Soil - Say You Will Lyrics

Lost your mind when I made you mine Now we see eye to eye
Rolled dead thoughts and smoked them blind
Still roll them and roll them still
I will consume you, I will soon own you
I am the prize in your game
The victor and loser too
Say you will, say you will
Say you'll always be there to hold me
Say you will, say you'll forgive me
Well I've got my thoughts inside you
The need to pull them through
You know I'll never hurt you
Yesterday but tomorrow will
I'm wrapped inside you, i'm wrapped around you
I am the disease in your veins
Yesterday and tomorrow still
I'll pick up all your pieces
Puzzle heart your missing 2
Force them into the wrong places
Act like you want me to
I'll let you meet all my faces
And yet hide the real me from you
I'll show you everything that I
Everything that I want me to
I am inside you, I am around you
I am the disease in your veins
Still you say you will

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Soil Say You Will Comments
  1. Outlaw James 1312

    I've loved Soil for years like fuckn 10 at least they are the shit idk why they don't get the luv they deserve. The vocalist (Ryan McCombs) is the same guy that sang for Drowning Pool on the 37 stitches album and one or two before that.

  2. Hector Nuñez Franco

    f***ing good song!!!

  3. Leon Benčina

    Damn and they dont want to push this band more up...they deserved it

  4. Jehuty989

    This band is so underrated..


    +Jehuty989 This song is underrated >.>

    Barry Soetoro

    @MiotaLee Unreal - Halo - Say You Will