Social Repose - I Want To Be Happy Lyrics

I want to be happy
I want to be happy
But how can I be happy
If I don't really like me all that much

Struggling to be relatable
I feel so out of touch
Do I give the people what they want
Or is this just to much
Well focusing on my happiness
Can feel just like a crutch
Cause it comes and goes but mostly goes
When I'm craving human touch

But Richie you should smile more
Watch your health decline, it's such a bore
Stop complaining, they don't watch anymore
When you're the one that closed that door
So keep playing the victim you selfish whore
You're an evil man down to your core
And your flaws are impossible to ignore
When all that pain is sold to those who use
To adore you

She can steal my canvas altogether
Paint her picture in the center
But those feelings cannot linger
When the empress is my mother, still
Can you play another cover
Can you sing my favorite song
Can you pander for another couple minutes
This feels wrong

Can we keep things on the surface level
And stop looking so disheveled
Your peers are watching and they've decided
That you're a shitty role model
I'd say I don't care but I do

I don't think I can do this
I don't know if I can do this anymore
And I'm messed up but good god is this what you bargained for?
How much blood is enough for you?

I want to be happy
I want to be happy
But how can I be happy
If I don't really like me all that much

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Social Repose I Want To Be Happy Comments
  1. kay

    This keeps me stable when i was on the edge of suicide. Thank u richie

    But dont cheat lmfao

  2. Angel odneal

    I don't give a fuck what people say. I don't care how many times you fuck up. I will be a fan for however much longer I'm alive. You're not going to get the approval of everyone. So fuck them. Your music means everything to me. I understand how you feel completely. I hate myself down to the core. I am nothing but a piece of shit. But I don't see you that way. I don't judge you Richie.

  3. Labrador Lane

    You have a real talent, Richie when u put ur mind to it, u make beautiful music.

  4. Chase McDaniel

    Write a song all about yourself. With yourself on vocals and all instruments. Also dressed up like a goth native American(also youre white)
    This is pure narcissism.

    STOP whining....

  5. Messalina

    She can steal my canvas altogether paint her picture in the center, - yeah, that's all you are - empty canvas. At least she can paint :D I have a feeling that lots of comments were deleted over time because your original idea didn't work. And you're wrong - it wasn't too much - it was just shit. And it stinks no matter what you do and how much you try. I wonder, am I getting to you already? Are you taking notes? "Learning" what you did wrong, so you can use it in your songs? A true narcissist can't resist reading a comment about himself. And it's a free material after all... So, here's an idea - you could write a book about a psychopath already, just by copy-pasting most of the comments. Don't delete them - USE them. That's all you can do anyways. Embrace it.

  6. Surge Devil boy

    I want to be happy, I don't know if I could do this anymore by social repose

  7. windmill ¿

    Beautiful 🖤 good job Richie

  8. Ela Rios

    How about not cheating on your partner or just in general not be a dick??

  9. Eldorado Texas

    Music sucks, you are a grown man wearing makeup. But hey, I gave it a chance. 3 minutes of my life, wasted.

  10. cory twigg

    Don't cheat then m8

  11. Rhi Floyd-Crabbe


    Rhi Floyd-Crabbe

    Pass it on to spread awarness

  12. Elena Westby

    used to

  13. Kenzie Suzanne

    I wish I could write as well as him holy fuck

  14. Rhiannon Hausel

    All I can see is about him cheating. Can we please just look at his music and art and not constantly bring up his mistakes? Imagine you are putting your passion online and just being constantly bombarded with stuff that you messed up in your life. I'm not agreeing with what happened but geez let him show his art and instead of saying crap he already knows why not truly pay attention to his art and comment on that?

  15. evelyn moon

    like dont cheat and shit'll get better

  16. evelyn moon

    We love you. Stop being a dick tho. Ly dont kill meeee

  17. Melanie Jane

    I like this, I like you, I don't like your actions all so much. But I like you :) learn to like yourself,f it comes in time, I've been there. I promise I gets easier <3

  18. jack o

    jesus i love his music but i fucking hate his man

  19. fran is a fweak

    I know you cheat,it's really wrong. You apologised,that's good. Why are people judging you from your mistakes and wrong doings only? Like what the is this world?! But they have to admit,your songs are pretty good. I'll be there till the end Richie(unless you do something illegal)❤

  20. Eli_Tomac_Fan 668

    Is everyone thick?? It was depression. He bushed it down so much that he began acting out without thinking about it. Not consciously seeking comfort and love to heal himself. He is playing victim because he is one. When he realises and snaps out of 'the zombie state', he pushes people away in fear of hurting them, but he does not know this because he is a puppet on strings, controlled by depression.

  21. lost dreamer

    i just wanted my parents to tell me :"Good job" ...

