Social Club Misfits - Enough Lyrics

[Austin French:]
I was born to walk through the fire
I was made to run through these flames
Yeah, even when I'm broken and tired
You are enough, enough, enough

And I know you've been feeling like nobody cares
Looking for love everywhere, but nobody's there
Your secrets are hidden and buried deep inside
You try not to show it, but all I see is pride
All I see is fear, that's not welcome here
Fight hard, persevere, slowed down, switch your gears
Focus, make this the year
Yeah, you're hopeless, give Him your tears
And I remember going through the same thing
All that weight on my shoulders tried to break me
Father stretch Your hand down from heaven, please save me
I'm holding to the promises that You gave me, You made me

[Austin French:]
I was born to walk through the fire
I was made to run through these flames
Yeah, even when I'm broken and tired
You are enough, enough, enough

Yeah, lately my prayers sound more like complaints
I'm trying to fight insecurity while balancing faith
Nobody ever changed the world by playing it safe
When you're afraid is the only time that a man can be brave
So, don't tell me God is silent when your Bible is closed
I know that I'm far from perfect, but I wanna be close
Even on this broken road I know that God's in control
I'm not where I wanna be, but I'm not where I was
Yeah, so I don't wanna over complicate it
Your love doesn't change, it made me who I am yeah
And even when I don't think I can make it
Your grace surrounds me, I'm sing it till the end yeah

[Austin French:]
I could give up, I could just hide
But You walk with me through all of my fires
You do, yeah, You do
I could give up, I could just hide
But You walk with me through all of my fires
You do, yeah, You do

I was born to walk through the fire
I was made to run through these flames
Yeah, even when I'm broken and tired
You are enough, enough, enough
I was born to walk through the fire
I was made to run through these flames
Yeah, even when I'm broken and tired
You are enough, enough, enough
You are enough, enough, enough

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Social Club Misfits Enough Comments
  1. Kxrrin

    Bro YouTube putting me onnn.

  2. jarred marques

    I'm stressed lord, yes I surrender I'm weak
    Felling slightly bloated from this evil I eat
    Defeat, is what's weighing me down
    I need to come around and raise myself to my feet now



  4. S. N.


  5. Lori M Carey-Stafki

    Remind yourself how much you are loved and love you. Yes love you! Don’t settle for less and don’t let fear or being lonesome fill you because it will lead you to choose people and toxic things that are not good for you. You need to stand strong and stand up to love you first. Once you give yourself what you need, then love comes. 😁🙏

  6. BeUniqueYou

    You helped me to now poeple love me

  7. Julia Chan

    thank you so much for this...feeling broken & tired...need to be reminded that God's grace & love is enough

  8. Ashley Williams

    Keep doing what your doing Social Club Misfits!

  9. Jay Lopes

    There is a different version of this song on the fm.. how do I find it???

  10. Charles Blanchard

    If there was any way I could give this more likes I would. This is the year for Christians to quit hiding in fear and to rally together declaring war against the forces of darkness and evil in this world. It is no longer time to stand idly by or quiet while the devil has his way with our children. Stand up proudly and loudly and declare no more Satan, no more victories for you!!!

  11. Chy Ward

    Currently going through Firefighter One, heard this on the radio in my car and i tried to change the channel at first and it wouldn’t, so i listened to it. absolutely love it!! definitely needed this!!

  12. Niklaus Ossamy Fatherson

    Don't tell me that God is silent when your Bible is closed 💥

  13. S. N.

    'Looking for love but nobody's there!' Always only JESUS! JESUS... YOU are the only KING!

  14. Tim heinz

    Damn this hit me so hard

  15. Cal C

    Moving to chapter 3 section e clarity Andy mineo

  16. Cal C

    Also it’s called death defying flames Amaterasu

  17. Cal C

    With a name like nobody you have to play it safe

  18. Cal C

    Nobody does play it safe God told me

  19. Cal C

    So many mistakes first me is perfect

  20. Cal C


  21. Cal C


  22. Orlando Macedo

    If you dislike this video , you're dead inside

  23. Jarod Farley

    AND THE NEW THURSDAY THROWDOWN CHAMPIONS!!!!! I never call but i saw these guys live at congresso and had to call and help you guys win. You deserve everything you get. You're music really helps me when i need it.

