Social Repose - Moving On Lyrics

I sleep because I'm bored
Being awake is such a chore
I sleep to get away from all the things I can't ignore

Cause when I'm awake all I hear is the whisper in my ear
What's she been up to, you need to listen, what will you do or say

And honestly I don't want to talk about it
It's been 3 months, I don't want to hear about it
She found a new man, she's excited about it
But go fuck yourself for telling me about it out of spite

I have this feeling deep down inside of me
She wanted that love so unconditionally
But that need for love is probably
What makes her move on so hastily

But anyway, thanks for asking if I'm okay
I'll tell you I'm fine but what does that really say?
There are more important things in life coming my way
But for now I'm going to sleep and there I'll stay

Cause in my dreams nothing ever seems to fray
If I kill myself nothing happens, there I lay
And when I wake I'm feeling better than yesterday
But I'll never forget when I made you walk away

When I stood atop that staircase
I knew it's the last time I'd see your face
You turned and gave me a hug goodbye
It hadn't clicked, I saw it in your eyes
That I'm the man you loved but also despise

And it makes me sad to hear your name
But I hope that you're happier now
And maybe one day, you'll forgive me somehow

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Social Repose Moving On Comments
  1. Christine Vanderheiden

    Lol I love how people act like they have never hurt someone. Sure...maybe you didnt cheat on your significant other...ok good for you. But every single person on this planet has permanently scarred someone emotionally. Hate to break it to you. Am I condoning him cheating? Absolutely not. I've been cheated on many times. But it definitely was NOT the most painful thing I've experienced. He fucked up. He knows he fucked up and feels bad. He has.some inner turmoil I'm sure. I can tell. But no one has the right to judge someone for fucking up. Someone's behavior is separate from who they are. And if anyone wants to say that's not true fine...but guess where I learned that? The over 20 times I was in psych wards. I dont know if he is mentally ill. I definitely sense a depressed affect in his mannerisms and body language. I am severely mentally ill...obviously. and I have done a lot of horrible things because my brain completely shuts down when I'm triggered and I do crazy shit. Then I kinda come back to reality and I'm like well fuck...and I feel bad. So I can emphasize with him. And I know I have no right to judge him. No one does. He is a it's like having all these people following you around every where pointing out all your flaws and mistakes and why you're a shitty person. So...until you experience that...see how clear you think then. See how ridiculous your decisions will be. No one is better than anyone. So if people feel superior because they're always did something else to someone that hurt just as bad. Or worse. No one is perfect. Fuck. Love you richie 💖


    for someone claiming not to condone cheating, you sure as heck are justifying the crap out of it. yeah he fucked up, badly, cheated then played the victim card, played the "please pitty me" card, and make Jaclyn look like the asshole (see the video Truce as an example).

  2. Maxzoe

    Love the song, hate why it was made..

  3. Kat Mikelson

    Revisiting this now really makes hindsight 20/20.. Cancel culture damages people. Internet relationships are so public and when they end, especially in this way, it's brutal. I'm so glad both sides have found peace. Keep making amazing music and working on yourself. It shows that you've been trying.

  4. Sophie Nyu


  5. sierra xo

    He’s so ugly that he looks scary

  6. Özge Çimen

    You are not a victim. You dirty cheater.

  7. nasa

    ur not and never will be a victim

  8. Messalina

    Creating this at the same time you did "I want to be happy" and uploading it later as if it's a new thing and new emotions... Yeah, right xDDD

  9. Dio Brando

    Dont bully him pls....

  10. Tabitha Leon

    Accuses her of "moving on too quickly", cheats with multiple women through the relationship. Fucking dumbass.

  11. Josh _cornbread

    Anyone else think of 21 guns by green day at the beginning?

  12. Alexis Caroline

    Not taking any responsibility for your actions much?

  13. cyrus day

    Is the base 21 guns by Green Day?

  14. Marissa Williams

    My husband and I used to listen to this song together because we loved the way it sounded, turned out he was cheating on me the whole time. this song has a new meaning now. I knew what it was about, but now I know that my soon to be exhusband listens to it thinking of me. :(


    I'm sorry :( I hope you're doing well

  15. JT Games 81

    Sounds like 21 guns lol

  16. Ashleyyyyy124

    I don’t like him as a person but I love the way he sings.

