Soccer Mommy - Be Seeing You Lyrics

Missing you felt like pulling teeth
I taste the metal when you're next to me
It's so cold and sweet
It makes me wanna take it back

To the night when you're car died
Kissing in the rain on a summer night
It was warm and sweet
It makes me wanna take it back

Kissing you felt like a lack of strength
The touch of your lips made my legs go weak
It was warm and sweet
It made me wanna take it back

To the night when it all began
I thought that fun was what I wanted then
Something cold but sweet
I wish that I could get that back
Wish that I could feel like that
Wish that I could get it

But remember what it felt like
When you told me it was the last time
I'd be seeing you

Missing you felt like I lack of rain
But I could be drowning if you'd say my name
It be warm and sweet
It'd make me wanna take it back

To the night when we last hung out
I knew that love was what I wanted now
But I got cold feet
I wish that I could take that back
Wish that I could take you back
Wish that I could take it

To the night where I first met you
I remember just how I left you
With I'd be seeing you

But remember what it felt like
When you told me it was the last time
I'd be seeing you

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Soccer Mommy Be Seeing You Comments
  1. Tricia Nguyen

    this song breaks my heart in the best way

  2. Ainee faye

    Still my fave

  3. J L S D

    I wish there was a music video for this I can just imagine it 😌 girl hmu..✨🦋🌻

  4. Helaven Han

    Soccer mommy I luv u 4ever!

  5. Katiana Lodell

    Seeing tyem at the paramore concert Sunday

  6. Meveline Sansouci

    Im triggered this isn't on Spotify grrrrrrrr😥

    Johnson Artchive

    It is now!

    wutang dizle

    @Johnson Artchive good looks!!! ty

  7. Low Budget Productions

    i love this part of youtube

  8. nodovesflyhere

    the touch of your lips made my legs go weak 🖤

  9. Chantelle Rokaa

    I feel like I've known this song all my life, but it's only been a few months.

  10. varzalord

    Omgg i like this song 😍 😍 😍

  11. pawmanda

    this song is so so special to me

  12. izzie

    the lyrics to this song are pretty bittersweet

  13. Evey Cocoa

    Soccer mommy and Hazel English should do a collab ❤️

  14. Alexander Aultman

    I can't help but hear Liz Powell in this.

  15. Szilva Szalai

    ❤❤ :((

  16. Anietyt Retra

    Oh holy molly, I saw them last last night at a The Drums concert. Yay :3

    Rodrig Santoyo

    That sounds very nice :D! Hope it was fun!

  17. ezequiel goenaga

    can't wait for Collection

  18. Amilia Harbach

    Does anybody else when they listen to this kind of music go to the comment section and read it while listening ?


    holy shit

  19. kally lopez

    Love it.

  20. Ryan Hall

    Amazing song

  21. Ana Gabriela

    soccer mommy has always been my fav Bandcamp artist.

  22. Kenjo Alangui

    No one said it was the last time...

    We didn't know it would be...

  23. foxzygranpa

    This exploded in video views

  24. jasmine dizon

    Happy mother's day y'all this is to all the soccer mommies out there

  25. Whitney L


  26. mathew richwalski

    this is an interesting introspective look as to emotions, uncertainty, fending for your yourself, oh, did we just graduate something or am i packing boxes for moving or is the mirror pivotal as part to the background photo

  27. Ravenclaw Student

    the end tho👌

  28. Jesse

    I want to cry. Music like this makes me suddenly aware of all the time I've wasted in my room alone. So many chances... I wish that I could get it back.

    lillian vos

    Tomo No Homo same...

  29. emry7

    Where are you even finding these songs? <3 Your channel is gold!

  30. Gingernuts ?

    My ex invited me to get drunk with her in the summer because we're both weird drunks and thought it'd be interesting, maybe then I can tell her how I never stopped liking her :)

  31. Christopher Alvarez

    why isn't this song on deezer/spotify? :(

  32. SimonSays Pls

    im sad i cant find this song on spotify..

    Sam Sandoval

    SimonSays Pls SAME :--( glad "henry" is there though

  33. ツbubbyツ

    new favorite song

  34. Tamchi silpy

    Love love love 💕💕

  35. Jana DiCarlo

    You have kickass taste in music. Thanks for sharing. I bought like four songs yesterday listening to your channel.

  36. Joy Bird

    I like this

  37. Fernando NÁJERA


  38. Duda Cardoso

    mt amor

  39. Glad Fact

    grab a copy of the record here!


    Is it a vinyl?

  40. R. S

    I love white people music!


    We can just all call it indie and keep things simple maybe guys?
    Well anyways good tune cheers to all

    Gloria Elinski

    you're the best kind of troll, just convincing enough to make some people think you're serious but just wacky enough to be hilarious, lmao


    Y'all got trolled so hard and some of you got exposed as the white supremacists that you secretly are.

    The Void

    That's what I call it lol,it's so good

  41. Marko Vuković

    this is very good

  42. isabel andrea gomez

    say hi lazy!

  43. Walker Heck

    Do you have a Spotify playlist or anything?

  44. jene

    i need this on spotify ):

  45. 塊状のloafy

    hello guys check our channel we post good music leave a sub and thanks ^^

  46. Dirtbag TheBear

    I would dig this kinda low fi feel but I cant hear what the fuck anyone is saying

  47. Regis

    Keep up this channel forever!

