Soccer Mommy - Lucy Lyrics

The root of
All evil
In a person
With shiny eyes
And hair like
A feather
Black leather
And a charming smile
He'll touch you
And burn you
And break you
Down to your core
Succumbing to evil
I thought I
Was something more

Oh, Lucy, please
Quit taunting me
Oh, Lucy, please
Quit taunting
Quit taunting
Quit taunting me

His mind is
A fortress
You can't fight
Your way inside
His body's
A temple
Made up of
Brimstone and fire
You cannot
Resist him
When you look in
His shiny eyes
The face of
An angel
With the heart of
Something less nice

Oh, Lucy, please
Quit taunting me
Oh, Lucy, please
Quit taunting
Quit taunting
Quit taunting me

To evil
I thought I
Could never be
I look in
The mirror
And the darkness
Looks back at me
I can't help
The feeling
That irks me
That I'm falling down
From heaven
Through the earth
To hellfire
To wear his crown

Oh, Lucy, please
Quit taunting me
Oh, Lucy, please
Quit taunting
Quit taunting
Quit taunting
Quit taunting
Quit taunting
Quit taunting me

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Soccer Mommy Lucy Comments
  1. Sammy Jax

    This is a really great song. Reminds me of how the sun reflects. off of the buildings in Rome, in the afternoon. Please come to Florida.

  2. John Tera

    Lucy in the sky with diamond

  3. Leo John

    this song could be a TV series opener

  4. Maddie Devoto

    Good music and really cute band name.

  5. Arkroyale

    i love the mbv reminiscent chords at the very end
    i need more shoegaze soccer mommy

  6. Chisox74

    Totally in love with this song!! ❤️

  7. Justin Rodriguez

    I absolutely adore the way you shift your vocals on this track! That combined with the instrumentation gives this song a hypnotic quality I can’t get enough of. Also the video is pretty cool, super excited for the new album

  8. Greenstar!

    Couldnt come up with a better band name? Soccer mommy? Cant even get the kids I work with to listen due to the name. Great song though.

  9. Ghost of Manitou

    I heard this on SeriusXM driving home the other day. It made an impression on me so I got this song on itunes and subscribed to your channel.


    Ghost of Manitou same thing with me too. It’s just one of those tunes that stopped me in my tracks when I heard it on XMU last week. 👍

    Terrie Blasi

    I did the same thing! This song is haunting..

  10. NeyeL Math

    This song sounds abit like " The golden palaminos - little suicides " both amazing

  11. BendOregonAwesome

    I like this song

  12. Nick Bryant

    loving it, what a sick riff!

    is this song about bdsm?

  13. Sean Bryant

    This song is absolutely haunting and gorgeous. I wasn't a fan before, but I am now.

  14. Jacqueline Wernett

    I was a soccer mom to my son Zachary Wolf Orion...His father died Christmas eve 2004 of ALS..when he was in first grade....Moms are very strong

  15. Jacqueline Wernett

    Blessings sister from Jacova 11..Gevurah ..I was born in Bethlehem March 11....L'chaim...beautiful song...I am Rain and Anchor..Dugah 1729..Fishes

  16. Jake Newling

    Beautiful tune. Those verse melodies have me feeling some sort of way.

  17. siflrock

    Julianna + Liz Phair + Failure = shut up and take my money

    not important

    Thx for the liz phair shout...thought it was just me.

  18. Howard Koor

    Love this :))

  19. Firstouchsoccer101 montesinos

    Clairo sent me here .... who else ?

  20. farah diba

    Aduh! Aduh! 😍

  21. Emelisa Reyes

    Thank you Mino 👌

  22. Eric Harmon

    Is Lucy Dacus fighting with Sophie? I declare a rap battle!!!!

  23. Arayia Rylands

    this song is so bad

  24. David Okoro

    who picked up Lucy is Lucifer?

    Leon S Kennedy

    it is actually a pretty demonic song, like the lyrics are super dark especially from a biblical perspective. No bueno homeesssss

  25. I’m a weirdo So ya

    I came on this video because my names lucie....

  26. Im a CEO

    Soccer Mommy is all about vibes, love this one too!

  27. M Gonce

    such cool music and video

  28. Josh Grilli

    Hell yeah I love the Matrix

  29. Holden Conlon

    ohhh lucy as in lucifer 😳


    would imagine it bad when you have a pet name for the devil?

  30. PonyFoot123

    im geting the old coldplay kinda vibes on this one

    karl marx

    X&Y -esque

  31. Ted Bennett

    She keeps getting better and better.

  32. Michael Martin

    This album cover doesn’t match the music

  33. Ian

    Another gem to cement Sophie as one of today's premier songwriters.

  34. Have / Hold

    Failure-esque. I like it.

