Social Repose - When The Party's Over Lyrics

Don't you know I'm no good for you?
I've learned to lose you can't afford to
Tore my shirt to stop you bleeding
But nothing ever stops you leaving

Quiet when I'm coming home, I'm on my own
I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that
I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that

Don't you know too much already?
I'll only hurt you if you let me
Call me friend, but keep me closer
And I'll call you when the party's over

Quiet when I'm coming home, I'm on my own
I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that
I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that

But nothing is better, sometimes
Once we both said our goodbyes
Let's just let it go
Let me let you go

Quiet when I'm coming home, I'm on my own
I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that
I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that

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Social Repose When The Party's Over Comments
  1. La_

    Is weird to ask for a face reveal?

  2. Júlia De Souza

    I Just "like like that like like that"

  3. TCGamerOfficial

    This guy makes everything extra scary. Why am i watching this at night

  4. bigxb0yxtr0users

    You use SO many effects and I love it!!!!! Keep up your good work!

  5. iamal

    Could i use your vocal for a remix ?

  6. Savannah T.

    My sleep paralysis demon

  7. Matthew Lee

    All this hate cut him some slack!


    I love you so much keep singing I encourage you babe😿💛

  9. Rachel Gray

    I'm so glad you did this.

  10. Salem Witch

    Why I can't stop listening to this creeppy dude? I love him

  11. Nicolas Joga


  12. baby gurlkay

    Best thing I ever watched 😢😢😢

  13. Samuel Lopez

    What is with all the hate? The video is just fine. His voice is amazing, his personality is just normal. Let people have fun before they die!

  14. Taurus Trash

    This is so pretty but like that call me back part scared me shiftless

  15. Edwin Perez

    Another song ruined

  16. Louis Bertoli

    Love this cover! I've always been a massive fan of acapella 👌🏼👌🏼

  17. Jacob Knight

    Despite everything the dude makes good music. Butthurt folk in the comments cant differentiate an artist from his personal life lmao

  18. Олег Касицин

    Expectation- Came to saw a Richie voice
    Reality - saw sucking comments in below, about something i didn’t dnt to know. wtf haters


    Олег Касицин Exactly

  19. Maha Qamer

    thats the first acapella video that isnt like the usual

  20. Megumi Itsuki

    Shit!! I have goosebumps!:D

  21. MollyGames

    Beautiful! Stay the way you are <3

  22. Therese Lim

    Pls can you try to cover paramore songs?

  23. marc Louly

    Anybody else want to not like richie so much because of what he’s done but can’t because his songs are just so darn good

  24. angelodragon83 12

    Best song ever

  25. Aezakmi

    Richie is like a Dragon. They do bad things, but they are beautiful. Richie did bad thing, but his voice is beautiful. Plus, you guys don’t know how to forget something. Let it go. We ALL make mistakes.

  26. Ayden Ashdown

    Okay, I'm new. There seems to be a lot I don't know. But I don't really care to know right now. I love your music. Period. I'm a big fan of Billie eilish and I think you did a fantastic job of this song. Well done.

  27. Cameron Harris

    People bitch to much about this guy personal life,
    interesting cover. I prefer your originals

  28. Miguel Panganiban

    Scary woooooo😱

  29. King Crab

    How can you claim it’s acapella - when we can all hear the amount of auto tune and production you put your voice through?

  30. Tao Xiaomi

    Bury your friends. Please. I need to hear this with your voice.

  31. Nana Sobi

    Brilliant, I love it💜💜

  32. Morgan Kirk

    I love your videos Richie. I honestly stopped watching for a while after the obvious went down. But now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’ve realized that I really don’t know who you are as a person at all. So who am I to stop watching your videos because you’re human and have made mistakes? You can only reveal so much to your viewers through this platform, and it is almost impossible for us to get the full picture of who you are. So I don’t care what goes on in your personal life. You’re extremely creative, talented, and I genuinely enjoy your content. Also people need to learn to separate art from the artist. Hope you come back from hiatus dude.

