Sodom - The Sin Of Sodom Lyrics

The sin Of Sodom...

The final sign of...

Desert plains, the human race
Guilty breed, no love, just hate
Mighty lord, holy lot
Abraham, sulfur rain
Sulfur rain

A city on the desert plains
Defied by human race
Immortal life and sacrifice
Bring 'em to their knees
Armageddon's battlefield
Rising up the pentagram
Victims of a wicked world
Satans war machine is done

The sin of Sodom
The curse of God
Revenge for proud disgrace
The sin of Sodom
The curse of God
Destroyed the world in just a day
Destroyed the world in just a day
Destroyed the world in just a day
In just a day

Lord rained down the burning sulfur
Punished to the guilty breed
Separate the human nature
Replace the love into the hate
Walking through eternal fire
Realized that they have to fail
Delivered them from blind desire
Leave the death behind

The sin of Sodom
The curse of God
Revenge for proud disgrace
The sin of Sodom
The curse of God

Destroyed The World In Just A Day
Destroyed The World In Just A Day
Destroyed The World In Just A Day
In Just A Day

The sin of Sodom
The sin of Sodom
The sin of Sodom
The sin of Sodom

Holy men virgins cry
Pregnant by their father's seed
There is no Prayer to survive
Deep inside misdeeds
The sky felt down to cover up
Burning flames that rise will be
Devastation of the Gods
To set the spirit free

The sin of Sodom
The curse of God
Revenge for proud disgrace
The sin of Sodom
The curse of God
Destroyed the world in just a day
Destroyed the world in just a day
Destroyed the world in just a day
In just a day

The sin of Sodom
The sin of Sodom
The sin of Sodom
The sin of Sodom

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Sodom The Sin Of Sodom Comments
  1. Olaeger SLM

    most evil youtube recomendation ever

  2. H. Hendrich


  3. Cuitláhuac

    Behold the song that got me into metal years ago. Thank you Sodom!

  4. Seiko Def

    Tell my why I had to be a powersalve

  5. Juke Box Goober

    The fuck is wrong with the production

  6. Shekhar Sharma

    Sadom, Sadom !!!!!

  7. General FuellHate eldestructordelahumanidad


  8. Benedito Roque

    alguém ouvindo 2018?

  9. aaron

    always listen to this after watching porn

    Filip Vašíček

    thanks for good thing

  10. Elëctric Elf

    The original lineup. RIP WitchHunter

  11. El Nino

  12. Whited Out

    this song is just f*cking amazing

  13. erick covarrubias garcia

    Sodom is the fucking best bastard band ever...the big four sucks...Sodom is the law... saludos desde México

    Sebastian Lavao Osorio

    So fucking great those bastards, the "big 4" are just a pop band near by Sodom, Kreator, Tankard and Exodus, saludos desde Colombia

    Daniel Henriquez Arias

    Desde Suba!!

  14. Count Orlok

    0:56 - love that riff right there. listen to it go

    Altan Şirin

    That riff is one of the most used riffs in the metal history.

  15. dmoneytron

    its like they knew that i want this on repeat and made sure to let me know when it ends.

  16. Jesús Guajardo

    THE Final fidelidad is the GROUP of sodom is the justice of evil look guau guau guau guau Tlalcaelel God

  17. Sceptical Thoughts

    For being a thrash band, they had quite an impression on the 2nd wave black metal scene. As did many thrash bands but Sodom was special.

    Elëctric Elf

    Very true, along with Venom(who started it all) and Bathory, Sodom was one of the most important first wave Black Metal bands, Euronymous named his record company after Sodom's Deathlike Silence, hence Deathlike Silence productions.

    Vamo el Millo!!!

    chocolate por la noticia

    Just a Man

    2nd wave? 2nd FUCKING WAVE? are you joking?

    hornswoggle lover39

    @Simple Player What?

  18. Vamo el Millo!!!

    R.I.P. Chris Witchhunter


    His drumming is my favorite thing of this song,just makes me want to bang my head right when the song starts up.Sucks to hear he's passed.

    The good guy

    glad i saw him on live in thessaloniki on 2014.. RIP

  19. Jordi Boada Martinez

    Pure ancient extreme metal!!

  20. Lionl

    Every time i see a sodom album cover, i see i guy with huge ass muscles.

    Da Bagg

    you probably mean Manowar

    MmM ZZzzzp

    there's no ass... wtf are you talking about ?


    Am I miss understanding or are you not knowing of "code red"? There is more to red hooded executioner guy with muscles too.

    David Asus

    Persecution Mania, Agent Orange, Code Red, M16 they all have big muscled guys on the cover ...

  21. Maiden Bronze.


  22. Adriana Varleva

    at 3:19 .... \m/ \m/ \m/ this song is amazinggg, so evil ;) !

