Sodom - Witching Metal Lyrics

Witch, bitch, no sleep in Sodom
God, shock, last night for Satan
Spell, Hell, this fight is blind

Metal war, Sodom
Wildfire, Sodom
Blood lust, Sodom
Witching metal

Cries, crime, cross over Sodom
Fight, might, dust to dust
Sinner, winner, this fight is blind

Metal war, Sodom
Wildfire, Sodom
Blood lust, Sodom
Witching metal

War, law, slave of Sodom
Lust, gods, unholy times
Night, light, this fight is might

Metal war, Sodom
Wildfire, Sodom
Blood lust, Sodom
Witching metal


We are, we are

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Sodom Witching Metal Comments
  1. Zenyatta Mondatta

    Blackened Thrash Metal!!!! \m/

  2. Miguel Rodriguez

    Yo personalmente no se como hacian estos tipos para tocar tan descordinados un instrumento del otro asi de rapido sin perderse de la linea, igual que Kreator en sus 2 primeros albumes, me dejan atonito

  3. pauliescott

    I got a bootleg copy of this in 84. Heavy sh*t! I feel like this gave birth to Possessed's Seven Churches.

  4. Szchizophrenia

    85 not 84

  5. Heavy Speed 88

    Olddddd thrash black metal

  6. Skyrim's_For_The_Nords

    God-tier thrash 🤘🏻

  7. Celma De Lourdes Nurdim

    Old German Thrash with a lot of Hardcore punk energy!!!

  8. Doom Guy

    Pure Thrash!

  9. Daithi Dusk Ui Neill

    Unholy Times!

  10. Individua 77

    I used to really like this, then i grew up...

  11. Relinquished

    Thrash + black metal + crust punk

  12. Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    Best pop punk song ever

  13. Total fucking Necro

    Old school Black Metal

  14. Freedomm1987

    WITCHING METALLLLlllllluuuooohhhhh....!!!

    Jöns-Alfred Jorm

    Ha ha ha!!!

  15. Ευγενία Θεοδωροπούλου

    ο λογος που δεν διαβαζω τωρα : sodom
    sorry mom..

    Vlad Nekromayhem

    Έτσι πρεπει

  16. Yahya_Japheth Bathory

    Rip chris of the greatest drummers in metal history.

  17. Laura Peskin

    Just got hip to these guys. Fuckin great, but most of their members die at age 40

  18. bruno sanchez artica

    This was emo music back in the 80’s

    43 Percent Burnt

    bruno sanchez artica no, emo music in the 80's is stuff like Rites of Spring

  19. Travis Jones

    Witchhunter was easily one of the most underrated drummers of all time...this song is a prime example.


    fucking beautiful, exactly what I crave

  21. Tiago de Alexandria

    Wow, congratulations, fucking HORRIBLE, FUCK YOU

  22. s k

    and why didn't witching metal become it's own genre? sounds brutal as Hell could of been like venom's black metal

    Layne Giese

    s k because it was already called speed metal at this point


    It did-it's what Sodom play.......


    It did. It's called extreme metal. This song appeared in an eponymous demo in 1982, making it one of the first songs in first wave black metal, i.e. early extreme metal.

    jdl 68

    RainingPiggies weird to think it was 82 fucking screaming for vengence and number of the beast just came out

    Doom Guy

    I'm happy nobody here calls it Black Metal, just pure Thrash in my ears.

  23. Kaseb Mohamed

    this song sounds like some blackened Iron Fist or Ace of Spades, very interesting to see that speed, thrash and black metal roots all go back to Motörhead's heaviest songs

    Manuel Flores

    Kaseb Mohamed thats cause venom was influenced by motörhead and sodom was influenced by venom


    Either way sodom was one of the first black thrash bands, so it's not surprising.


    Kaseb Mohamed sounds like damage inc


    Tom always used to be a big Motörhead and Venom Fan.


    Motorhead dicks fat suckers.

  24. JS1966

    I remember buying this when it came out....people really had never heard anything like this before for the most part. Sure...Venom,Exciter,Slayer,Anthrax etc were out but this was pretty extreme for the time. Hellhammer was out around the same time. Those two EP's were ahead of their time.


    This song dates back even before all of these bands except Venom, since it was part of the witching metal ep of 1982

  25. Luis Santiago

    Happy birthday AngelRipper!!!

  26. chris dazsi

    best drunk metal ever!!!!!!!!!!


    chris dazsi You're everywere

  27. Panagiotis Charalampopoulos


    Agustine Jr Vasquez

    Panagiotis Charalampopoulos LOL

    Anon Y. Mouse

    Tom Angelripper: 'We're not influenced by venom, I wish people would stop [Expletive] saying that!'
    [Several years later, interview[
    Tom Interview: 'Our start was with influenced from a uh....a certain newcastle band....'
    [Either 2015 or 2016]
    MetalMike: You were one of the early singers to employ a "harsh" style of singing, one that has gone on to become immensely popular in not only Thrash but Death and Black Metal as well. Was it a conscious decision to sing this way or is it just "the way you sing"? Do you take pride in being in the vanguard of this singing style?

    Tom: I think *Cronos* was the biggest inspiration for me but also Tom Araya. I am multifaceted in the way I sing. I like the typical screaming, shouting and barking like on "Sodomy and Lust" (originally on the Expurse of Sodomy EP – Mike) but I learned to sing melodies when I formed the Onkel Tom Band. On the new album Decision Day you'll hear all of those styles which makes this album so multifaceted.

