Soil, The - Noma Ungahamba Lyrics

Noma ungahamba
Ndizohlala ndikuthanda
Uyayazi leyo
Noma ungahamba
Ndizohlala ndikuthanda
Uyayazi leyo
Yelele iyeye lelelele
ye lelelele
TsAbhabhabha ndizonyamezela [x3]
Nyamezela nyamezela
Nyamezela wena

Nyamezela nyamezela
Nyamezela wena
Noma ungahamba (Sthandwa sam')
Ndizohlala ndikuthanda (Sthandwa sam')
Uyayazi leyo (Sthandwa sam')
Noma ungahamba (Sthandwa sam')
Ndizohlala ndikuthanda (Sthandwa sam')
Uyayazi leyo (Sthandwa sam')
Ndikukhumbulile [x26] (Ndohlalanjalo)

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Soil, The Noma Ungahamba Comments
  1. noqolo khosa

    It reminds me of my deceased girlfriend
    It has been 10 months now but still she's always In my mind
    Robala ka tgotso TSELA

  2. xolela sibam

    It's so sad they had to seperate 🤕🤒😭

  3. Yizo Yizo

    damn love this song

  4. yingisani makhubele

    what a time to be on good Lord thanks for this group .they played a huge role in my life with they music

  5. Lerato Rose-Mary Nthabi

    🤔😂😂😂I guess I'll dedicate this song to me? who better?❤❤
    Shem I long stopped loving a guy who left💁

  6. Rams

    who's with me in 2019?

  7. Lungiswa Hans

    I love love you. Guys

  8. Lumko Ntshinka

    my country, myAfrica, my people the love i have for you

  9. Siphephile Vilane

    I love you guys

  10. nomfundo mthanti

    Ey ngoba ilife...

  11. Ziyanda Gcule


  12. SihayoN235 Ngcobo

    It's been months since she left but I still love her like the first time I laid my eyes on her.....The song just hits where it hurts most😢😢😢💯🎧


    She left me 2011,but I still love her, but she actually made family with him...🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  14. Khensani Ntsanwisi

    My favourite group I love this guys💝

  15. Puleng Khang

    It reminds me of my ex who took my love for granted....i really loved that guy😕

  16. Thobeh Zondi

    Nyamezela Nyamezela Wena....SthaaaaaNdwaaaa Saaam

  17. Yoliswa Ndlovu

    this group is made up of unique individuals which is the reason why they are so good because they don't try to imitate other artists

  18. Lebo Masemola

    love them



  20. nomfundo ngcobo

    lovely song noma unga hamba ngizohlala ngikuthanda

  21. Hil S

    The beat reminds me of Now That We Found Love by Heavy D & The Boys

    Pinky Pinky Dlamini

    I cant stop listen your music

  22. Bongani Brain

    This song reminds me of my girlfriend ndikukhumbulile

  23. Mfanafuthi Gumede Mpilonde

    The rocking group singer

  24. Rongs rongs

    this song though.... with celebrate humanity........ I sing them with SIPHIWE TAU in my mind. God knows why ; I LOVE THE SOIL THOUGH

  25. Celiwe Mandisa

    I 💖 The Soil

  26. Tshimangadzo Murada

    u r the best soil

  27. Vuykazi Lufele

    Wish I could see you guys 1 day.........

  28. Palesa Morapeli

    Le bina hamonate

  29. Sibusiso Zwane

    Finally found a track that i can dedicate to her "Ngizohlale Ngikuthanda"


    always enjyning to watch the soil

  31. Palesa cilester

    your voices makes me smile

  32. Aldo Lee

    Love u

  33. Tebogo Tebogo

    u a rocking dears

  34. Thabo Nicholas

    this is a way to romantic song. I really love it too much

  35. Mthokozisi Dlomo

    mmmmmmmm wow

  36. Major

    There is something unexplained about this song, its too good.

  37. Buhle Nzuza

    Hhay shame ....a m so in love wth ds song nishayile guyz

  38. Rapudi David

    African Soil  ! ! ! I continue to love

  39. Mandipiwe Tolom

    Ndohlala njaloo....... love tht voice Ntsika