  22. Lia Lyons

    Wait.....he was lip syncing! I saw!!! Still has quality content😺

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  24. Davina Torres

    Dumb playing victim to get likes booooo

  25. Debra Groovy

    I really like this song. (cry for help, maybe?) Playing victim or not everyone should really stop throwing stones. We all do shitty stuff. We just don't throw it on YouTube for people like us with our dirty little secret of watching the dramas. Anyway, the song is really good. I dated someone like this guy. It's painful and I understand Jaclyn leaving. I left mine also. But this dudes a cry for help. Even if it seems fake, the thing is we never know. Best of luck to them both. But I love this song and relate to the words. I'd buy the CD. Ps. people should never tell anyone on social media, or face to face, that they should die. It's really uncool. And you will feel like shit about it later in life.

  26. Izecands Candies

    Wait I don’t think this is what you actually feel.........right? Nahhhhh

  27. sefera workman

    hey bud its ok I love your channel im just a kid so who should I know wut to do but ive been thro this man just forget her well im a girl but just forget her she was very good I think you were better than her :D

  28. Emily D

    Okay but can we just be honest... HE'S DOING IT TO GET TO HER AND HES DOING IT TO PLAY THE VICTIM. HONESTLY....I used to love watching you and yeah you should be happy but just stop doing this

  29. no longer in use

    it's going to be hard to forgive *and* forget

  30. Mallo Magenta

    Why do people just want to die... Like why... he used to look like a normal guy but now he’s playing dress up for these videos also, did he like tattoo his eyes or some shit

  31. LilyofftheValleyFX FX

    I love this

  32. Amber Boswell

    keep the openness. it's real and honest and reachable. i think if you continue how real your more recent original music is even if it's simple, it's beautiful. it doesn't have to be complicated, it doesn't have to be crazy, or shock value. real raw and open is beautiful, it's where some of the absolute best music in the world comes from. think of disturbed's cover of sound of silence, people are strange by the doors. simple touching. those songs are masterpieces. and this style of layered vocals is a pretty iconic towards you and allot of people know you for it, it's not bad. Billy Joe Armstrong said in rolling stones magazine like forever ago something like some of the most best music comes from a depressing place and I know that's not like word for word but I kept that copy of the magazine forever because of that interview. depressing music is healing. it shows just a deeper level of emotion than just telling a story with lyrics. keep up the good work and I'm rooting for you.

  33. toxic q

    Same though

  34. Marshy Mellow

    so u cheated on jaclyn but you know what you have every right to be mad!!
    She took the canvas
    but what will she paint on it?
    You can never harm the hand that draws
    She wont refrain
    And the ink will stain
    And nothing can erase this now.

  35. melon

    Often times when somebody's truly suicidal, they *DON'T* want other people to know, and they don't talk about it. Because if people find out, than that might actually stop them from doing it. committing the act. Social Repose appears to be doing this because he thinks it's a way of receiving affection

  36. Lola Richards

    It is really hard to be relatable when you’re a cheating piece of shit!

  37. oh its impossible to get you off my mind

    My life in a song

  38. !めぐみ

    Honestly, the only reason why people are still commenting on shit that happened like 5 months ago, is because he has quite the following. Not defending him or anything, I don’t particularly like this person either but come on. Get over it. Do you know how many people cheat? Probably half the fucking population lmao. It doesn’t make it right but, the only reason anyone gives a shit is because he has subscribers and a platform where you can talk shit anonymously. Might as well find every cheater ever and tell them to kill themselves too while you’re all at it.

  39. dumbutt

    Well maybe if you didn't cheat on your partners you would

  40. ash ley


  41. Myla Starseed

    Some of the most twisted souls have such incredible artistic abilities.

  42. Alexis Delgado

    What came in mind was “Bullet” by Hollywood Undead.

  43. CJ Willis

    I found your channel today via a YouTube commentary video you did. But this is the video that convinced me to subscribe. I love your voice and your music in general!

  44. Roodles_Doodles

    Didnt you cheat on your ex tho?

  45. Toilet Maggots


  46. bob bruh

    Question....too much for what though?

  47. Katelyn O'Neal

    your just trinna make yourself seem like the victim and thats a total bish move i love your music but like stop being the victim and confess to your sins

  48. Carolina Carrillo

    Your scary and ugly ahhhhhh!!!!

  49. hai im StUpId

    Not going to liy but you cute

  50. Kaviix

    I may dislike about him cheating and such , and I don't respect him for that , but let's separate his personal life from his work/art , because I still enjoy his music , and I won't let what he did in the past affect what I enjoy to hear , so yes I'll keep being subscribed to him, even though I don't enjoy or accept what he did as a person , I respect what he does as an artist


    Kaviix What does everyone mean when the say he's a cheater? What happened that I don't know about?

    Itami Kurobara

    ya he cheated bla bla but that was also personal stuff that she brought up first all he said in his main video was that they broke up he didnt go too into detail she is the one that started this on social media ya he cheated thats fucked up but its her fault for putting it out there and play the victim for everyone to see people make mistakes just move on dont bring other people into it like she did

    Wakaran -chan

    Kaviix see the problem is that he makes nothing about anything but victimizing himself and antagonizing the ex whom he cheated on

    Violet Moon

    Kaviix totally agree🌟

  51. Orphanage Of The Lost

    Ur so Cool!

