Social Repose - Wither Lyrics

Give me drugs to ease the pain
For I am week and full of distain
Laying in this hospital bed
I may be week but I'm not nearly dead

And the truth is I don't have any legs to stand on
And life can be bare when your health has come and gone

I will not wither away not here, not in this place
No I won't


Wake me up once again
I reply with a why, not when
Lift me up, I want to go
My brain say yes but my body says no

And the truth is I don't have any legs to stand on
And life can be bare when you health has come and gone

I will not wither away not here, not in this place
No I won't


And the truth is I don't have any legs to stand on
And life can be bare when you health has come and gone

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Social Repose Wither Comments
  1. Jadyboo

    man i still love this song

  2. Jason heiliger

    My favorite song ever

  3. Raine Garrity

    Great song thank you🖤💜🖤

  4. Smol Bean Kira

    2018 anyone?

  5. Raine Garrity

    God this is My Life..😶.. Love the lights, they almost look like water... Cool as hell !!! ... Lights are my thing!!! And feathers!!! 😂 good song!!!!

  6. salt

    Yooo i have the same speakeerrsss

  7. MrDuckeyPants

    I got some major Stand Tall vibes out of this

  8. Just Another Boring Loser

    O mah gah the empress tag in the description goes back this far lol. That must have taken a long time.

  9. MuffPie productions

    Awesome 😎😎

  10. vantas

    I am so so excited to see you in concert. I'm going through all your music so I know what I'm listening to, and my mind is being blown. You are an amazing artist and I am HYPED to see you live.

  11. RaynboPandaGuin

    its the middles of 2017 and I'm stuck in the music. I don't even want to sleep. <3

  12. Bladexx00 Vampire

    I like this song

  13. Bladexx00 Vampire

    I like social repose

  14. Bladexx00 Vampire

    I love this song a lot because it's awesomeness

  15. sneakyMCR Howlter


  16. Lil Blurry

    ONE OF UR BEST SONGS!!! You DESERVE 1 million subs!!!! Keep this up! Celebration for a million subs!!! :D :D :P

    ZombieDixon 18

    he is almost there to a million! <3

  17. sørrowful tears

    I listen to this when I'm on the bus going on home and when I'm doing homework and when I'm in the car with my parents

  18. Conner Sprycha

    i found your Chanel when this song came out!

    Mother Winter

    Conner Sprycha I wish I found him when this song came out D:

  19. Shannon Patterson

    I have those speakers. But I threw them against the wall so now all they do is spray water everywhere and the jets like scream. I'm a new fan and I'm definitely lovin' your music man (:

  20. John

    Oh my god... I don't want to hear "Lying in a hospital bed" one more time for a long time, I just came out from the hospital less than a week...

  21. redsaw 90

    i just dialed up the sub first time in months for this song :DDDD

  22. Missa Fisk

    I want those water jet speakers.


    Missa Fisk I've owned some

    you can hear the water spraying

    Jordan Woodford

    don't get them they're shit sound

  23. sheena kazia

    dude I love you style, I'd love to hear more of your own songs

  24. Joren Perez

    you know like 3mins ago i was feelin a relapse but that drops too danm up beat too feel sad. like fuck it wasn't the lyrics that got me (im not that sappy) but that drop war a total "buz kill"? if that makes any sence

  25. shannon walsh

    sorry but: THIS WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY! !!!!

    sneakyMCR Howlter

    Really cool. :)

  26. Dude in a tank




  27. Polly Anne

    You Make me fan girl so much aahh!!

  28. Polly Anne

    You Make me fan girl so much aahh!!

  29. Malina Trosclair

    Great song! And the water speakers... nice touch!

  30. A. S.

    How does this not have more views? Your music is on FIRE!


    I still like it

  32. Erica E.P.

    Ormai sei diventato come una droga... un ossessione... <3 mi sale l'adrenalina solo a sentirti ! mi piace tutto quello che fai e anche come lo fai.... sei un vero artista!!!!!!!!!

  33. colossoanao

    wither? minecraft boss? huebr?

  34. WhoIsNoelle?

    Still love this song ❤

  35. Reiko Grim

    I really like your voice and I think that as I go through the playlist it's sounding great and there's even a variety that most artist don't do. I'm looking forward to seeing you on stage in the future. I wish you luck in conquering the music world.

  36. dulang

    Use this for the First song for Warped!

  37. Natasha Bauer 卌

    My sis wanted me to watch this......
    Its a good song but I disliked to piss my sis off
    So I like the song lol

  38. Essenger

    This is so good

  39. Paula Hoff

    Oh my GOD this is amazing, i love you so much Richie, maybe you could cover Nothing To Lose by Billy Talent I would appreciate that A LOT omg i love you so much and I hope I will meet you someday <3

  40. Avon Angel Eyes

    Love it!

  41. James Gunton

    I'm sure I can hear some form of auto tune there!

    Avon Angel Eyes

    Seriously, who cares, it sounds awesome.........

    James Gunton

    Noooo Auto tune is for people who obviously can't sing, it would make them seem crap other wise so no auto tune is awful.

    Mya Tolliver

    Even if there was auto tune, all it does is bring a note into pitch, not make a person sing well.

    Black Winter

    It doesnt make you sing well it changes the pitch of your voice btw every artist in this time uses it

    Odd World for Odd People

    I can sing at an amazing capability, and hope to team with this man, but I've used and auto tuner. All it does is pull certain notes, over lap, and/or snap the voice for certain affects. If you suck at singing, auto tuners would make it worse! Seriously. Do your research.

  42. Joel Mendez

    I saw your opening act for BOTDF Tuesday December 9th and Omg you're amazing and you're music is beautiful! I hope you get more popular you need more ears for your music

    Joel Mendez

    Wow, amazing

  43. Anna&Marc Emolition

    he sounds like ronnie radke

  44. Eyeles

    This is a good song :D

    Lulu R.

    +Kyle H Ayyyy is that Castiel

  45. Jacqueline Hernandez

    Your voice is sooo freakinnggg amazing😫😫😫 WHERRE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFEEE?🙈💕

  46. CarolynIsFallen

    Gosh I can relate to these lyrics and such an amazing voice like damn

  47. Angie Pulido

    Can you post your cover videos from Facebook? I think people would enjoy it ;-;

  48. Mark Weber

    Dancing lights-- cool!