Sodom - Exhibition Bout Lyrics

Arena filled with screaming crowd
In ecstasy they cry
Paid money for a pleasant show
Want to see him die
The matador in shining dress
Intent to prove his courage
Drove by rejoicing mass
It boils his pulsing blood

Exhibition bouts under the star of law
Men make pleasure in hanging gore
Cruelty to animals crime that won't get punished
Creatures treated as rubbish

With direct stabs into living flesh
To agonise the bull
No way out the fronts are clear
Take offensive jab it though
On and on ride to the fall
In danger of his life
Wounded find no place to hide
Death will soon arrive

Exhibition bouts under the star of law
Men make pleasure in hanging gore
Cruelty to animals crime that won't get punished
Creatures treated as rubbish

Blood soaks and stains the parched ground
The slaughter to inaugurate
Duel between man and beast
Their eyes are filled with hate... hate... hate

He restrained fierce at the eleventh hour
Till death blows save his soul
No right to exist lamentation is law
His flesh served up a grub
Now finds piece in a better world
Where man and beast are one
Arena was filled with screaming crowd
He is dead and they are gone

Exhibition bouts under the star of law
Men make pleasure in hanging gore
Cruelty to animals crime that won't get punished
Creature treated as rubbish

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Sodom Exhibition Bout Comments
  1. wilberth novelo


  2. Varys The Spider

    My only criticism about this song is that it’s not on Spotify.

    Jack Baer

    It used to be. Idk when it disappeared

  3. Russ Slagel

    This Solo is a fuckin ripper!

  4. João Vic Granato

    Best part 0:00 - 3:36

  5. João Vic Granato

    O ruim dessa música é que ela acaba

  6. King Diamond

    Killer shit, my one favorites songs actually! That solo, wow.

  7. King Diamond

    I so much love this song!

  8. King Diamond

    This is a best listen and really enjoyment vinyl, what i feel my own experiences, i am listened this song repeat so many times, just a i am put needle in the song start, really amazing thrash guitar solo in that one scene!

  9. Friedrich Schopenhauer

    One of their best works.

    King Diamond

    Friedrich Schopenhauer this is best work ever!

  10. mehtaab sandhu

    What a deep message amazing song.

  11. henry

    one of the most underrated sodom tracks that is for sure

  12. c-95 060

    1:53 Sounds like Thrashard


    Thrashard sounds like Exhibition Bout

  13. domen kac

    that riff at 1:15 is insane

  14. Joan Perez Gimenez

    That solo oh my god Blackfire

  15. GH HG

    1:15 holy shit

    Moth-owl Gemeaux


  16. Leiv-Ottar Johansen

    them riffs....

  17. Disposable Hero

    este solo me hace sentir volando, pedazo de cancion

  18. Camila Ferreira

    Play Maravilhoso \m/

  19. John Romano

    Killer riffs.

  20. bluevernon

    Great Lyrics ...

  21. G'eZz(Gaston)

    Great Band, great song, great lyrics... greetings from argentina... and long live to metal... metal forever... never gets old

    federico alvarez

    Aguante Sodom, la concha de dios, haberlos visto en El Teatro de Flores, el 8 de Abril del 2012 fue lo mejor que me sucedió en la vida. Fin del comunicado.

  22. Anderson Padilha

    Thank's :)

  23. blindcynic

    fuck your bullfighting. fuck any kind of animal killing for fun.

  24. Julian Manrique


  25. meslayerdeth

    at 1:40 the most awesome riff ever begins

  26. HELL77

    @Rembrandt11111 you dont know shit about tauromaquia so stop writing about it and dont judge something you dont understand ..

    vegan corner

    Fucking coward

  27. Metalhead121396

    Justin Bieber's penis is the size of the dislike bar. Chuck Norris is somehow related to this. Rebecca Black sucks. Thumbs up if *insert obvious bullshit here*. My parents thought I was watching porn. 18 dislikes for.. *enter crap reason*. press 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 or 9. I hate ads and VEVO. You say *current pop artist*, I say *old school hardcore artist*. What happened to rock? Now you dont need to read the rest of the comments. Well go on, just copy and paste it on every other video.

  28. Tommy1406

    One of the best Sodom Songs ever !!! Great Lyrics Great Song SODOM FOREVER !!!

    King Diamond

    Tommy1406 hmm. Oh yes, i love this guitar job really!

  29. Marcus Sátiro

    The Lyrics of this track are perfect.

    I agree 100%.

  30. DerpyMetalhead666

    @xseb5x lol i know. i put grenade launchers on my guns too for decoration and when i wanna piss people off xD

  31. DerpyMetalhead666

    @xseb5x its just for decoration lol

  32. 6sodom6boy6

    that solo annihilates a entire legion of possers.

  33. Regdot

    I was listening to this album in history class while we following a lesson of the Vietnam War.

  34. MrThrasha666

    Finally get my chance to see Sodom!! May 29th w/Autopsy \m/ \m/ Will most likely be the greatest death metal show ever!

  35. MrThrasha666

    @Rembrandt11111 Blackfire is genius!

  36. MrThrasha666

    Blackfire was an amazing guitarist for sodom!! I fuckin love Persecution Mania just as much as Agent Orange.

  37. Joey Mutts

    All of the solos on Agent Orange are just awesome.

  38. Rembrandt11111

    I've never heard a solo like this one, the lyrics are also awesome, people who like bullfighting make me sick, the matador is not an artist and not even brave, is just a coward. SODOM FUCKING RULES!!!!!!!!

  39. Nightflyer

    sweet riff at 1:15

    great song!

  40. RetroVertigo

    listening to the Agent 'Orange' album while drinking 'Orange' Juice, that's just how Metal I am XD