  35. eman

    jesus fuck the love I have for this song is out of control

  36. Dakota Mae

    This perfectly encapsulates the kinda tunes I dream to make. You've changed my life, Soccer Mommy. The world stopped around me on the first listen

    Kiana Whatever

    Dakota Mae 💗

    oedipa maas

    Funny coincidence, Aesop Rock has a song about a girl named Lucy who is following her dreams of becoming an artist. Song is called "No Regrets", I highly recommend it

  37. VITA

    New matrix soundtrack?

  38. Lucy Sutliff

    :)) nice

  39. Dave Plath

    It’s refreshing to hear new music that’s this damn good these days, nice work! I’m a big fan.

  40. dolly ringwald

    everything about this is magical

  41. Seven Hare Productions

    Follow the white rabbit

  42. Tim Elam

    *YuM👅My Sophie Baby💏yeah....*

  43. Angel Brace

    It's a cool lyric video, everyone seems to be focused on that.

    I love the song, you are a very deep person Soccer Mommy. Truly a heavenly anthem.


  44. indigoのふうか

    Please come to Japan!!!!!!!!

  45. ClavisRa

    Getting some 90's "The Bends" Radiohead meets Juliana Hatfield vibes here. Hearty approval.

    Michael Heiser

    Totally feeling the Julianna Hatfield vibe

    Mike Graham

    ClavisRa I thought it was from the 80s or 90s.

  46. Goryachiy Bukin

    Insane vibe thx

  47. Logan McGlothlin

    good song

  48. Larry Webb

    Yay! Sophie's back.

  49. Edward Benitez


  50. i love all music on the inside

    This is such a vibe

  51. padraig giles

    Lucy fur ... .

  52. just mind yo damn business



    Less grunge and more just 90’s alt rock


    This isnt grunge


    Not grunge but this for sure sounds like 90s alt rock

  53. Mark Nelson

    Like an acid-washed Liz Phair. Loving it!

  54. Mystery Jack Official

    Major Liz Phair vibes.

  55. PK Rinkashy


  56. 이경미

    I love you💙

  57. genesis wasson

    Omg soccer mommy released a song yesss

  58. Ieuan Not Euan

    Soccer Mommy and The Japanese House are the definition of POP MUSIC 👍

  59. s s

    I'm ready for that scorpio rising energy

    Howard Koor

    s s yes. Dreamy

  60. wan wans

    very good melody

  61. heather

    In love💙

  62. Kolin Evans

    Lucy Dacus will love this . Wow it’s sofa king awesome!

  63. Luis Rodríguez

    Freakin beautiful

  64. eric in the kitchen

    Really great song !!!

  65. Heather Rogers

    Amazing as always

  66. jacinta


  67. Spencer Dugan

    lucy=lucifer? kewl.


    Oh.I thought something was weird.

    Lucy Buchta

    My name is Lucy and my brother call me lucifer🤦🏼‍♀️

  68. FAUND 1.0

    Since I discovered soccer mommy, I've just been feeling some crazy positive energy

    All formula is equal under the sun //

    FAUND 1.0 same my buddy said we are going to a show tonight and I said “what show?” He said soccer mommy
    I’m like “who the fook is soccer mommy”
    Looked her up a hour ago
    Not disappointed!
    Can’t wait for tonight!!!!

    Spaceman Spiff

    Look up Kevin Krauter. All of his music oozes positive energy. Soccer mommy just toured with him too. He’s an incredible and underrated artist. Give him a listen!

  69. Cudowne Lata

    great song! we saw your performance this August at the Off Festival in Poland - it was so cool <3

  70. I was Here


  71. recite the plan

    Amazing song! Love the lyrics.

  72. Uriya BA

    Great song! I absolutely love your music :)

  73. Damien Blackthorne

    Absolutely love it!!!♡♡♡♡

  74. Sergio Salazar


  75. R O D R I G O


  76. Sasya 06

    YEAAYY new music from my indie queen! we love u soccer momm 💙💙

  77. N a k a i a


  78. Andrés Rivera González

    nice tune, come to Mexico!

  79. II Andrew

    Very nice, glad I heard your music.

  80. oldmistakesss

    thank you Sophie! This is really a fantastic lyric video (and the song too, of course).

  81. Matthew Wennerstrom

    Looking forward to seeing you in St. Paul this Friday... Great new song!

  82. palazzo1113

    Reminds me heavily of Juliana Hatfield. Badass.


    Look forward to the next release......ur one of the good ones kid


    thanks I am

  84. Lionel Banda

    Love the theme of the lyric video, can’t wait for the new album

  85. Lionel Banda

    I’m so excited!!!

  86. nahomie

    i love your music so much 🥺🥰

  87. jennifer forever

    YES sophie

  88. heather

    Aw can’t wait!