Soccer Mommy - Wide Open Spaces Lyrics

Who doesn't know what I'm talking about
Who's never left home, who's never struck out
To find a dream and a life of their own
A place in the clouds, a foundation of stone

Many precede and many will follow
A young girl's dreams no longer hollow
It takes the shape of a place out west
But what it holds for her, she hasn't yet guessed

She needs
Wide open spaces (spaces)
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs (new)
New faces
She knows the high stakes

She traveled this road as a child
Wide-eyed and grinning, she never tired
But now she won't be coming back with the rest
If these are life's lessons, she'll take this test

She needs
Wide open spaces (spaces)
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs (new)
New faces
She knows the high stakes
She knows the high stakes

Aahhh aahhh aahhh
Aahhh aahhh aahhh

As her folks drive away, her dad yells, "Check the oil"
Mom stares out the window and says, "I'm leaving my girl"
She said, "It didn't seem like that long ago"
When she stood there
And let her own folks know

She needed
Wide open spaces (spaces)
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs (new)
New faces
She knows the high stakes
She knows the high stakes
She knows the highest stakes

(Wide open spaces)
She knows the highest stakes
She knows the highest stakes
(Wide open spaces)

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Soccer Mommy Wide Open Spaces Comments
  1. geetarbube

    Tune your fucking guitar

  2. J Morris

    The lead guitarist stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before this concert.

  3. Amey Shirsat

    6:25 drummer can be seen cringing at the lead guitarist

  4. Nora Garza

    Like Soccer Mommy's Guitar!

    Nora Garza


  5. Brandon Verastegui

    Btw I also play the your dog in repeat, I've been doing that for the past 2 days, all day long at work..fuck... I am part of altern society... I am glad

  6. Brandon Verastegui

    I've seen videos of the same song and I see everyone hating on the lead G, I also felt estranged out when I saw his performance, but after a while I found out that... yeah it sucks... man... honestly I recommend you not to do so much coke bc that fucks your joints and tempo, shit I wanted to say something positive... I guess I failed like the homie of the lead g

  7. Scott Siegling

    Having seen them this summer the guitarist is a lot better!

  8. Alex Crowley

    i honestly didn’t notice anything wrong w the guitarist


    fix your ear

  9. bitgwa

    I had the same thoughts on the guitarist (that he was terrible) after watching this a year ago. But my thinking has changed. I now think his discordant noodling is kind of genius. Makes their sound unique. I'm glad she didn't listen to you guys and drop him.

  10. Ama Vert

    love it

  11. Get SomeAss

    Actin like she wrote all the reverbs n shit, gives no credit to the band what a bitch

  12. Carol Gay Fagerhaugh

    Looking Good ! HOT !

  13. LinebackerDirge

    So Sophie's G or B was out on Flaw and she both heard it immediately and tried to compensate for it with vibrato. And everything but the full strums sounded awesome. Guitarboi just suuuuuucked all over the top of it because apparently noone ever explained keys to him or something?

  14. José Ignacio Cuevas Barrientos

    "I don't want to be your little dog"
    Did KEXP just asked the band to censored themselves before playing?

  15. banana-shaped earth

    I'm sorry, but the guitar annoys me so bad.

  16. Colin McGregor

    hmmmmmmm nahhhhhh i'll take my snail mail thank you very much

  17. Fintan

    You all know people have feelings right? You really have to be a douchebag to see all the comments bashing the guitarist and feel the need to join in the mocking.

  18. Patrick Grantz

    Be still my ❤️

  19. Ivanna Zakiyah

    Please tune your guitar first, lead guitar, omg

  20. Luis Rojas


  21. uri

    ya'll are ruthless LMAO

  22. Heather Doman

    this is such a sick ass video and set, but damn that guitarist makes me wanna shit my pants

  23. Justin Mckay

    I'm going to opt out of their Bellingham show. The Kops were almost called Soccermom.

  24. Internet Friend

    Just found out about this artist, but flaw I know because it’s sampled for a rap song and Her music is so amazing. I am going to be checking all of her stuff out rn.

  25. Takanori Yamanouchi

    Just a Jazzmaster sounds like! The Leadguitar is good try I think and 2nd song is Soccer Mommy's fault because her guitar got out of tune... I'm on his side LOL

  26. Jon Byrne

    He's definitely off on this one, but maybe he's a wizard at writing licks, and not as good at playing them.