  33. Xtina G

    Well that's some scary shit right here

  34. star90555


  35. ꧁ ღ Nesquick ღ ꧂


    (if u didn’t already)

  36. ꧁ ღ Nesquick ღ ꧂


  37. Kaitlyn Dembrosky

    I smell auto tune 🤔

  38. i have no clue

    This music video just ruined the song...
    You’re so good at singing but MY GOD you suck as a person:

    My comment from another one of your videos:
    Also you are so hypocritical!
    Example: You accused crankthatfrank for looking like a vulture when you look more like a vulture in this video than he did.
    (Btw my comment was inspired by another comment)
    I watched your video about Jessie Paege and I seen some hate comments towards you and I was like...
    Well he’s just giving his opinion he isn’t really that bad?
    And know I see that you only made a video on her to get at frank.
    Also what you done to him and Eva?
    Wow you are the definition of “attention whore”

  39. Loaf.


  40. gabriella zekpa

    I wanna know what her sounds like without auto tune. Im genuinely interested.

  41. DB Sin

    So you’re telling me this guy is a terrible man because he cheated? There are so many people who cheat and this guy is hated on like he killed or raped someone. You people are sick to hate on someone who did something so many people do. I’m not saying it gives anyone a right but it is sick to ever comment under someone’s passion with sick comments. If you don’t like what he did than don’t go on his channel and leave it alone! Your view means more than your comments so just stop. Let’s not forget dr disrespect cheated on his wife and he still has a fan base. Stop being idiots. These people realize their mistakes control your own lives and get off channels you don’t support haters🤦‍♂️

  42. uoıʇnloʌǝɹǝɥʇsıʞuıdʞɔɐlq :3

    Noooo!! Why are you ruining my baby’s songs lol

  43. maddi person

    Beautiful as ever. Thank you for giving me 3:22 of happiness. I just.... You have a talent. I hope you become a huge artist so everyone can hear what an angelic voice you have.

  44. Beni Bean

    am i watching deepweb???

  45. S L O W E D . M P 3

    I’m mad he’s bad person.. BUT I LOVE HIS VOICE 🙄

  46. Alexandria Noble

    That's alot of auto tune with a shitty personality.😉

  47. ry -


  48. Silviheak T

    You’re too extra

  49. guynumber20

    fucking butchered the song you creep fuck you

  50. BRAzzγ•NIδUE

    1:38 why dude?

  51. Ashlie Payan

    Why do people have to be so hateful towards other artists? He is trying something and being extremely creative, If you dont like it you can leave. But honestly his voice is amazing and I love these videos all creepiness aside.

    Ashlie Payan

    Not all people are hateful, just a few. I don't wanna put down a blanket statement for a few sour attitudes.

  52. MartinaDINDONDAN

    Omg you are amazing.

  53. Good night

    The Billie Version 2.0 👌

  54. • Kessia Błůe •

    I LOVE THIS! <3

  55. Vineoo

    you're a good singer, just dont make creepy contents

  56. Extreme Spider

    why the fucking vibratto effect? it sounds so fucking weird smh. and the auto tune. jeez

  57. It's Just Celeste



    don’t do billie like this

  59. Hanna Grygiel

    This is art

  60. M I N D

    You need to stop being rude, Even if he is a "terrible" Person. he Can Change, HELL, He Did Change. To think he's terrible then your terrible for saying he is.

  61. Wildflower Arr

    Hey Richie,
    I know you don't know me or the few loyal supporters here for you still but I want you to genuinely say that we care about you. Even though we don't approve of things you've done before, doesn't mean we won't stand for you still. From watching you for years, I can see your hurt so badly and I really hope you get something to help you feel better. You're a human, we all make mistakes. We care. Don't listen to the people coming to give you hate, because only you understand and feel what they don't know. I'm sorry that people can make you feel as another human being, awful. You're just needing a push and the people still standing for you, care and want that . I hope you're doing well.

  62. graziele câmara

    1:38 COME BACK!!!😈😈

  63. Hailey May

    I'm getting the queen vibes with this music video

  64. caitt

    good voice

    shitty person

  65. Kaylee Lane

    Ew wtf is this

  66. And A Pickle

    This is really beautiful.

  67. gacha lover sabrina

    the lyrices are good but the faces are so cringy

  68. Smiley Celest

    billie eilish must be so disappointed

  69. Juliette Dawn

    No more Billie for you 😈😈😈

  70. Jocelyn Soriano

    What's with the thumbnail?

