Social Repose - Mercy Kill Lyrics

Drowning in the morning
Drowning in the evening
Drowning when you're sleeping
Drowning when we're meeting
Kiss the ground beneath my feet
Mouth full of concrete
Now you sink when you swim
The constant defeat

Drowning in your feelings
Surrounded by my demons
Drowning in the secrets
Too many I can't keep in
Bleeding out from the hole in your chest
Needing rest
The outcome was anyone's guess, what a mess

Fill the hole with the same concrete
Then the cycle will be nearly complete

Your heart will beat again
You need an ending to begin
Kill me with every could have been
By picking the fights that you can't win

Drowning in the daylight
Drowning in the hindsight
Drowning when you're breathing
Can't help when you are sinking
A clouded perspective removes the alarm
I didn't mean to cause so much harm
Your shattered frame will never be the same
Love of your life to a beast with no name
It's difficult to say his name even out of context
The letters stick together like pain is just a contest
Have a good look in the mirror and pull the trigger, it's self defense
In order to fix your heart you have to kill your innocence

Or keep filling that hole with more concrete
Always sinking means the cycle will repeat

Your heart will beat again
You need an ending to begin
Kill me with every could have been
By picking the fights that you can't win
It's not an if it is a when
Your heart needs time to mend
Kill me with every could have been
By picking the fights that leave you torn open

It's never enough, never enough
You were never enough, it's never enough
Always chasing enough, wanting enough
But it's never enough, never in love

Your heart will beat again
You need an ending to begin
Kill me with every could have been
By picking the fights that leave you torn open


Your heart will beat again
You need an ending to begin
Kill me with every could have been
By picking the fights that you can't win
It's not an if it is a when
Your heart needs time to mend
Kill me with every could have been
By picking the fights that leave you torn open

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Social Repose Mercy Kill Comments
  1. mikenactor

    That tuck is fierce... for real though, this is wonderful :)

  2. Marco Jaimes

    Amazing voice my dood👌🏼

  3. Little Carol

    I really like this song. I think great job on the video too.

  4. Chase mClary

    where penis go? Can I do that?

  5. Gonzo Muppet

    this reminds me of Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs

  6. ale halee

    How the fuck am i just seeing this peace of art

  7. Duck Wells

    This hurt my heart being so close to home.
    But it is simply amazing lyrically, vocally and visually.

  8. Cheese & Pepperoni

    Hard to believe this song is almost 1 year old, feels like it was just a few weeks ago

  9. Kasane Kujiragi

    Autotune much?


    No. You're just looking for another reason to be an asshole.

  10. Rēd møøn

    i was the biggest fan that blows away all that dust.

  11. So baka


  12. Nika Stepanyan

    Why is this not going viral oh god it’s so goo

  13. Monique Major

    I love his music he is extremely talented but someone feel me in on the white powder in every music video???

  14. Christine Vanderheiden

    Love the song...but god damn it stop covering your teeth! They give me reason to wake up.

  15. Joe Keaveney

    I've never cried more to a song than this.

  16. Dallas Mendax

    this is a discount miley cyrus wrecking ball video

  17. Sarah Buckner

    Incredible. Absolutely incredible. The imagery here is so raw and deep. I love how you portrayed the metaphors and messages. Amazing work Richie. I love your art.

  18. Labrador Lane


  19. Snow

    Alright - I know this is not every comment but it needs to stop.

    This is to the people who are /still/ leaving comments about him and Jaclynn. Stop. You're not making yourself look any better then him or any form of Drama channel. What you are doing by leaving your thousands of Hate comments telling him to 'die' and how 'disgusting he is', is called H A R A S S M E N T. And CYBERBULLYING. It makes you that /even/ more of a disgusting person. Yes, he has fucked up multiple times, but so haven't you? We all make mistakes, you are not perfect - Don't judge, it also doesn't have any form of concern. Please do not act as if you are any better then him because we all have been to the point where we fucked up. Yes - maybe less severe, but still fucked up. He is human, not God. Get that shit outta here.

    That's all out of the way now.
    It was a lovely video!

