Social Repose - Unravel Lyrics

Oh, won't you tell me? Please just tell me
Explain how this should work

Well now who could it be, that lives inside of me?
I'm broken, lying helpless, shattered
Surrounded by the world

And yet, you're smiling bright
Completely blind to life

My ruptured lungs; they were left this way
For once, I'm out of breath
The truth I seek, never felt so bleak but
I maintain my depth

I'm breakable, unbreakable
I'm shaking yet unshakable
Until the day that you find me

I'll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence
Consuming life-force 'til I grow distant
Don't bother searching for somebody like me
A fading no one
I don't want to hurt you, it's not my nature
A monster born from dusk to dawn can't be your saviour
Remember the me, the way I used to be

As who I still should be (as who I still should be)

The isolation spreads and tears
Those happy days pierce into me
These lonely memories cease to care
They spread throughout my history

I'll never move, I'll never lose
I'll never move, I'll never lose
I'll never move, I'll never lose you
Unraveling the world

At once, I start changing
Yet everything's remaining
These lives I felt would join as one
They fade away before they've begun

I'm breakable, unbreakable
I'm shaking yet unshakable
Until these hands contaminate you

I'll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence
Consuming life-force 'til I grow distant
Don't bother searching for somebody like me
A fading no one
This lonely space held into place by someone crazy
Shall melt away like dawn to day as things get hazy
So please think of me, the way I used to be

As who I really should be

So don't forget me
You can't forget me
You won't forget me
Please don't forget me

With changing inside I'm completely paralyzed
Remaining corrupt as I wish for paradise
Remember the me, the way I used to be

Oh, won't you tell?
Oh, please just tell
Well now who could it be
That lives inside of me?

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  1. Humble Be9st


  2. Milo Buckner


  3. Cameron Headley

    I’ve been a big fan of yours for about 3 years now through the ups and downs and I’m still here I was wondering what would it take for you to duet me on tiktok @mr.brightside04 it would make my day man

  4. Roxana Dorigo

    Holy fuck

  5. ꧁Abraham JustoYT꧂

    what?? xdddd

  6. georgette maricielo reyes vargas

    The best cover

  7. 素民児連

    from JAPAN

  8. Jugo De soya :v

    ¿Alguien que hablé español :v?

  9. T-Birds

    Khe vrga :v

  10. Tender Cloud

    WOW Cooool!! :,D <3

  11. Karla Garcia

    Wow, I don't have words for this awesome cover.... so AWESOME

  12. Baddest BITCH

    You're pathetic and you really do have the ego of an anime boy.

  13. Baddest BITCH

    No one's going to forget what you did to Jaclyn.

  14. Baddest BITCH

    Go to hell.

  15. Sloth Eat World49

    This man is disgusting

  16. Abby Mitchell

    Will you do something like this, but just be you. Without all the get up. Fan request. Please ❤ i just want to see richie.

  17. Zanz YTB

    Okay shinigami ryuk...

  18. Deth Kok

    Looks like a dark souls boss lol

  19. Ellie J

    i wanna hate him so bad but this shit did something to me. favorite anime everrr🖤

  20. JJ Ascencio

    I don't comment on videos. That being said. THIS IS EPIC! the translation was legit. The singing omg, I can feel the emotions through. The custome and style of of video was perfect. Not going to lie I've watched this video a couple dozen times now. Awesome job. Definitely subscribing and stalking your other videos currently lol

  21. Jose Luis Lenis

    like si tu cabeza exploto con esta cancion XD

  22. Lars Marklund

    Wow, just wow, i love it.

  23. lαυяα иανα


  24. Diana Lombardo

    Amazing 😊

  25. Solux

    stop wearing headdress its disrespectful to all natives

  26. Lis Rinder

    Woooo,this is impressive

  27. Eli Shelton


  28. Official Smulcancer

    Nice cover you fucking thieving piece of shit

  29. Ultra Super Saiyan

    Please please do what’s up people from death note! :D please like this so he will see :D

  30. Mitsuki dugas

    Omg I looooove this its awesome

  31. Marii.9k_

    i love tokyo goul no werid shit

  32. AngelAvenger

    I like this cover better than the original just saying.

  33. 黃柏瑞

    actually,there is one moment that I think he is YASUO..........

  34. Mirai Xoxo

    That emo twist though.

  35. Princess Ichigo

    You suit this song 😍😍😍😫😫😫💕💕💝💞❣️💓💕❤️

  36. Delightful Obsidian

    I've git chills when i listened this

  37. Henry Gerald

    i got goosebumps just listening to it....holy shett😂

  38. • Nezuko •

    oh no he does anime openings now,,

  39. Destiny’s Animations


  40. Nika Stepanyan


  41. NOL

    O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. ariWaii

    Ive just remembered how depressing was for me to watch tokyo ghoul

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    Im gonna be honest your could have been an awesome ghouk design. Awesome cover btw!