  71. Senpai Gigx

    Handsome daddy

  72. Diandra Duarte

    Listen to me guys. If you did not like the cover so ... JUST GO TO THE HELL. He has a perfect voice, and do a great job, if you do not like the way this is, you're a little uncomfortable, just go watch another cover. The video is here for watch and appreciate, not for you who does not have anything to do and say those shit. I loved the way that he express his feelings, and I loved his voice. Stop criticizing and do it better.
    Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I am a Brazilian girl

  73. Emma Dunn

    Okay I understand the hate towards him and his personality and how he’s “showed his true colors” but, we have to remember, he is still human and has feelings. I believe he has a lack of feelings himself for the things he’s done in the past. The only thing is, do we really want to make him sugar through all the things he’s already heard a million times? Im not taking sides, im just trying to share my own opinion on the comments.

  74. xcloudy toonsx

    What did he do that’s his personality is so bad?

  75. Annika Wolfe

    His voice actually annoys the shit out of me

  76. Joyce Liang

    Your cover is always the closet to the original both musically and aesthetically

  77. L0ser

    Damn people!! Leave the poor guy alone!! If you don't like it keep your damn comments to yourself! He's still human like everyone else here!! Even tho he does different things then you doesn't mean you have to leave a rude ass comment about it, you know how many people put up with this bull shit?!?!?!?!? They kill themselves over people telling them rude things, he can do whatever he wants!!! We're all human!!! We're not perfect! It's so pathetic how people are saying shit about him, leave him the fuck alone, I think the song is good! And yes I know what he's done, but damn! Logan Paul made a mistake and people forgave him!!! Some did, but that's how people are, so you guys being rude to him for making songs is so damn pathetic!!! You guys probably don't think about that do you?!?!? No!! Because you people just want to talk shit! Whoever reads this, probably no one, I want this comment to get liked, that probably won't happen anyway!! Ricky, I hope you keep going and don't listen to these people, ignore them, even tho its so hard, but you have to keep going.

  78. Irrelevant

    Congratulations you ruined a good song

  79. Alex Henry

    i live for this.

  80. Robbie Davis

    Okay okay okay so I had to listen to it before I could actually watch it. I kept giggling. Damn dabbs and your face popping all around the screen had me trippin. I got myself together and watched it. Lmao. Dude you are epic. The hate comments are hilarious because we all fuck up big time. You’re talented and that’s all there is. You do you boo!!!

  81. Connor

    Why do terrible people have to have the talent

  82. Ella Brandstater

    This is fucking weird as shit

  83. Famous Corgi

    Please stop hating

  84. Isidora Espano

    please stop wearing those contact lens

  85. Grap3juic3

    shit video
    shit voice
    shit personality

  86. Fatimah Alkhalifah

    I am sorry, I’m new.. Why does he/she get so much hate? What did they do?

  87. Jojo \_•_•_/

    The call me back part with the scary blood freaked the hell out of me it’s 12:00 damn

  88. Addison

    Oh this is a very unique twist. Not in a bad way. ^^

  89. 3mily corwin

    okay, i am so, *so* done. i understand that richie has made some mistakes. but, newsflash people: people make mistakes. every single person reading this has fucked up [BIG] at least once. so can you save your opinions? really, did anyone ask you? my mom always taught me this, guys. *if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.* richie is an AMAZING artist, and if you can't see that, and fail to accept the fact, then don't bother taking the time to tap on his videos, and leave very rude, unnecessary comments. thank you.

    love you man.
    a loving fan, emily. 💕

    Hailey May

    Thank you!!!!!! I have been restraining from commenting on any of Richie's videos because of haters! Thank you so much. You said what I've been dying to say

  90. Emma Indie


  91. Bean Okafor

    When you're torn between liking or disliking because it's Billie, but it's sung by an asshole.

  92. twofacemusic

    one thing... how tf does he do that shit with his eyes

  93. Darian Hyde

    The most touching cover by far

  94. autumn.kaspbrak

    Auto tune
    Good video
    Terrible personality
    Horrendous makeup


    He is TRYING to be “edgy”. Richie is Goth.

  95. Afinx Gacha

    I just clicked on this?? I mean i dont know the song and who the guy is but can someone tell me why people are hating on him without typing the lines of ( OMG YOUR SO DUMB AND STUPID ( and start yelling at me because i dont know?

  96. earthtoaisha

    Im gonna kill myself now

  97. Riley.Gach.a aa

    *Billie Ellish has left the chat*

  98. Gustav Wiggen

    I love ur songs and covers, their amazing🔥