that as opposed to metalcore or hardcore.

  32. Yobsti16


  33. ShakespeareanMetalhead

    i still think that these guys are still death metal.

  34. DcDimmi

    good music.

  35. MrBogeytime

    WHAT. GENRE. IS. THIS BAND. i mean... the 1st 2 albums were like death metal... then it started gettin like slightly melodic death metal... AND NOW THIS SONG ALMOST HAS A METALCORE INTRO THAT TOTALLY KICKS ASS.... god i love this band!!! but... what genre are they considered?!!?? everythings so mixed.... I love it. :) maybe this is the only band out there that can combine genres....

    Joe Schmo

    they are your dad

  36. kuro shini

    STOP ARGUING AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC (a bit like that slow??)

  37. oxoConstantinEoxo

    @Slowpokepokingslowly you scared off all the people :3

  38. oxoConstantinEoxo

    @Slowpokepokingslowly last reply... *sigh* damn you really are dumb... Look. I ment the comment u answered FIRST. Where me and another guy were joking, he wasnt even offended by it. AND THAT WAS MONTHS AGO, and then you came after FEW, yapping WTF U'RE SO BAAAD. Thats why im so pissed! i have enough of your whining! KID!
    And about AMVs. I guess you're fricking blind cause i didn't made any for months also! I don't have time for such shiz anymore! And yeah, yours channel is comepletely empty xD

  39. oxoConstantinEoxo

    @Slowpokepokingslowly *yawn*... you're still here kid? thought you died. If you can't understand such simple thing as that then grow up :P so please stop yapping about a thing from months ago jeez. u're retarted or something? :/
    ps: lovely channel rotfl

  40. oxoConstantinEoxo

    @Slowpokepokingslowly well as long as you want to show ppl how spoiled you are... its k' . But i don't really support swearing about everything and everywhere.
    Plus a lot of teens like to show off... bleh whatever! was damn long ago! topic expired!

  41. Ruggid .Raw

    way to goooooooooooood [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. oxoConstantinEoxo

    if u're 14 then why u're using such nasty words? :P feel better that way? XD
    you're damn spoiled man then :D

  43. David Parikyan

    best song on the album!!!

  44. Kenny McCormick

    you think thats bad... the song the chainheart machine makes me wanna do some pcp and hit someone in the face with a sledgehammer.. XD


  45. Draxthos

    2 years old album, it come out in October 2007.

  46. WhyThisQuestNoWork

    Fuckin great Song o_O