  23. MmM ZZzzzp

    The cover picture ... wow

    MmM ZZzzzp

    the song is about why God destroyed Sodom then... the butcher in the cover is like god or is Satan? im confused 😯


    I don't know why but the cover reminds me very much of the game Quake and it's eerie atmosphere in the ancient castles full of monsters n' shit

    Naîl Mohammed

    MmM ZZzzzp I guess it's sort of like ferocious executioner with a sharp curved axe covered with blood...

  24. Jacob Nichols

    This song has very good drum beats and good guitar part to this album the vocals sound like( Black Metal) and a very good front cover of this album

  25. Punk Rock Pollo

    Noches Supper Dupper Darts, Es Noche Darkys Warkys y el cuerpo lo sapbe...jajaja XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDEDEDEDE...

  26. Jesus Marin

    Sodom 💪💀

  27. Monsterragent

    trntrntnrntrnrnrntnrtnnrtnrtnr tnrtn tnrnt nrtnrntrntnrtnrnt gotta love this

  28. An Orange

    konch d la lora som re vuenos xD Pro m dan miedo :(

  29. Andrew Ingram

    Also, if you can handle it check out a band called Samael. Their first two releases are heavily influenced by early Sodom, Hellhammer, and early Bathory. They are a much slower paced band at times with some occasional fast tracks. Their second album entitled "Blood Ritual" (1992) is very professionally produced for its time. Another-words, it does not sound like it was recorded in a tin can. Their first album is a bit more raw and more akin to first wave black metal.


  30. Andrew Ingram

    Hmm. You sound like an old school fan like myself. Check out some old school groups of the early/mid to late 80's. Here is a list: Bathory, Sarcófago (Sepultura's cross-town rivals), Bulldozer, Hellhammer (pre-Celtic Frost), Celtic Frost, Venom (you probably already know them). Also, check out the first EP by Sodom called "In The Sign of Evil". It was released in 1984 and is considered first wave black metal by many. Sodom at the time was heavily influenced by Motorhead, Venom, and Slayer.

  31. felipepollo

    Pure fuckin RAW !!!

  32. TheMoeFAD

    I could not enjoy black metal but this is thrash and i am a metal head and i instantly know it when i listen it , but if anybody know a cool black metal band tell me pls . Enjoy the music everybody .

  33. buttkrieg

    I legit didn't even read the other 3 messages, you're not even here for the song, you're here to argue with people over what wave of what genre some bands are. I'm just gonna block you dude, you're wasting your time haha, like I said already. You can still watch all the videos I uploaded but you can't comment, because it will probably be something stupid. Sorry mang.

  34. buttkrieg

    Slayer was never black metal, period, you're an idiot, still trying to look smart to people who quite honestly just don't care lol.
    I would suggest you stop wasting your time.

  35. buttkrieg

    Oh of course I don't, and I'm sure you know every Metal-Archive detail?

  36. MsDasnake

    My addiction is opening two windows of this song then playing them with about a half or a whole second delay at this part
    The Sin Of Sodom
    The Curse Of God
    Revenge For Proud Disgrace
    The Sin Of Sodom
    The Curse Of God
    Destroyed The World In Just A Day
    Destroyed The World In Just A Day
    Destroyed The World In Just A Day
    In Just A Day

  37. erichwhatzz

    sodom was around before bathory, they had an ep called witching metal in 82'. and yeah, bathory were one of the original pure black metal bands but it was heavily influenced by venom, a thrash band. even though show no mercy is almost purely thrash, it still goes along with a lot of that what i consider the first wave of black metal(satanic)after all black metal is a war on christianity. all just a matter of opinion though.

  38. erichwhatzz

    actually, this was part of the first wave of black metal. its not purely thrash, show no mercy was a first wave black metal album.

  39. Eren Eriş


  40. dgdhqgdyukqud

    every big cities are like that :D

  41. THe97LoRD

    sry bro, accept my apology ... hope you are not pist but Hail Trash Metal and Hail Sodom \m/

  42. fukOsamazMama

    In the states "That shit is raw" means "That song is badass" I gave you a compliment. Still want me to "go to fuck myself " ? Speaking of raw, you are a raw nerve. Sacramento Thrasher USA

  43. erikuchobilly

    Sodom is German THRASH man, but they did influence many Black Metal bands

  44. lalo reyes

    3:15 powerslave?????

  45. bigsir333

    This sounds like Death metal

  46. fukOsamazMama

    this shit is raw

  47. Tsuki Akiba

    @Moa991 SLAYER! Like that?

  48. Moa991

    wait a sec.this guy. watch?v=xXFuv7B-4lY

  49. TotalMetalJacket

    @Moa991 Don't make us Slayer fans look stupid...

  50. ThrashIsBack100

    burst command till war???

  51. Miranda Fulk


  52. Roberto Aracena

    you know death is near greath sound

  53. Moa991

    oh that second riff is stolen from some hell awaits song. you know. that album by slayer ich its the song kill again

  54. Mathieu Labelle-Roy

    wow this is my first time i listen sodom lol fuck i like that very very good guitar riff

  55. Tamás Czeti

    hell are coming..

  56. Tamás Czeti

    oh my god..