    MetalMike: Who were your early musical heroes? Was Sodom formed as a way to emulate any particular band or did you have your own vision of what the band would be?

    Tom: *Venom was our musical inspiration.* When their first album came out, my world changed. We also like Raven and Tank and, of course, Motörhead were great heroes

  28. Mateus Rodrigues

    Black metal

    Dominic Wolfgang

    @jprp999 That would be thrash metal.


    @Dominic Wolfgang Lol, the term "Thrash metal" as opposed to "thrash" (punk) was not even around then, bands like Anthrax or Metallica were called speed metal at the start, Venom, early Onslaught, Sodom and Slayer were Black Metal before Slayer got Tagged as Thrash metal due to being more raw than the speed bands.
    What is now called Power Metal would have been called Speed Metal back then while real power metal is Manowar- Journalists have changed and misused the genera names so much that people who were not into extreme music in the early eighties have no idea.
    If Venom could have been classified as anything other than Black Metal in the early days it would have been Hardcore-metal crossover or "metalcore" which is another one that is used to describe something completely different now in magazines.

    Doom Guy

    @jprp999 Welcome to Hell is not Black Metal lmfao, Black Metal didn't even exist back then. It became a genre because of Venom, but Venom is and will never be shitty Black Metal.


    @Doom Guy Lol, Conrad disagrees with you......


    @Dominic Wolfgang so you think a bunch of wannabee
    Bathory tribute bands were inventing something new-lmfao.

  29. beau branch

    Underrated ep, definitely helped pro-generate thrash at the time. One of my favorites


    Underrated?! This is a MASTERPIECE!

    Dmitri Blaskowitz

    @undergroundmotion Exactly. That's why it's underrated.

    Just a Man

    Not underrated, but Underground. Isn't that good?

  30. Dervish1234567

    this shits rad

  31. Борис Трофимов

    Мощная композиция! Особенно ,,пилящая,, гитара. Чётко!

  32. Dingle294

    This isn't metal. It's hard rock.


    +Dingle294 obv troll

  33. GnosticTheist

    What on earth is the meaning behind the lyrics?


    @***** Huh. Cool!


    Experiencing living in "Sodom and Gomorrah"

    Tânia Vaz

    GnosticTheist it doesnt matter 😆

  34. Inga Slobodnyuk

    And by the way try walking the streets of germany wearing a swastika they'll automatically throw you in jail they are ashamed of their own history

    Skwisgaar Skwigelf

    +Inga Slobodnyuk Because it's illegal?

    The True Scotsman

    It's ridiculous to be ashamed of something that your grandparents did. I do not condone Nazi-ideology. I however, also do not condoning stifling the right of the people to express themselves however they please. German "hate-speech" and "anti-hate" laws are a ridiculous stain on the concept of Liberty.

    Elëctric Elf

    Some countries still have Blasphemy laws, which is idiotic, like in Finland, for example.

  35. Inga Slobodnyuk

    What the fuck you mean lies? It's a historical fact that the nazis where a bunch Christians that killed millions of innocent human beings just because they had no one else to blame for having a shit economy they were idiots that did the popes dirty work in a way it was like a crusade, so check the real facts not 1940s propaganda

  36. Wadraweng

    Thrashing Metal

  37. franco rock

    SODON FUCKING METAL ! THE BEST OF THE BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. manfrombritain

    does anyone else think that underneath the mask is victor kruger from highlander? xD

    Untergang Norge

    +ross no

  39. carlos r.

    mexicanos esto es : PINCHI METAL!!!

    Oswaldo Ayala

    carlos r. LMAO

  40. PatchesVillano

    I love how out of sync they are, kvlt as fvck.

  41. Dominic Neales

    i love Sodom and i'll probably get hate for this but i think this ep is their best shit!

    Beams From Daath Sun

    Dominic Neales, and one of the best metal eps EVER!
    (Although i can't choose just one of the Sodom's darkest hours recordings: from the demos til Persecutionmania, they are all masterpieces.)


    Totally agree it's their best.

  42. Opeth8797

    the witching hour meets black metal

  43. Skwisgaar Skwigelf

    Lets just don't talk about facts and headbang!

  44. MetaLMieOw62

    it may seems but did you ever know what is ''behind the scenes''? and aven soo, you judge without takeing the real facts. and by that i mean:even if they are, that doesn't i i don't like theyr music. how many people listen to ns bands and only like the music but not the idiology? alot of them, same as here. and alot of people hate nazis but all bad things that has been said about them are actually lies, and i mean all of the ''soo bad things''. you should know that better, friend.

  45. MetaLMieOw62

    oh, ok. then let us fist up the devil horns in air as sodom sings \m/

  46. MetaLMieOw62

    it's not at all a friendly question but, yes i am, why?
    NO! stop writing, if you don't like the nazi idiology or nationalis idiology or so, don't even bother texting to me if all you wish in the future is just, ''bashing'' my way of be.


    There are some things that are excluding each other.
    One of these is nazi ideology and Thrash Metal, Sodom is farther away from that bullshit than you might believe..
    Listen to Stalinorgel, the song begins with "Declaration of war by a madman" - guess who this line is dedicated to.
    In their early years, Sodom was Black Metal, now they do Thrash Metal, mostly anti war music. Go a bit deeper into the lyrics, you will find out very fast that Sodom do not support your ideology.

  47. Skwisgaar Skwigelf

    LEt me ask you a friendly question:Are you a Nazi?

  48. MetaLMieOw62

    fuck yeah!!!Long live Sodom

  49. HUNRainmaker

    yeeee, fukin kicks ass!!!! 5/5