  24. Teresa The Cat

    Please come to Nashville TN or anywhere in TN in 2020. God bless you.

  25. LPS Bible Splash TV

    Thank you for making This I love this song it’s sooo good I’m Christian too!! You have gotten soo close to God!! God bless you all!!!

  26. heavenly8173

    Beautiful song be blessed!!!

  27. Pineapple Turtle

    This is my life song now. AMEN

  28. Tim heinz

    Every single word of this song is spoken directly to my soul

  29. kiyya andy

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee song this spoke to me, i was a bit stressed. thank youu so much.

    'So, don’t tell me God is silent when your Bible is closed
    I know that I’m far from perfect, but I wanna be close" well put

  30. Estefania Rodriugez

    This song is a plethora of encouraging words, that clarify to us that we can face all these obstacles with confidence because God’s by our side and we all can be brave🙆‍♀️💓💓💓!

  31. Lindsey Sylvania

    This song gives me chills...your voices together sound sound so good! Great work with the lyrics! You guys are very talented and it is great that people that are young and old can listen to relevant music that allows them to praise God and know His truths

  32. Noah McLachlan

    WOW Blown Away

  33. james zander

    My new favorite track 🔥🙂❤️

  34. Joe's Tutoring Center

    Great song. thank God for social club. First time to hear about Austin French but i like the vocals and the overall message, It's uplifting.

  35. Samuel Makrios Kavod Lombe

    Beautiful song😢

  36. Clinton Winchester

    Crowder is that dude. Misfit gang fire too.

  37. Clara Lensi

    Oh yeah🔥

  38. Duane Ivan

    This song was inspiring.

  39. Alina Skye

    This is definitely what my life is and this helps me every time I listen to it!

  40. pamela williamson

    YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!!!!💒🙏❤ ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH; YES! ***********1111

  41. Gideon Victor

    God has never been silent it us who are not attentive

  42. Mary Jane

    FIYAAAA 🔥🔥

  43. T Weezy

    Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the Lord. Psalms 31:25

  44. Neselie Pesante

    Thank you for meeting yourselves be used by God to make music that impacts lives

  45. pamela williamson

    Can we hear Miracle sometime?

  46. pamela williamson

    Austin you did a great job on this collaboration with MisFits! I was not that familiar with the Jip Hop! But; honestly I like this one a lot!!!❤🙏💒

  47. pamela williamson

    What are the signs of a Psychopath? Takes pleasure in going after people destroying them. Some warranted but; I let GOD fight my battles! Do not play pay back; that's all she does! Voodoo, etc. She never forgets!!!💒🙏🤣

  48. NaTeasha Carter

    Heard this song on the “Hope is here” tour last night in Jackson.. I needed this 🙏🏾

  49. subscribe to pewdiepie

    Plz pray for me, im going thru so much

  50. 1snowboardbunny

    Nobody changed the world by playing it safe.❤

  51. Karen Soucy

    Praise You Jesus 🙌❤
    YOU are enough and You carry me through those flames! So grateful for Your love and mercy❤

  52. Jose McKenzie

    GOD is good
    He is in control

  53. God’s Damsel

    Praise GOD even when I’m broken and tired YOU are enough! I made to run through these flames!😝❣️

  54. Sergio Carbrerra


  55. pamela williamson

    AWESOME!♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏 CHRISTIAN ROCK & RAP/HIP HOP***********1111

  56. pamela williamson

    Austin French & Social Club Misfits!♥️💒🙏♥️💒🙏 This is an awesome song/video!!!♥️♥️♥️💒💒💒🙏🙏🙏

  57. Raman Preet


  58. healthyartsoul

    Love this song♥️ love u God♥️ thanks for ur Grace🌟🌟🌟🙏♥️

  59. Ignacio Valladolid

    Amazing song, ¡qué lo qué desde México!, this song is a bless in my life

  60. mwendabai mwendabai

    Love it

  61. Pedro C. M


  62. Mia Kaemper

    I love this song 🔥

  63. wes youtuber

    This is the most beautiful song i've heard

  64. Stuart Buchanan


  65. Kiara Peeples

    Before watching this video I was sad and I thought “God I know there’s going to be something you plant here to cheer me up” and so it was. GOD IS GOOD & HE CARES!


