Soilwork - Neon Rebels Lyrics

Staring through the eyes of a cosmic breed
Through distant skies above the fields
Another face another dimension. A broken circle of human attention
Around making my way through the desert plains
I'm a legend a gift from the gods, sirens scream there is no rest
A diary of a tragical life in this nest

Screaming for victory... Neon rebels will rise
Breaking down the barricades... Nailed to the skies

Riding on the winds at the speed of light
Selfish pride is a rebel's might. Cosmic warfare a taste of my life
A gallery of a lifetime under the knife.
An endless voyage in an endless time, remind thoughts of an ancient sign
Staring through the eyes of a cosmic breed through distant skies above the fields
Destructive thoughts in a narrow void, another mission in galaxy 2001


[Repeat First Verse]

Killing to stay alive - madness rules here again tear away the golden skies
Neon rebels will reign!

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Soilwork Neon Rebels Comments
  1. 3DTyrameb

    is it really soilwork? sounds like some chaotic trash


    Cmon its like 20 years old, Im just glad Soilwork matured in the right way

    Jei Cynth

    Yes... It is. I recommend you check out Darude... They have way more structure and may be more to your liking.

  2. Hallogène Subtil

    "1553 views" YO COME ON


    right? this is my favorite Soilwork album!

  3. Sam M

    Kicks ass