Soilwork - Generation Speedkill Lyrics

Maximize my pleasure maximize my pain
Till I've been heaven send in this downward spiral with no end
Angel face filled with sin I will lick it clean. Fixate my eyes to the TV scream

Treasurize this entertainment now!
By public demand we work for this pleasure.

Mesmerize my god mesmerize my blood
From his mind to his spine we will make him doubt about his might!

Treasurize this entertainment now!
This is where we stand until we fall

Generation speedkill operation seedspill [x2]

Brutalize my lifetime brutalize my thoughts
In a trance, last dance for Mr. moralize


On this open road of no regrets
Born on a plate, food for velvet lies

[Repeat First Verse]

Sterilize this moment of truth that we stand for!
This is where we stand until we fall!
Treasurize this entertainment now!
This is where we stand until we fall!

[Repeat Chorus]

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Soilwork Generation Speedkill Comments
  1. MetalMissile

    Who else hears megalovania in the chorus?

  2. Stardust

    not a fan of the vocals tbh. little too screamo for me.

    Everything else about the song fucking slaps.

  3. Kamilo Gaete

    At the Gates meets Dime Darrell !!! LOVE THIS SONG!

  4. Gustavo Pereira

    Minha banda preferida vida longa soilwork

  5. Dave Lopez

    This was the real Soilwork

    raven moonshae

    Indeed. Agree after 11 year of listening to them.

  6. gaableenz1

    This was Soilwork.

  7. CaP_0

    I think that's your problem: you're not supposed to use your throat directly :/

  8. Darkdiver

    question of opinion, but i consider stabbing the drama as their best one. but the old stuff isnt any worse. this one is incredible

  9. Ge Rede

    These Screams! Incredible.

  10. malebitch92

    solo: *goosebumps* *headbang* *scream* *jump around* *:)* :)

  11. Shiimochi

    hmmm......not bad!! :)

  12. Eliaz Levy

    @Trin3tyIII Practice, man. Tonnes of warm water. Start at 10 seconds and work your way up. You'll get there.

  13. thychaos

    @Trin3tyIII yes, it is quite badass. ive been honing my vocal style for over two years and i can finally do decent death growls. still trying to figure out the black metal rasp.

  14. thychaos

    @Trin3tyIII dont try doing harsh vocals without knowing what youre doing. you can damage your vocal cords like that.

  15. FaqUrNwoBS

    @thychaos that reminds me of a certain band called metallica....

  16. arrestedshrimp

    @ydidntIthinkofthat why didnt i think of that? lol

  17. Firedragon919

    too fast for jogging :-D

  18. Infuzor

    The intro is like fucking metal x 1000.000

  19. SixGorillion

    Why did they have to start making shit after this and steelbath?

    Ninten The Metalhead

    SixGorillion I hate to reply 7 years later but A Predator's Portrait was good too, as well as their past few recent efforts. But I like nearly all Soilwork material so idk. Nice name btw.

  20. MiyokoShina

    @ydidntIthinkofthat hahahaha so true..

  21. Michael Carson

    This song title is extremely metal

  22. demonsarisingmetal

    @m00nkinftw Its also some of their better stuff.

  23. thychaos

    @wassermacht it is if theyre playing mainstream music... their old stuff is far from mainstream, and it didnt become mainstream because its not mainstream music. their new music is more mainstream, because theyre playing more mainstream music now. and most of the time when bands go mainstream for the money, the music gets stale and souless. just look at in flames, their old shit was legendary. now they sound like nu metal douchebags.

  24. rackzor

    dont like the new Soilwork

  25. ShimmySystem

    Aggressive/Chaotic MDM.

    At The Gates and Dimension Zero come to mind.

  26. Kegs

    Shrug, fan boy.

  27. Kegs

    Too bad they sold out.

  28. Anders Jahr

    also a few Sonic Syndicate tracks :P only a few that's good though xD

  29. Wm Redmond

    this song, and chainheart machine are the best on the album.

  30. Nevecus

    Did you even notice he called it "Jew"tube?

  31. daniellaurine

    I loooove the tone/chords they used in so many of their old songs like @ 1:16 on this song. The faint synth backing up the guitars and all.

  32. Th3Ub3rN00B

    lol @ your name

  33. Th3Ub3rN00B

    Generation speedkill,
    operation seedspill! awesome song

  34. ShimmySystem

    It's because they were so much more intense and brutal back then.

  35. Pascal Rivard

    I'd say it's more similar to At the Gates than In Flames...

  36. Lexd1989

    Agreed, I thought some of their more recent stuff was pretty good, then I heard Chainheart Machine, Millionflame, etc. and was blown away.

  37. watvoornaammoetik

    He does sound different though

  38. wizarddragon

    nope the same

  39. wizarddragon

    this by far is my favorite album and when i seen them on this tour with hypocrisy there was only like 30 other people at the show lol but what made it cool they pretty much just hung around everyone at the show

  40. m00nkinftw

    yep this is the early stuff from them. People consider Steel Bath Suicide, The Chainheart Machine and A Predator's Portrait as their early stuff.