  17. Reign Delacore

    I'm back to listening to this on repeat, the meaning is completely different for me...
    Look at these comments, you'd think Richie was the first man to cheat on someone... he's not. I never liked ___________ because everything about her seems fabricated and made to order, oh and that crazy fake smile with serial killer eyes is just a side note on why I never liked her. I'm not religious but I don't go around making fun of religion and creating a public persona as the ultimate atheist, people do shitty things and I just kick back and wait for the karma to kick in... She's done nothing but benefit from being with Riche and look how she became the ultimate victim and he the ultimate villain... FFS people she was in a video called VILLIAN with him...
    Damn I'm moody today, back to the self-loathing and regretting just about everything in my life which just happens to be on the fast track to ending.
    Mercy Kill was totally worth the wait.

  18. unknown 0000

    I’m having a really bad finger cramp right now.

  19. Lindsay

    I relate fully...edit. After reading the comments. Some people are just insensitive and thats how it is it a person doesnt like that then they shouldve left when they realised that. Instead of making themselves a victim. Just saying.


    jaclyn did leave after she found out about him cheating.
    also he was the one who acted like the victim through all this, hell he even used suicide in order to get people to sympathize with him

  20. thegamingbulldog 17

    You abusive peace of shit so you cheat on her but it is not ok to move on you moved on in the fucking relationship you man whore of your fucking sad good for you you are emo so you do not act like a man and its accepted you pussy your life is no harder than anyone elses its easier then mine you wanna challenge me go ahead ill tell you my fucking story you emo bitch to his fans you disgust me he is a terrible man well maybe woman we do not know he does have alot of makeup and you respect him and watch his videos giving him money sure i am but im not watching ads he should be put down for everyones fucking sake go ahead talk about my typos because that is the only thing you can truly disagree with isnt it

  21. Newa Williams


  22. Zyanna Beast

    Nigga how are you trying to play victim? Maybe if you never cheated on her with 4 different woman, and stayed loyal towards her you would’ve been happy. But since you wanna be a piece of shit and end up ruining her life why the fuck you gonna try to say you’re the one hurt? Quit being a clout chaser and hop off social media.

  23. Skidaddle skidoodle

    You’re really fake to us

  24. Melsandbilsavacados

    I'm so sorry :(

  25. issa chicken

    youre making it seem like you here the one hurt, like you are moving on and getting better.
    but shes the one managing and feeling better bc you hurt her.

  26. Genaro Angeles

    This weird

  27. Six Pack Of Soda

    You know it's bad when there's no bottom right Richie

  28. Lindsey Gore

    Omg y'all know nothing about this man except what ya see on his vids.... QUIT BEING FUCKIN MARTARS AND ACTING LIKE YOU ALL AREN'T HUMAN AND YOU'VE NEVER MADE MISTAKES... GET REAL!

  29. Spooky Min

    To the persons in the comments: If you're here to hate then just don't watch the video

  30. robert segura

    So I kind of stopped following the shadow a few years ago. Right around the time they did the fake marriage thing. What the fuck did I miss

  31. guy

    Just got broken up with. I seem to be a reoccurring problems in relationships.
    Was listening to this before then. Changed my whole life for it too. Maybe being alone is best for not only me but for others too.
    I'm sorry.


    *hate the sin, love the sinner* is my constant thought when i repeatedly keep seeing these cheating comments after it has been about a year almost after the whole incident. he has a good voice and he could go far, he may be called toxic by many but he did what he did. everybody move on already.

