Soil, The - Susan Lyrics

Hello Family!
We will do this one time and one time only!
We would like to take you back to a place where you've never been
But you know what?
You will feel like you've been there!
Susan, Susan
I miss you baby, come home!

Zundi khumbuleee...
Zundi khumbuleee...

Imil' ingqondo ayisa kwazi noku sebenza (ikhumbul'u Susan wam)
Ebusuku nobu Thongo buya ndiphelela (buya ndiphelela)
Uthando lwakho nyani mna ndinalo
Intombi yakwaValo,
Uyazi ndincom' ubuhle bakho njalo-njalo
Njalo-o ndixak' uba, uvel' uske ube rongo
Ufuna sihlale all-night longo...

Zundi khumbuleee...
Zundi khumbuleee

Thula ndivile!
Ndiya vuma kudala ndimkile!
Thula ndivile!
Kudala ne minyak' iphelile!
Thula ndivile!
Ndiyavuma kudala ndimkile
Thula ndivile!
Ndibuyel' ekhaya, Ndibuyel' ekhayaaa...

Ndithetha nawe Susan
Ndithetha nawe Susan
Ndithetha nawe Susan
Ndi... thetha naweee...

Suzzy ngoan'a batho
I met her in Thohoyandou,
Via mpintsh'yaka Orlando
Then we madeup in Mmabatho
Live happily ever after
Tshaba maaka a batho
Di tsala tsame dia ntshega
Olathla joang ngoana?
Are you so fool... eish?
Oa Pala ngoanyana, ohana ho pala monoana
Are: ke na le Kattar, Ne kopa o nthuse hle!
Oa Pala ngoanyana, ho palama Kara
A bula ke didimala ka mosetsana Susan
(Ka mosetsana Susan)

Zundi khumbuleee...
Zundi khumbuleee

Ndithe ndimjongile!
Ndabona yona intokaz' ez' thobile (uSusan)
Ebe ndimbonile, etshona yen' ezantsi ezifihlile

Waye fun' unga bonw' uSusan (uSusan)
Okokuba yen' uphil' enga bonw' uSusan (uSusan)
Yintoni ingxaki khaw'thethe Susan
Ndifuna Lovey khaw'buye Susan

Zundi khumbuleee...
Zundi khumbuleee

Zundi khumbuleee...
Zundi khumbuleee
Zundi khumbuleee

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Soil, The Susan Comments
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