  20. Cxdy

    Richie if u see this its from all ur fans we love u dont stop making music u have so much talent.

  21. ArtOfSin Design Studio

    greeting from greece. love your music, i am so sorry it had to come from so much pain,but i am happy at least you can express it in such beautiful ways.
    never stop creating , art is everything, art least for me. i wish you the best.

  22. Dalia Brenes

    I still love this song :) <3

    It's 1 am LOL

  23. Adrian Jasper Sucher

    Beautiful. I love your artistic expression :)

  24. Jules Dolan

    Cocaine addiction

  25. Jamie D

    Chorus sounds eerily similar to Red, particularly the song Breathe Into Me.

  26. Madame Stitches

    Starving yourself for thing feels overkill...

  27. Izzy Samantha

    This is so underrated.

  28. kammeron Horton

    I hate to say it but he’s actually sexy asf in this video

  29. Eve Penova

    I have to say I feel this song so deeply.. the whole video expresses how I felt when I stopped eating for nearly a month.. the moment I took off the chains was the moment I fell apart and felt the weakest

  30. Christine Vanderheiden

    Love the video. Love the song. But you covered your pretty teeth!

  31. Trash Burger

    This is a fantastic song! Don’t agree with a lot of his choices but this is good shit

  32. self titled alex


  33. Stacey NG

    The meds help tho

  34. Haydes

    omg this actually showed up in my recommended, maybe it’ll gain more traction soon... sad to see such little views on such quality content that obviously took a lot of fucking work to make

  35. Nicole Wulf

    Who else is here from the Facebook video about not eating for a month?

  36. devil heart

    richie be careful this isint such a geat a great vid idae your naked arnt you worried some one will pause a the right monent to se your balls floppedout yea

  37. Snow Blind

    them teeth thought

  38. L Bird

    I love the lyrics. You need an ending to begin resonates with me.

  39. Audrey Roberts

    i don’t like that i like this

  40. Maggie Cherry

    I showed my boyfriend this song because I can’t stop listening and he was judging so hard. I don’t even care because this song is awesome :)

  41. Mary Sommer

    Please, never stop making music!

  42. MJA1018's Gaming

    This song + video gave me goose bumps, it was that good.

  43. MJA1018's Gaming

    Wow... this video has got a really powerful message with a really catchy song. Phenomenal Social Repose!

  44. Madaline

    I havent checked up on you in years, but this song is pure fucking gold.

  45. Dream On Fire

    Oof <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 love you and this song Richie!

  46. Qwertxy

    I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the pills represent anti - depressants, and he's taking them, but he's taking too much, and it's having reverse effects, so he's thinking about killing himself and hoping he'll reincarnate? The lyric "You need an ending to begin" sort of proves my point a little?

  47. The fat idiot Stewart

    YOUR A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. My Chemical Emotions

    I love this song so much; you deserve much more recognition for your talents.

    Lynnie Shaw

    My Chemical Emotions this song is so goddamn good. His production skills are very good and everything sounds perfect. Not to mention it’s just a really well written song.

    My Chemical Emotions

    @Lynnie Shaw Right? This genre needs more exposure too.

  49. Yoruchi MMD

    Is this music video/song about eating disorders/bad body images?? Because that's how I took it..

    Kite Man Dan

    I don't think there's one definitive thing that it's about. I didn't think that it could be about body images until now. But now that I think of it, I can see it.

  50. Rickannigan

    f in the chat for his pp

  51. Leonardo Rapada

    I honestly expected more chains lmao

  52. Juliet Nerming

    He would be a great method actor.

  53. blacK stonY rosE

    This song never applied to me until this week :/ Thank you Richie <3

  54. Geneva Harrison

    I'm in love with this man's music 😍

  55. chase lawson

    did anyone else notice how the song is called mercy klLL instead of it being mercy Kill? i love this song btw. its lit

    Kite Man Dan

    I just noticed that. I put it into Word and toggled the case and it stayed the same. It's an absolute value/divider line. That's strange.

