Social Club Misfits - Last Song Of 2011 Lyrics

Broken dreams over killa beats
Takin' Tylenol just so I could fall asleep
Cause I ain't slept in days, somebody help me change my ways
Social Club misfits until I hit the grave
And sometimes love feels like it's so far away
Never try make a fans only kids who can relate
This goes out to all my people who feel like they out of place
We the ones born to change the world, God don't make mistakes
Everybody's gon' die, some people won't pass heaven's gates
But the beautiful exchange happened when He took my place
We ain't talkin' souls of me, what else can I say?
I know I rock the heavens every time that I pray
No tears for the one girl who got away
I know that the Lord's got somebody better on her way
My knees hit the ground every time that I wake
Trust in God 'cause a lot of things don't go my way
Been stabbed in the back, been cheated on
They say the pit before the palace, I just see a wrong
Need to fix some things inside of me and be alone
But I'm not alone, I got the King who's on a throne
I told the pastor, "This house don't feel like a home
Not the house that I live in but the church I'm going"
2010 my pastor still believed in me
2011 my pastor don't speak to me
But that's the way it goes, the way it goes
It's my fault, I chose to walk the lonely road
But I don't regret it
And that's the funny thing, because when you do is when you become pathetic
2012 I really don't know where I'm headed
But it's not about me, I just know that He directs it
I know my life is in His hands
So why should I worry when it doesn't go as planned, I'm good

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