Social Repose - If You're Thinking Of Leaving, You Shouldn't Lyrics

What the hell did you think would happen?
When you moved out west and used that pen
To sign your name on the dotted line
And objectify who you've created

It's not that hard to have your name on
Hollywood boulevard
That's what you tell yourself
Cause that's what you want to hear
And you know you're gonna hear it

You're all used up now
Yeah, they hung you out to dry
You made your father cry
But let's be honest here
You don't care about that guy

It's not that hard to have your name on
Hollywood boulevard
That's what you tell yourself
Cause that's what you want to hear
And you know you're gonna hear it

So you think that you'll go far
Just by being who you are
That's what you tell yourself
That's what you want to hear

It was a simple distraction and you can't remember
The place where you came from
A fatal attraction
Your imagination caused over reaction
And now all you need is your home
But your old home was a house full of people that need you
And they were the ones that would never deceive you
But you took a chance and went out on your own
And now look at you
Look what you've done

It's not that hard to have your name on
Hollywood boulevard
That's what you tell yourself
But you're wrong

You're so

It's not that hard to have your name on
Hollywood boulevard
That's what you tell yourself
Cause that's what you want to hear
And you know you're gonna hear it

Please come home
You won't be judged

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Social Repose If You're Thinking Of Leaving, You Shouldn't Comments
  1. Sarah Mccullough

    If your thinking of leaving you should is STILL MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of his songs.. I love the others obviously but that's where the appreciation started.

  2. Alind Laiyne

    Im legitimately confused as to why youre not famous yet. Your music is amazing I just dont get it. But I am kinda glad that Im the only one I know who listens to you..😅

  3. gage fletcher

    Is this song on amazon music

  4. Jenna Sheets

    This music reminds me a lot of Jefree Star

  5. hope dies

    This is abuse.

  6. Katy The Gamer

    I love this

  7. EmDieLess

    Thats the shittiest title ive ever seen

  8. Jasmine .A

    I love social repose but I'm very empathetic and after watching 5 videos you drain me so badly #emotionalvampire now I feel everything and its taking me into depression 😫great!

  9. that one commenter no one likes

    I hate your vids but your music it's it's amazing SHIT I LOVE ALL YOUR FUCKING VIDS GODDAMNIT

  10. Taylor Layla Katie

    2018 anyone??

  11. Kelsi Elizabeth

    This is soooooo beautiful!!!!! I love it I love it I love it

  12. Bottom Right Richie

    This isn't the song I thought it was


    I love this song❤

  14. weansly the emo

    What is that song he used in the outro?


    weansly the emo If you’re thinking of leaving you SHOULD (not capitals tho) or Filthy Pride.

  15. Can I get a Uhhh

    I feel edgy

  16. Hollie

    Richie you are so talented your music is amazing and so creative it has pure emotion in it which calls out to me and your fans and I hope that u never give up singing I appreciate u and if music 😊😊

  17. Sarah Midnight

    Please come home, you won't be judged anymore....

    That hit me hard

  18. Kfiz

    So much screaming, I'm not used to this and I'm scared.

  19. pelly jo

    this was when he was good to me

  20. MoJo

    why do i feel like this is about Johnnie, or the rest of the people the Bryan fucked over? @mojothepanda

  21. Kitten Music

    I love this song it has helped me through a lot of rough times in my life and I'm glad I discovered you and your channel anytime Im feeling down from my depression I watch your videos and it helps me get through the days

  22. rin

    I'm getting tøp vibes I lOVE IT!

  23. SnoopzzBoo

    man he's freakin amazing!!!!

  24. simon

    I'm going on a major spree re-listening to all of your songs because I'm seeing you on tour!

  25. lib

    Why can't I buy this???

  26. Jorja

    I love dis song

  27. Kayla Torrez

    This song is so amazing i love it hope you sing it on a live stream someday

  28. Ella Q

    The little bit yet perfect amount of screaming is what gets me, it's fucking perfect

  29. Haiden Mariani

    Who else feels falling in reverse suck

  30. SaphiraKrieger

    so should I stay or should I go

  31. Spicy moon


  32. not gnarly jace

    Okay Richie, should I stay or should I go?

  33. sadish teen


  34. benjamin simpson

    this reminds me so much of car radio by top

  35. Cupcakeparty gaming

    should I or should I not? You are confusing me Richie...

  36. Cracker 0001

    you should definitely make this song available on google play. your amazing with your music and I can't wait to hear more from you.

  37. Chelsea-Inez Foss

    I'm going through a really hard time right now. I've lived on my own for 3 years now and I no longer am able to. I am caring for my disabled mom and we'll be sleeping in my car. Your music and your youtube has stopped me from doing something bad or going under. Thank you for existing. 😢😭💔

  38. amber greenwell

    original said ''should''

  39. H. Adams

    I know, I'm late, but WHAT IS THAT OUTRO SONG?! ;-;

    (No, it's not If you're thinking of leaving you should)

    Minmax weebl'n'bob

    The song is called "Echo Fades"

    H. Adams

    Minmax weebl'n'bob OMG THX! FINALLY



  41. Nikki Long

    It's raining outside and I have the window open while I'm listening to this. Richie's music and the rain go so well together ♥ Well done!