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    Why was this so perfect though 🥺

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    Woooo ❤️❤️❤️✨👏👏👏

  46. Jessica Dunbar

    oh my god stop screaming at me so sexily

  47. Rainbow_Ninja441

    Yeah cheater autotune sounds great !

  48. MajorOta-kun

    When my otaku life and emo life have merged into one...

    I haven’t screamed so hard in my life

  49. anbu55

    Didn't expect to run into a Dark Souls boss in a Tokyo Ghoul theme cover music video

  50. WavyAnt

    We need more of that falsetto

  51. Noxturnal

    I’m so addicted

  52. Parden

    I feel so bad for forgetting this chanel for years, and now I came back and I'm in love again. Never going to forget Richie agaaaain ;-;

  53. Gary Weihn

    Your so amazing !! I’m so proud of you!! I hope your parents know you are a genius!!

  54. PCPol

    Still loving it


  55. Onikatta Borshiro

    it's not the same since the syllables are off... still good job.

  56. Prettyinblack

    Yes Dad!

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    I could see new Richie being a ghoul.

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    Exquisite outer coating 😜😍

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    This is really amazing

  62. DiamondTMZ

    why does this have only 100k wtf?

  63. Nothing Nobody

    That was......EXCITING! Entertaining AND it sounded on point. I have to say, maybe I was wrong about you; you do have a lot of talent and potential.

  64. Lord Jack

    Quanto tempo.. saudades de Tokyo ghoul

  65. Ultimate Gaming

    I didn't think this would be good but it's like actually amazing

  66. Welcome To The Rice Field

    Why is it only 98k views .. seriously

  67. 미호

    귀찮아! 일본어 적어야겠어!!!!!


    오시에테 오시에테요 소노 시쿠미오
    보쿠노 나카니 다레가 이루노
    코와레타 코와레타요 코노 세카이데
    키미가 와라루 나니모 미에즈니
    호도케나이 모우 호케나이요
    시인지츠사에 Freeze
    코와세루 코와세이나이 쿠루에루
    유레타 유간자 세카이니 단단 보쿠와
    스키토옷테 미에나쿠낫테
    미츠케 나이데 보쿠노 코토오
    다레카가 에가이타 세카이오 니카데
    아니타오 키즈츠케 타쿠와 나이요
    오보에테테 보쿠노 코토오
    아쟈야카나 마마
    무겐엔니 히로가루 코도쿠가 카라미루
    무쟈키니 와랏타 키오쿠가 사삿테
    오고케나이 우고케나이 우고케나이 우고케나이
    Unaveling the world
    카왓케시맛타 카에라 레나캇타
    후타츠가 카라미루 후타리가 호루비루
    코오세루 코와세나이 쿠루에루 쿠투에나이
    아니타오 케가세 나이요
    유레타 유간다 세카이니 단단 보쿠와
    스키토옷테 미에나쿠낫테
    미츠케 나이데 보쿠노 코토오
    다레카가 세카이데 코도쿠가 와나니
    미라이가 호도케테시마우 마에니
    아쟈야카나 마마
    와스레 나이데 와스레 나이테 와스레 나이테
    카왓테시맛타코토니 Paralyze
    카에라레나이코토다라케 Patadise
    오보에테테 보쿠노 코토오
    오시에테. 오시에테.
    보쿠노 나카니. 다레가 이루노.

  68. 미호

    일본어로 부르는중ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    중간 중간에 핵갈려서 결국 일본어하고 섞어서 부름ㅋㅋㅋ

  69. 100 year

    Very good

  70. Chris S

    Not trynna hate but he’s losing ideas so I can see why He’s going for Anime covers again I’m not hating

    SkyMaster Albani

    anime cover's', isn't this is the only anime cover he sang?

  71. Goodbye_Juliet

    Let's collab

  72. BetaHuskyNL

    I kinda liked jonathan young’s better, but that’s because of his translations

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    Nigga Looks Like Something Out Of Nier Automata.

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    I still don’t like Richie but that’s sick

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    일본 애니지만 잔인한걸 좋아해서 빠져버려는데



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    whoa when he hit the high note I just got goosebumps holy shit ❤

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    I love this anime you did a amazing job love you

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    Узнал о тебе через реакцию Билли Айлиш , сначала ты мне напомнил Мэрилина Мэнсона внешне, но вокал у тебя совершенно иной... Мне нравится, как ты снимаешь клипы и поёшь... Ты делаешь огромную работу и казалось бы , что unravel уже всем надоел, но мне очень понравился твой кавер именно экстрим вокала, скрима я и ожидал, и хотел, и получил ... Спасибо тебе !!!

  90. someone that hates you

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