Social Repose - Lowlife Lyrics

Old suitcase, clean getaway
I'm the one who takes the blame again
New day but the same lines
I feel like a victim of the dollar sign

All these years on my own
Fight my fight all alone
Till you came, don't you know
Don't you know

Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife (lowlife, lowlife)
Take a shitty day and make it alright (yeah, alright)
Oh in every circumstance
Yeah you make the difference
Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife (lowlife, lowlife)
(Lowlife, lowlife)

This bad taste, these headaches
Wake up on the floor again, ah yeah
My torn dress, this failed test
Soon they will be erased

All these years on my own
Fight my fight all alone
Till you came, don't you know
Don't you know

Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife (lowlife, lowlife)
Take a shitty day and make it alright (yeah, alright)
Oh in every circumstance
Yeah you make the difference
Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife (lowlife, lowlife)

And I get so lonely
I can't make it on my own
And I need to call ya
"Can you come to my chateau?"
Take me in your arms and
Hold me tight yeah pull me close
Whisper in my ear
All I want you to say is

Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife
Take a shitty day and make it alright
Oh in every circumstance
Yeah you make the difference
Baby you're the highlight of my lowlife (lowlife, lowlife)

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Social Repose Lowlife Comments
  1. Tiger Mafia

    Anime Title

    Naruto : Zetsu’s clones Musical unleashed!

  2. BoiledMushroom

    Its like watching a AI

  3. MercX SM

    Poppy has left the chat.🤣

  4. Nick_UwU

    i scary :,v

  5. Park Sneha

    Lol guys this creeps me out

  6. Jonathan Iamartino

    Jesus I’m peeking and my oh fuck

  7. Jonathan Iamartino

    Suck people mean and get wasted or die old and alone pathetic way to eitherout like a ember inthe ashes

  8. Jonathan Iamartino

    Good work it’s not easy doing it without nothing but your vocal chords wanted to piss on ya but you got skill so my respect I’m one of the few that can say I’m sa less rich peer only in a multi instrumentalist and vertuoso o the upright bass and just about anything you can string so I naturally get my inner bastard riled just because I’m not allowed to be in your game ! To bad your not I need of anything else :)lol peace oh but next time erase the texts that was quality female you wasted

  9. Xean Ball

    This sounds so similar that even tries to copyright you

  10. Randy Davis

    Imagine this thing chasing you down a barely lit back road lmao

  11. Kenzi Mi

    Fuck uh can't spell lyrics where she literally praises Satan but in backwards..

  12. Xavier Figueroa

    Holy shit. x3 What??

  13. erix angel

    Wath scary 😭😭

  14. ItsMe Jingo

    Disliking sorry but ur to creepy ur so *****

  15. Conor’sleft Titty

    Errrr never coming back again soz bye

  16. xxxtentacion

    Am I still alive

  17. fp roblox

    I'm just singing along...... -

  18. Gold

    Am I high

  19. Mia Holland

    Ah I don't like this

  20. Dirk Diggler

    i am drugs

  21. Vianey Tadeo

    Okay but why does he look like the 2nd dad of caroline's dad lol

  22. -Hãłíÿ Thė Kïttëñ-

    Your the highlight of my -happy life- ~LowLife~(lowlife) take a shitty day I’ll make it alright (alright)oh and every difference you make it diff-erent (different) -lol I’m too lazy to finish this- IM DEFINITELY NOT LAZY ._.”

  23. leona thur

    Cloe thor maybe those are black lens!

  24. h o n e y`

    that head shaking just creeps me out 😨

  25. Xxgacha- -gloryxX

    Is this what he does when he is bored

  26. Keisha Wilbanks

    As much as I love poppy... This song was made for you...

  27. Kate Noswatudidthere

    My 9 brain cells after finishing exams and instead of sleeping i listen to poppy

  28. Kate Noswatudidthere

    The bottom right is the creepiest

  29. kawaiiplush

    this guy is me when I smile into my mirror and try to be cute

  30. kawaiiplush

    ok, what fucking fuck

  31. Tyler Palazzo

    I think it's time we start an Official Bottom-Right Richie Fanclub.