    Glory to Jesús Christ our Savior and father God... Keep it up Kiara,,, you'll get through it...act wise, be humble and be patient then you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel...


    I needed this right now. I struggle with getting high. Keep me in your prayers

    Chuwee Valiant

    I pray you get better


    @Chuwee Valiant thank you family

    Chuwee Valiant

    @T.Y.S.P MINISRTY & RECORDS you're welcome fam. Stay strong

  67. That One Hetrosapien

    The 25 people that disliked, their Bible is closed.


    EveyArmyBlinks Right? 😂😭😭😭

  68. Danielle Hope

    "When you're afraid that's the only time that a man can be brave"

    "Don't tell me God is silent when your Bible is closed" 🙌🏽💪🏼

  69. Princezz in HIS eyes S A L L Y

    The hook🗣✊

  70. illusionary Specialist

    Perfect song for my situation right now!!!

  71. Carol Herrera

    alguien me explica como puedo poner comentarios en un video


    No estoy segura si es esta respuesta la que te servirá o si es a lo que te refieres pero, es justo como lo hiciste. Vas debajo del vídeo, pasando los otros vídeos recomendados por Youtube y entras en el cuadro donde dice "hacer un comentario público" y ahí escribes. Espero que te haya sido de ayuda. Bendiciones y saludos! 🌟

  72. Joe Chimento


  73. Cool tha Underdog

    Love the vibe, the lyrics the chastisement in this song🤯

  74. Brandon Root

    This is a masterpiece. 🙌

  75. king bibibear

    "Dont tell me that God is silent when your bible is closed"...

  76. Tina Churchill

    I was made to walk through the fire

  77. Master Matt

    New Favourite 🌋

  78. Matt D


  79. Allenda Simpson


  80. Christian Portillo

    This song challenges me to open my Bible daily

  81. Jared Johnson

    “So don’t tell me God is silent when your bible is closed” he went there!

  82. E.V. MUSIC


  83. Александър Нанков

    Y'all are underrated af

  84. Ronnie Freeman

    "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I was" WOW!

  85. MotoBatman Beyond

    Dang sing it out, and sing out your soul to this!!

  86. Raman Preet


  87. symphannie hernandez


  88. George Lazarus


  89. William K

    This album should be number 1 on trending!

  90. Marlene Borchert

    gonna tell my 17 & 20 year old grandsons they need to listen to this type of rap


    Go ahead,,, praying they will like and stick to the kind of it...I Love this music,.lots of love from WA

    Hunter Pro

    This kind of rap is definitely better than the bad kind

  91. Benoito Cazallo

    Lovely job... Thanks a lot for the video. :)

  92. That Preacher Ron Allen

    This is song is that Jesus 🔥

  93. Arr Jhayee

    The message of this song is powerful. A testimony.

  94. ananiya kassaye

    is it only me or it feels like it has some kinda wiz
    khalifa flow from 0:23 on and snoopy dog from 0:49

  95. Rachilde Joseph

    I live in Haiti 🇭🇹 it’s hard 😞 But this song helps me to be strong! 🙏🏼 Merci , Thank you

  96. chris corley

    Best song in a while to be honest

  97. isa serpa

    social club is the best. message of light to the world

  98. SocialClubMisfits

    “Even on this broken road I know that God’s in control...”

    Mxsfxt_ 116

    SocialClubMisfits my favorite off the EP!!! Love it y’all


    That part when FERN do kind of singing before the chorus it was really good, i like it... :)


    SocialClubMisfits you should do more songs with NF


    Great you guys are maturing and ofc in your relationship with God... but hey, don't loose the goofy? 👍

    Love MoveMint

    SocialClubMisfits Is there anyway to get the a cappella to this song, I would love to make another remix. Love this song and your work