  33. Mike angel

    Is anybody else noticing that Richie is smiling while he's singing this song? Isn't this supposed to be a sad song? I would understand it if this song was about him trying to act happy while he's secretly miserable but he's not trying to act happy he's trying to be sad so why is he smiling while he is singing? I know it's pretty late for me to comment on this video the video is like 6 months old or something like that and I know that nobody will probably notice this comment but I've listened to this song over and over again because even though I don't like the lyrics of the song it sounds really nice even if the instrumental sounds like the beginning of Green Day's 21 Guns and I like the way he sings it but the fact that he's smiling while he sings this has always really bugged me and I can't believe no one else in the comments has noticed it I know no one is going to pay attention to this comment that's why I didn't comment sooner but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

  34. Septo

    Honestly man, you don’t deserve the hate you get for what happened. I feel your pain. We make mistakes, that’s life. I respect you and you actually inspire me with how strong you really are.

  35. zha spt

    21 guns ?

  36. Anna Biotics

    I wind up here too often.

  37. Xace101 GamerX

    You fucked up bro

  38. Adia Law

    She didn’t even move on that fast tbh ? How can you say that she’s the one who has a constant need for love when you’re the one who fucked multiple women during your relationship with her? It’s so selfish and you act like you didn’t do anything wrong it’s so fucking petty and annoying. You’re lucky she still cared about you

  39. B C

    Ok. I’m 17 and I haven’t been this petty about a breakup😂

  40. The_Gaming_ Gay

    I’m been watching your music videos for 3 hours.. since 9 to 12

  41. zaherh bik

    plzz just stop

  42. blabla lala

    ur a piece of shit

  43. MellowTeaa

    yeah but can we do a quickie in the bathroom

  44. Keira Brodsky


  45. MLN

    You cheated. You hurt her. Probably for attention and for other people to feel sorry for you

  46. Shane Dawsonis lifes

    What do you expect. Eventually Jaclyn was going to find out that you were cheating on her many times. (Btw your in some weird shit man, your texts to her are weird af)


    I'm fucking tired of these people hating on this guy, he's a fucking god.

  48. Amara marie

    Honestly, I see where he's coming from here. He's not trying to play the victim. His way of healing is most likely through music. Just because he wrote a song like this isn't saying anything about that. Richie is a human and humans make mistakes and just because he is the supposed "bad guy" doesn't mean that he's not hurting too. Richie is still a person that I will look up to. Social Repose, "stay sad, but not too sad.".

  49. Dantel Rodriguez

    Nice ❤️

  50. Laugh Zilla

    The fuck is that outfit

  51. deana owens

    gosh i cant stand u i used to love u ya pervert unsubbed lost all respect from u

  52. pecan baby

    We all make mistakes none of us is perfect, so give Richie a break. So he was unfaithful and maybe done it before, he's hasn't murder anyone plus it's none of our business really.

  53. Lee Taylor

    you're a horrible person and you look like an emo big bird but i dig your songs

  54. Morgan Scott

    Your situation reminds me of Alexander Hamilton’s.
    Stay strong my dude 👌


    when I listen to you, I fell like not killing myself, keep up the good work.

  56. Yuri Plisetsky

    Well, you shouldn't have cheated

  57. Emily D

    If you don't want to talk or hear about it then STOPP MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT.

  58. Not Mad Just Disappointed

    It’s Socially Repulsive again

    Not Mad Just Disappointed

    Also I like the song but I hate him and his voice, plus the reason this song was written. Boohoo you cheated on someone and now you’re mad about the backlash you’re getting because of it

  59. BeepBoop •

    Loved it

  60. Endless Blue

    You can all hate him but there's got to forgiveness at one point I feel so. Bad for him I hope he finds a wonderful women to forget about Jackie with and he DOESNT GIVE UP I learned to forgive and forgot now it's your turn

  61. Snickered

    shut up cheater

  62. Gamer Stars

    How dear u cheat on someone with more then 2 people 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️fuck u mate

  63. Trollguy222

    You are disgusting sociopath human being. You cheated and and you are trying to make your self the victim. You disgust me. You and your nasty af texts your ex showed us. And I was a fan of yours 🖕🏻

  64. Leyla Lanie

    Awwwwww diddums,
    You must be really upset that you cheated and got caught, not only that but then she left you 😭

    Your not the victim this time and you can't pretend you are anymore


  65. Ooze-It

    LMAO, this is about the worst shit I have ever heard. Yeash!