  56. sabrina t

    Please stop

  57. Jura Jefremov

    that's why u don't do drugs kids

  58. JordonTheo

    I feel like this is a Gotye ripoff...sounds similar to "Your Hearts a Mess" and almost an identical structure.

  59. Micaela Barraza

    After watching this long after the upload I feel likes it's about Eugenia. I might me stupid and that could've been the reason for the song all along, but it just got to me now.

  60. Kit Murray

    This song and video are so deep, it definitely hits

  61. ilian ilianov

    I love this sooooong

  62. J~Lyn

    Kill it with fire!

  63. Afriana *

    I wanna cry at this song

  64. Afriana *

    Wait..I’m confused

  65. Emer Kelly

    he looks like my ex so im kinda sad now

  66. Benji

    Odio la asquerosa persona que eres, pero amo tu musica hdp

  67. кира сиамская

    Прикольно, но бедные яйца!😂

  68. Sharla Nunes

    i love it

  69. Melancholy Blight

    all of that hard work paid off. this was beautiful and relatable. I feel inspired by watching you make your art. it's beautiful


    Why was I thinking through out this whole video, *does invisaline count as grills* ?


    I have invisaline and I was thinking the same thing lmao

  71. xXxLPstarJoyxXx

    You should make more music like this, I can't stop listening.

  72. Witchy

    I'll never understand how your music hasn't blow up yet... All your songs are beautiful and you put so much effort into everything.. I hope someday you make it to the top charts or mainstream stuff, but either way your fan base loves you! Really happy you're back btw!

    tooth r0t

    Tasty Yum it’s cause he’s just an asshole looking for attention by bringing his friends down lmao


    @tooth r0t I don't care, nor bother myself with someones personal life that doesn't affect my own. Someone's talent shouldn't be measured by stuff like that. Hate bandwagons are for sheep.

    tooth r0t

    Tasty Yum so, let’s just say that you love a band. You then find out that that band shot up a school and raped a bunch of kids, would you still love that band? Cause as you say; ‘someone’s talent shouldn’t be measured by stuff like that.’

  73. мσтнliиg

    After the whole hiatus thing, I almost wanna say this actually about social media

  74. Better Now

    I love this so much! The song is great and the music video is way out there. Giving me Billie eilish or Melanie Martinez vibes

  75. cai simpson

    I don't care he's made mistakes but like I adore his music

  76. Dalia Brenes

    I love the dedication in each one of his videos.

  77. SSslushii

    I hate you as a person but even I gotta admit this is pretty good
    okay fine
    *it's really good*

  78. jelke v. middendorp

    Wait where the f is ur 🐓

    jelke v. middendorp

    I watched this about 20 times and now I just noticed hes not wearing his underwear

  79. Stacy Manning

    Miss you, hope all is well. And that u come back to us soon

  80. Bachi

    Lmao is this a joke??

  81. Naqib Azman

    Stop scrolling the comment and enjoy the music.

    Ps/ i heard this song a hundred times already. And its still a good music to my ears.

  82. jaq nah

    This slaps

  83. Kai

    Hits hard due to my own abuse of pills

    ❤ Beautiful song regardless

  84. sam tickles


  85. Shoogle8

    Never enough-well done!

  86. Mary Sommer

    Come back, Richie and Scorn!!

  87. UBU NOIR

    I seent sum nuttz @ 0:51

  88. Samee Armitage

    Absolutely love this song..🖤🖤🖤

  89. fvr

    this is sooo aethetic

  90. Fenex Fox

    I love the song but i beg everyone to look at the captions for the song XD

  91. AleshiaTV

    lol what a cringe fest

  92. Albina Khamadalieva

    This begging looks a little similar to “aurora- warrior” song actually)

  93. Katherine White

    I love this song

  94. Sage Lindsey

    I love your voice and videos but what you did to Frank was ring but I love this song

  95. BulmaChan

    He may be an asshole but dam can he make meaningful music

  96. 2-D

    I remember that I used to watch all of your videos and I was here when you only had filthy pride and if you’re thinking of leaving you should, I miss this

  97. xvツ