  27. KidAAA

    That look the bassist gives the guitarist every time he messes up

    sherpaderp dingo

    That's just the way he looks; confused


    Yeah that guitarist, iv'e got a rope n noose and some burning torches 'LETS GET HIM', only joking, if he only added a bit more reverb and delay and pressed the strings harder and played the right notes and practised more, he would be great :). But all her songs were good, 'Your dog' is a great song in my eyes/ears, and Scorpio rising is beautiful, this video just needed more reverb on her great vocals and a lead guitarist who could play her songs better (practised more)

  29. malfunction

    Shitty guitarist aside, this is a hella good performance

  30. Un Extincteur s'est vidé

    My Friend : the guitarist sounds like me playing guitar (I can't play guitar)

  31. danman6669

    I think it's hilarious so many people rip on the guitarist lol. It's not like he's the first musician to make mistakes and he won't be the last. Very few musicians are perfect every single time they play live. Drummers miss a beat, guitarists miss a chord change, singers sing off-key, etc. That's what makes live performances so entertaining. You never know what you're going to get.

  32. danman6669

    Considering the drummer is wearing a Phoebe Bridgers shirt, why haven't Phoebe and Soccer Mommy collaborated yet? I would love if Soccer Mommy could be a fourth member of boygenius.

  33. Ana Orozco

    I mean, ok... they're wearing headphones, I assume the guitar player is listening to what he is playing.
    How can he not realize his tune is off? and why didn' he fix it?
    I's like performance 101.

  34. Marky Mark

    you guys fucking rock. i'm sure you are the first to be aware this wasnt your best perf but it happens to feel sick or low, have your gear a bit out of tune, try some new effects, etc. you have amazing songs and talent, and all of your other live shows on youtube (i.e the audiotree one) are spot on.

    this is what rock n roll /punk /grunge is about. give your everything. and if you fuck up. just don't give a shit about it more than necessary. especially when it comes to what youtube losers say. i got all your albums in my phone and you have all my support. PEACE!

  35. Damian Tracy

    to everyone is bashing on the guitarist is was off on one song give him a break

  36. Marco


  37. beneb2000

    So good!

  38. Brenden Onusko

    Disaster of a show ends band meets “good job *insert lead guitarist name here*”

    Terrance Fletcher has left the chat

  39. Sergi Os

    6:24 drummer: wtf is the guitarrist doing

  40. Sleepysidney

    That guitarist is either coked up or that just happens to be his style because it was consistently poop. He is either too high to realise or is doing it on purpose. Before doing all the stuff coming up the neck he needs to just get the basics nailed . And a decent guitar sound. He was ugly the whole way through... That second song, both guitars out of tune... I'm guessing Sophie was tuning up and then decided no point as the guitarist is gonna f*** the song up anyway. Why bother?!.

    Love this band regardless!!!

  41. boonexy

    How did these guys get into KEXP?

    is there a vetting process guys or is it sort of political?


    Probably because Soccer Mommy is awesome.

  42. boonexy

    Tune up the guitars guys.

  43. Churles

    holy shit. The lead guitarist, who is apparently her boyfriend, is god awful.

  44. van bewley

    lead guitar sounds great on the album

  45. Vacuum Boots

    2nd song is dreadful, my ears are hurting from now out of tune it is

  46. Brian Hu

    The lead guitarist is a little weird, but I find his playing full of character. Am I missing something? I'm an intermediate guitarist too

  47. Johnathan Lewis

    Yo shouts out to the bass player Graeme, i went to college with him and dude is super fucking talented!! that guitarist on the other hand...hawt gawbage.

  48. Fiona Riches

    alllll the guitars in this are so hecking bad omg

  49. JonEccentric

    I'm not really into new music. I usually listen to old shit but I'm really into Soccer Mommy.

  50. Alae

    Maybe before you try and hit the big time you should learn how to tune the damn guitar. Anybody with ears can hear it.

  51. unknown

    Everyone is out of tune that's why it sounds like shit

  52. Vadim Taver

    Holy shit. Such great songs completely ruined by out of tune guitars. What a bummer. Love Soccer Mommy though. I'm sure this was just an off-show.

  53. Shammy Cat

    Someone should mention how f***ing terrible the guitarist is.

  54. From Scratch

  55. J Booth

    Sorry but 'flaw' was an absolute disaster! And that lead guitarist, did he get lost on his way to the shops ?

  56. Анђелко Злотвор

    A dreampussy.

  57. DaMeatTree

    She's better alone listen to the basement sessions

  58. Bowen Hou

    19:46 reaction from the bassist seems to capture how everyone feels about the lead guitarist....

    Nikky Weiner

    21:02 her reaction thou, I can feel the hatr on her eyes lol

  59. Jonathan Adam

    Update: He still plays like shit

  60. Michael Furia

    I am 71 years old and I have seen all the good bands all the way back to 1967. Trust me, Soccer Mommy is the real deal.

  61. Nicolas Eckerson

    Bass Player is Shia Lebouf's chill ass cousin who listens to Mac Demarco

  62. David Salgado

    Guitar player is so cringy

  63. liz c.