  66. Sunny days


  67. Raves

    *Just one more booty pic ?*

  68. Polar

    Why didn't you capitalize the tittle? ;-;

  69. diana n

    Holy fuck im not judging but what the fuck is he wearing? I wonder how he gets that off

  70. Meghan

    “Just one more booty pic”

  71. Meghan

    Bro wtf is that getup. Also you’re a cheating POS so stop looking for sympathy :)

  72. Orchid Reaper


  73. Mr. Barkington

    She's the bastard and deserves *HELL* for what she has done to you , your the man she should love more than anyone because your special , she's the dirty asshole and deserves to fuck herself.I love you and will always. <3 :)

    ashley jane

    Wolfie The Weird One ew.

    Mr. Barkington

    ashley jane Why ew?

    ashley jane

    Wolfie The Weird One he literally cheated on her MULTIPLE times with multiple different women. And you’re saying she deserves hell? Are you mentally ill? Just an honest question.

    ashley jane

    You seem young. You should stop looking up to sociopathic losers on YouTube.

    Mr. Barkington

    ashley jane If you don't like what I said then why don't you just stop saying rude stuff.

  74. Jeff Javens

    I hate to say this...but...the song is good.

  75. Elias Requena

    How does demon eyes

  76. Thuy An Le

    Why do people hate him so much??????? Seriously. You don’t even know what his heart or personality truly is outside of YouTube. Ignore the dang haters and go on.

  77. Space Octopus

    im trying not to feel bad for him but damn this song gives me feels

  78. Caycee Keck

    This song is really good and it made me sad that means it’s good 🙃

  79. Yourworstnightmareinlife

    my stomache is churning with the disgust im feeling if i didnt know who the real problem was in the relaitionship i wouldve felt some pity but thinking i felt slightly bad makes me vomit i hate cheaters and this makes my trust issues vallad

  80. dead, but only ironically

    i mean he seems like a nice person and in my eyes he’s pretty talented, and i don’t know much about the cheating thing, but good job still.

  81. Mikaela Swiel

    fuck you man! you played her and i hope you pay, you cant do that to a person

  82. Music Chaser

    *hugs him* Poor thing

  83. Terilynn Strickel

    Stop blaming her for what you did. Victim blaming is what's wrong with this world. I know from experience; it isn't the chick's fault at all. So who cares if she's so pissed off at you, she doesn't care about you and is moving on to MUCH better things with her life. You wasted a year of her life, cheating on her the whole time, and you're showing no remorse at all. It really shows why I never was a fan of you, only the music. Now I'm not planning on supporting you. 👌

  84. Little Emø Kitty

    Am I the only one who thought he actually was moving on ugghh should have know

  85. ყմղɠ ժɑցցҽɾ ժíςƘ

    highkey bought this art on iTunes 💗

  86. Vincent

    I like how people make such a big drama out of him cheating just because he's popular. If he was a random person on the street you wouldn't care either, Richie is just as human as we are and moving on from mistakes is important. While yes, he's popular, he isn't superhuman and he will make mistakes like any other man would make. If he or Jaclyn wasn't popular, not a single person really would care if he cheated on her.
    We need to stop judging popular people more harshly than unpopular ones.

  87. erin breidenstein

    You suck 😂

  88. Harmony Cotter

    she despised you cause you cheated on her

  89. Dude From Nowhere

    You cheated repeatedly, and we are supposed to feel sorry for you?  It does not work that way.You are Evil.  Yes, you are a Satan Worshipper.  Lucifer would be very proud of you.

  90. Exotic Butter

    You didn't deserve her

  91. Angela Ziegler

    Well i feel no symphony for you

  92. Phil Salmon

    I heard this 2 days ago and it gives me goosebumps. I was scared of loose my relationship even if everything was great. Today she boke up with me I'm just destroyed

  93. Etta

    This douche hurts people so he can make depressing "art" to exploit mental health issues to his young emo audience. Nice.

  94. Vanessa Rose

    Good go move on your still not getting one more booty pic

  95. Sinead O'Keeffe


  96. Usagi Tsukino

    You deserve all of the hate you receive.