  42. Destiny Dawn

    damn it. do I leave or not?

  43. Blu

    this made me emo again

  44. mattyonionnn

    I should lyric prank my sister with this.. cause she move when she was 16 with her douchebag boyfriend

  45. RandomStranger

    This should be on the radio instead of that pop music with no emotion,heart,or care

  46. Shannen Themartinist

    This is a good ass song 4 seconds in

  47. Phanic! at the social armyplier repose disco

    I want this song....


    Good one Richie

  49. Kill Headshot

    i use this songs in my channel, i like your job

  50. Collin Pizzo

    easily his most underrated song

  51. faith morrelle

    i love you Richie you so awesome is anyone says other wise don't listen you have an amazing talent you inspired me to sing i couldnt sing before cuz what people kept telling me and laughing at me and you helped me get passed that you are such an awesome person i love you so much i listen to you a lot me and my cousin love you

  52. Em Fletch

    This gives me so much confusion bc I'm in the position of thinking of leaving ahahahdfjglhlhofjdiduakakdnfjd

  53. dead m8

    *Should I stay or should I go goddamnit*

  54. tnt


  55. ToxicFate

    Loved the song Richie! Good job ( I'm late on this train XD)

  56. Em Fletch

    Okay so because my memory is terrible but does this kinda give you like a third person vibe from the song 'if you're thinking of leaving, you should.' Like a follow up from a few months or something later after she left?

  57. cosmicdissonance

    With this song im feeling inspiration from not only twenty one pilots, but also La Dispute and Hollywood Undead; could just be me.


    in my opinion your Songs are to Happy.

  59. Macy M.

    Recently fell in love with this song <3

  60. Brooke Ryan

    Nice job!

  61. Alex Aaronheart


  62. coltonkimbrough

    Woah, this was posted on my 13th birthday

  63. Cretin 666

    why. why does this exist.

  64. Trix Bryson

    So should I leave or stay?

  65. Loaghen Larson

    Jeez Richie make up your mind should I stay or should I go

  66. John the fanboy

    2:28 starts why I was reminded of Donald Trump from this song

  67. michael scott

    what catagory is this. Emo!

  68. dexvoan miller knight


    Alex Aaronheart

    Google YouTube to MP3, click the first link, enter the url, download WINamp, op n the file is its Winamp, plug in your divice to the computer with Winamp on it,

  69. Jason Powell

    I like this song its really good keep it up richie

  70. Mryeeterman

    this is dooodooo

  71. Plu Is Fine

    I like this version much better

  72. shadow suffix

    you the man Richie


    I thought this was gonna be a black metal song

  74. Jack Coupe

    you should honestly upload this to spoify

  75. Mia Botha


  76. EndZiiel

    Ad-block isn't working!!!!!!

  77. We Are Twenty Øne Piløts And So Are You

    Still my Fav❤

  78. Gon Freecss

    This is so good, but the thing that I wanna know is what is that ending song?

  79. Michael

    aaand she left

  80. Erica Clark

    Wow love it!!

  81. WireTorch

    god damn the screams in this are perfect... You can feel the emotion

  82. baboot this song is named the same as the one he plays on the uke?

  83. Noah Carrier

    best song sequel i've ever heard tbh

  84. Oshawott32

    whats weird is this one didnt end up going on yalta... though it would've been cool

  85. Colton Seay

    I love it bro please keep up the great work.

  86. Malvika Rk

    This is great!!

  87. PierceTheDecade

    I don't know why... But this song just gets to me.. In a good way... The lyrics and the instrumentals are on point. Great job Richie! :)

  88. Aakanchya Bhetwal

    His voice is just 😍😍😍😍😍💜💜

  89. Yuki Cross

    I looked through all of the songs in his playlist.... WHAT SONG PLAYS AT THE END OF HIS VIDEOS?!

    Kawaii Unicorn

    "if your thinking of leaving you should"

    Kawaii Unicorn

    the one at the end of this idk tho


    Yuki Cross if ur thinking
    Of leaving u should

  90. Dere Mansion

    You sound like a young trace Cyrus but in my opinion I like your style more an I'm more of a heavier style (guilty pleasure)

  91. Marcel Mais

    This so extremely similar to TOP which isnt a bad thing so rock on mate.

  92. 6t6yl6

    Can this be played at my wedding and when I walk up the stairs to hell I love this nice one Richie

    Mikaela Riley

    Down you mean? Down to Hell not up.

  93. definitely celeste

    this is a beautiful perfect combination of falling in reverse and pierce the veil help

  94. Ace Hettenhausen

    This reminds me of We Don't Believe What's on TV.

    Cause what's on TV is what we want to see
    and what we want we know we can't believe
    we have all learned to kill our dreams

  95. Sabwen Nivarch

    wow. so encouraging.

  96. Ghetto Gothics

    brah give up on the emo music all of us are dinosaurs now

  97. GamingWiz

    Love the song

  98. SoThatHappend 2020

    ughh love it Richie ❤❤💚❤😛