  48. MembersOnly Band

    If you guys love indie rock as much as we do, you'd be doing yourself an injustice not checking out our debut song "Anotherr U". You won't be disappointed!


    Got a Strokes feeling to it. Though I normally don't like self-advertising, I can see it's an easy way and: I wouldn't have found you without!

    Great stuff, keep up the music guys

    The Great Goob

    Really happy I checked you guys out. Keep up the amazing work guys! :)

  49. Lillie Smith

    does anyone know the guitar chords for this or where I could find them? I have already searched but no luck:(

    Sophie Allison

    D major 7 / Gmaj 7 / D major 7 / Gmaj 7 / E minor E minor (maj7) / E minor7 E minor 6

    B minor Dmaj / E minor / B minor Dmaj / E minor
    Dmaj E minor / Gmaj / Dmaj E minor/ Gmaj

    Lillie Smith

    Sophie Allison thank you!

  50. Juliana Regalado

    i can hear a bit if so sad so sad in this

  51. Sililokwi Sililokwi

    Sounds like so sad so sad

  52. maya !

    what genre of music would you call this? and what bands or genres are similar? thanks!

    ALEX S

    I'd say lo-fi indie bedroom pop and Frankie Cosmos has a similar vibe. You can also check "Twin Cabin - I'm Sure" it's a pretty cool and similar band.

    Later Nader

    listen to the song "Sixteen" by bombay bicycle club!!

    Patrice Urie

    you might also like:
    - wolf alice
    - alvvays
    - varsity
    - common holly
    - free cake for every creature
    - broken social scene (i guess)

    marty mcdemarco

    fried chicken boi fazerdaze, varsity, and no vacation

    Aaron O'Rourke

    fried chicken boi Dude, there's a playlist just look up bedroom pop low fi band playlist

  53. Zach Dennis

    this song is so beautiful.. thank you lazy <3

  54. windows 98 rules

    sucks like grandmas chung.....bitchesssssssssss

  55. nick

    this is such a summer jam

  56. Mental Physics

    going back and seeing how long this channel has been active I gotta think "wtf have I been doing all these years??"

    Sabrina Barbalho

    Mental Physics exactly

    Jois Ludeña

    Mental Physics Same

  57. The Big Cheeze

    Cool vibes

  58. aesthetic bunny

    this is such a beautiful song thanks lazy❤💛💚💙💜

  59. human tetris

    this is my fav chanel on youtube👑❤

  60. Shradhya Rakshit

    I wake up listening to this channel and go to sleep listening to this channel!
    you're a blessing lazy 💖

  61. Chris Gomez

    If you like vibey music

  62. Luisa C

    I love soccer mommy! thanks so much for uploading her new music lazy <3


    Oh! What a song!

  64. Ohmahrie

    This is so goooood

  65. Dr Lecter

    Este es mi canal favorito <3

  66. Raida Rais

    sooooooo good

  67. Raghad A

    11:33 PM

    Maleah Donaldson

    you're awakening

  68. nicole

    why do soccer mommy songs sound like dripping honey and pine cones


    i love you

  69. axaahh

    need this album so baddd

  70. Aj Berry

    Smoking weed with this and it's good to listen too :) <3

    Mardy Bum

    Pursuit of Happiness i want some D:

    Markus Zhou

    Ana Lukyanova wanna buy one weed?


    Pursuit of Happiness drugs are 4 losers


    NeoCallie you are a loser

    Puzzy Lipz

    NeoCallie no ,forcing opinions onto other people is for losers.

  71. HUNGRY常に

    made my cry ;_;


    常に HUNGRY because you are hungry


    you're right

  72. Jessica

    soft and neat


    Jessica Ramirez why ppl saying that I been seeing that to much


    It's a Dan and Phil thing.
    (If you want to know more
    search videos in this order:
    Dont cry, craft.
    Protip Dan and phil.
    Soft and neat.
    Or, if you don't have a life watch the 3 videos on the Dan and phil Craft channel)

  73. bela


    meg kenny

    i see your point, but it gets kinda obnoxious (not saying that people who comment it are obnoxious) after a while. i'm probably just being problematic though, whoops

    meg kenny

    (i kinda feel bad for saying that this was annoying, and i'm sorry, it was pretty rude of me)


    Don't worry :3. Also, I think it wasn't annoying on the 1st of April, you know, youtube kinda go super crazy that day, so I think it was funny :D. Posting the comment the day after... i definitely think that that wasn't funny anymore haha

    sophie —

    B! At the Disco

    Hey what's up Phandom! I'm so happy that there are Phans who listen to Lazy's uploads! But it's starting to get a bit annoying. I think that some YouTubers get annoyed when they get these kind of comments because they just watch their videos to spam and that's really... rude. I don't want to sound like the bad guy here, seriously, you can do anything you want- it's YouTube.

    Maybe you just wanted to know if the Phandom watched Lazy's and whatever and that's okay, as long as you're not spamming.

  74. Yasnaia Nobrega Tavares Naia

    parabéns pelo bom canal

  75. Lorence Tonson

    monster girl soccer moms?

  76. e f e j i r o

    my new favorite song👍👌🎵🎶

  77. TheLazylazyme

    hi bye

  78. akabelim

    soo good

  79. ThatOneMuffin

    I can already tell this is gonna be my go-to summer jam. Thanks again Lazy 💕


    ThatOneMuffin 💞


    ThatOneMuffin any song is good for the summer haha