  52. Mills Cool

    C'mon you can be happy,I'm worse I nearly killed myself, I'm over it now but you will be fine

  53. Katarina Ross

    Ok then.....

  54. Kitty Chan

    U can be happy this goes for everyone 🤗 Get the Amino app join Bisexuals and more and add KittyChan
    I'm here for everyone of any type
    It's my own personal amino So yea
    Social Repose I love the person u are and u can be happy add me on Amino I'll be there for u ok!!!?!?

  55. Sky

    the thumbnail made me think of frank Iero. anyone else?no just me...k

  56. Zoey Johnson


  57. day

    Don't cheat and this would never happen. Also, get over it like your ex. She's happy 😉

  58. LittleOwlAnimations



    LittleOwlAnimations How?

  59. Faye J

    God his face is so punchable

  60. AmyJoe Random

    I want you to be happy because i care!, Try surrounding yourself with people who except you for who you are. I wish I could think of more advice to give you... Just know that I care ❤️

  61. maddypandy101

    You dont deserve it


    maddypandy101 You dont deserve to watch his videos.

  62. creepypasta Young

    Ohhh I can relate to this BTW I love ur songs

  63. Nitro 111

    he sounds like brendon urie from panic at the diso. and urie is a great singer just like him

  64. Tre Monk

    Why the fuck is this dude on all my recomended. Not doggin on you dude but this isnt the stuff i watch on youtube lol

  65. YC 03

    U can break it. 😊😊

  66. mxlk

    Classic emo...

  67. Silent Gaming

    I know how you feel.

  68. amanda Derp

    Everyone makes mistakes I guarantee at least half the people in these comments have cheated grow up

  69. Charlize Kulluarlik-Barnes

    whoever dislikes this, fuq them then

  70. Bitty Oliver

    She's a shitty role model? You're the one that did everything wrong..

  71. 感情的


  72. Neø draws

    why i think you are the most amazing person i seen ever in ma life? i only seen a few videos omg,i just cannot even. When i will be writing the last letter i will leteverybody know that you are amazing(and im saying it tho i bully sometimes)....

  73. Forgotten Memories

    Your very cool ^^

  74. EWillDo Thanks

    Richie, keep working on yourself. You'll get there. Wanting to be happy is the first step toward being happy.

  75. Deutsch land

    Love this fucking song "Awesome"🕺

  76. ian Oakley4570

    don't we all

  77. ZAHTAE33

    You are a weirdo but this song is actually good

  78. TyroneisWhite

    Want to be happy? Want to stop getting hate? Stop dressing as the demon in death note.


    TyroneisWhite You seriously think that's the only reason why he's getting hate?

  79. A Note Less Than Three

    Haters gonna hate Richie 🖤🖤🖤

  80. Salty

    Look creppy,

    But i like dat

  81. Evelyn

    I used to like you. Emphasis on the word USED right there.

    Fuck You.

  82. ://I am a rainy day//:

    He is amazing.

  83. -.- plusisenpai

    you know yourself, and you don't like it. you want human touch, but you know it's better not to. i admire you as an artist. just keep going, but please, try not to hurt anyone else!

  84. Icy Hotz

    If your serious in this song, you don't always need to do what we ask if it puts you through stress or whatever it is your feeling. Or take a break more often, don't feel like a slave (I don't know if that's the right word) and do what you please. Your not evil for feeling like your missing something, because you might be and it's called freedom. You don't have to do any of this but I'm just concerned. So Richie, want a hug? \(○^ω^○)/

  85. I sold my soul for a bag of tortillas

    Im sick of you haters. You say, "Why does he still have fans?" And "You suck". If. You. Do. Not. Like. Him. Then. Why. Are. You. Watching. Him.

  86. fentybleach

    my mood in a song

  87. Ty Ty

    Stop cheating then.

  88. Lottshorse

    Keep coming back to this during study and have it on repeat on my spotify.... I love it but god it's heart breaking

  89. Radical

    Richie I am getting the feeling that you are trying to play the victim ever since the Jaclyn drama please try and move on you started this yourself now you have to move on. You cant just continue dwelling over something you did or you will be stuck in a dark place and you will never be happy

  90. Sketchy 1

    People who dress like this are mental I'm so sorry im being rude

  91. skull bunny247

    Well hunny, let her be happy and grow up. Then maybe you'll see that what you're doing is stupid and pointless. you made your bed now sleep in it, goodnight

  92. Emily Fries

    This is so so so relatable....except I didn't cheat on my gf numerous times and continue to play the victim card so I can keep the very few viewership I have....but besides that!

  93. GarrettWatts is my spirit animal

    This is so relabtle to me..

    Love you Richie ❤❤

  94. Smore

    One word


  95. xuxuxu

    no one cares.

  96. Social Repose

    This is now on iTunes and Spotify

    lina gonzalez

    Social Repose good. it sucks.

    Rose Posie

    Social Repose why would people want to listen often after you cheat

    Krystal Dotson

    Maybe you be happy if you didn’t cheat on your girlfriend and then act like the victim