    1% of comments - literally anything else
    99% of comments - the guitarist

    dabbing squidward lolxd

    nice pfp

    Christmas Carpenter

    She sounds great :) Base is good, !

  64. In the Pines

    Damn... If you need a guitarist hit me up! I literally just learned the entire album in 30min. Not sure if he was nervous or was just a fill in but if worse comes to worse I'm down!

  65. Red Hands


  66. isabella joy

    mother fucker she sounds amazing

  67. Georges Moraitis

    he didnt play a single note right

  68. Half A John

    anyone else is reminded a bit of elliott smith listening to this?

  69. Ian Chavez Venegas

    Really cool sound comming from the Bass player, didn't notice that on the record track

  70. John Doe

    Man this band is wicked awesome! But lead guitarist needs to play smarter.

  71. Ievy Stamatov

    Anyone know what pedals the bassist is using on Your Dog? Also I'm lolling at all these guitarist comments

  72. Nizzla 12

    Well I love it. Especially the lead guitar.

  73. Leonel

    awesome sound

  74. Tommy

    Lead guitarist is in his own world, it's like he's just jamming in his bedroom listening to some music. She needs to drop him, make him the merch guy or something.

    obnoxious prick

    @Kevin apparently it’s her boyfriend. He must be hung lol

    beige LA

    @obnoxious prick as bad as hes playin he betta gotta four foot cock

  75. Dots Grey

    Guitar player stands out 'like a tarantula on a piece of angel cake'.

  76. Adrian Goldberg

    Just seen the band in Birmingham UK opening their European tour; here's my review

  77. DerEchteBold

    Haha, her guitar is out of tune and everbody's blaming her poor boyfriend ; )

  78. David Newson

    Is he playing steel drums? Confused..

  79. Ricky Shipman

    Hi ,my second song ,of you and band hope your guitar lead man is on the job training no pun .I'm listen ing from a professional point of view. You need a good producer .Love it ,CHEERS Rick @ Mojo Music Shop

  80. stevie price

    Wtf is happening to that poor telecaster...

  81. Sin s

    Both guitars are not tuned to each other. That’s why this performance sounds like this. Band is great tho

    Rick Johnston

    Sounds like he's using too many effects which are causing slight shifts in pitch which become noticeable and sound out of tine ever so slightly...

    Sin s

    Rick Johnston yea I think so too.

    Zoon gideewin

    Rick Johnston it’s definitely because both guitars are out of tune

  82. Jakemuppet

    Watching/listening to that guitarist was like pulling my teeth out through my knee caps.. Jeezzuuusss

    LaToia Kell

    Jakemuppet Damn. 😂

  83. John Orona

    I hate how they end Your Dog with the dumb guitar flourish thing. That kind of song you just need to end like the album

  84. Tania Badillo

    Love her

  85. the sal

    Hi soccer mummy,... In my opinion you are going right to the top. And it's true, your lead guitarist could do so much more for your sound.
    But you are the superstar... nothing will stop you.

  86. Mike Williams

    she's great. sorry to hate the guitarist but he is even worse here than usual which is no mean feat. Boyfriend or not he needs to go

  87. Millard Fillmore

    The lead guitarist wasn't anywhere near this bad on the audiotree live recording. I think it's probably the mixing that was fucked up.

  88. Larry Webb

    Cool is the best song I've heard in a while, totally dig CLEAN

  89. Maja Mikolajczyk


  90. Mario C

    Definitivamente tiene que cambiar al guitarrista... lo hace horrible.

    Piero Murillo Veliz

    Horrible es quedarse corto.

    Hans Lushina

    even if you don't speak a word of Spanish, you just know it's about the guitarist.

  91. Adam Coe

    Did that lead guitar player win a contest to be in this band or something? Has he heard the songs before? The rest of the band must hate the shit out of this guy, cause they are all clearly solid players...


    Maybe KEXP could release a version of this video with his part excluded from the mix.

    Todd Michael Johnson

    Make a Wish Foundation.

  92. Beau


  93. Beau

    Soccer Mommy will alwayd be my favorite band, I love every single song of theirs! It is so raw and so much truth is in all of them! The most charming band and honest!! Soccer Mommy is incredible


    Soccer Mommy isn't a band. Soccer Mommy is the stage name for Sophie Allison, who is the singer.

  94. PianoLee

    I own a small cemetery just for shit guitarists...

  95. Jeremy

    I thought Julian sounded cool. Levels were a little off, but overall a unique dissonant sound. Don’t listen to these commenters.


    Oh, it’s definitely unique, and it’s definitely dissonant. But I don’t think it’s intentional.

  96. Rachael

    idk what pedal the lead guitarist is using but it sounds like a fucking steel drum what the fuck