  32. Kayla Atkinson

    I fucking love this creepy and beautiful at the same time

  33. NUMB Milan

    I have nightmares🤣

  34. Daffy Goose

    Showed this to my cousin and it scared the s**t out of her

  35. {•Jäsøn Brøkëñ•}

    I'm going full screen, pray for me

  36. Eva Burnette

    1:42 top middle



    Use me like
    "Guess who's not sleeping tonight"button

  38. ThePatrickShow

    Looking like the long faced version of other father in Coraline

  39. TraP CaT

    This os creepy

  40. el fantasma firulais

    What crepy? 😖😱

  41. diário de uma stranger

    Im scared

  42. Leandro Moreira

    Oh my god, this guy is so sexy.

  43. Panchal Vedant

    I dont care bout video but the song was amazing
    Good job
    Btw I love poppy


    Reversed this video


    That's even more scary than poppy😂

  46. El Tio Derpy Hooves El Weon Retard :v

    I like moré this than the original xd

  47. Totally Acting

    This is creepy and it’s the first time I’ve ever watched one of their videos

  48. Craig Hiroz


  49. white5mage

    ayyyy lmao

  50. kuutebol

    what did you bring upon this cursed land

  51. Ripla flame


  52. Lucky K

    Mother fucker;; bicth

  53. Fox

    0:40 bottom right: ARE YOU OKAY!!!! OMG

  54. TheGreens

    Sees face


  55. Mariya Aliana

    I have a crush on him .

    It sounds weird but yeah

  56. EverSeena Ghostbefore

    this isn't even a fucking acapella you dumb ass

  57. Afzal Ansari

    Stop doing all this👿

  58. Afzal Ansari

    And what you doing is also seen by Children's as well

  59. Afzal Ansari

    You are crazy

  60. Afzal Ansari

    I thought that you are doing all this things to became popular you must see a psychiatrist

  61. Tam ChowChow

    0:11 Alien Richie :Is... That a carmera?
    Richie: *camera
    Richie:ugh, just shut up and get off ma lawn!
    *slaps alien*
    Alien:Roblox Camera oofs

  62. Scotty Weißmüller

    Why is his mouth so big and autotuned

  63. Kirra Suba

    Awww. So cute.

  64. Ktoś Normalny :D

    You are more scary than poppy

  65. Lucas Romano

    When you find that you are 0.00000000000000000000.1% emo

  66. Katie

    This looks like the game My Singing Monsters.

  67. The Grand Beardwank

    do you have dooovde?

  68. Jargz 3

    him and poppy would be awesome
    if they sing together.That would be cool

  69. Erick Fernando

    Bizarre... I like

  70. jeremy whitaker

    That was incredible

  71. Sushil Rajan

    Scary of course but it is the feeling when you are sad and thinking about it.

  72. Sushil Rajan


  73. Patrick Miller

    are you that one guy that dated that hot girl

  74. Okay Abby

    dawg why you have to ruin every good song.

  75. Amanda Fariss

    Love this it's way better then the original just my opinion

  76. Lolly Stacey

    this is creepier than poppy i don’t like this

  77. Arlette F.

    ok but he looks like the white zetsu lol

  78. Mark Dawson


  79. Syni

    The one at the bottom right makes me like "PERSONAL SPACE BOI"

  80. a k

    Wait....what are u sir?

  81. Maltha Mateo

    Acapella no lleva musica

  82. The Sneezing cat

    Wow 2 points for effort

  83. Poker Face

    I scared

  84. Lisa_BLINK_ARMY_ROBLOX Tae es mio

    SO YAKI 😫

  85. Katie Noor

    What is this....

  86. Poppy ‘

    I love 💕

  87. Mia mia

    Bitch I am shook wtf

  88. Ander Pegut

    Ok... This is very creepy

  89. Baby Ansari

    bichhh fuck of u
    all pipl

  90. Baby Ansari

    bichhh fuck of u
    all pipl

  91. Lana Del Slay

    Why is the bottom right hand corner Doug's Hollow form?

  92. Rei Galaxy

    Why does he remind me of the other father from Coraline?!?!

  93. FelipeE'Sch

    Omg this probably is the most creppy that i never seen.

  94. sire aventuras

    Me dio un miedo orrible no vuelvo a ver este pinche video

  95. LiL G00Py b0Y

    you seem like a cool dude! and i really dont want to hurt your feelings...but this genuinely gave me nightmares

  96. Disco Heaven

    Sing lady gaga song