So Solid Crew - Dilemma Lyrics

Attention to all ravers
Tonight we represent to u the
So solid crew feat Harvey Mac MC MegaMan
And a unknown man person called g-man

We have bad news
No one knows the whereabouts of MC neutrino
His family is worried
He hasn't phoned,
Been seen any where
Or sent any post cards
We are defiantly in a mad dilemma.

Roll the dice number 2
Happens to be the So Solid crew
Roll the dice number 4
Burn out the dance
Burn out the dance floor
Roll the dice number 1
Look at the best DJ your tha don
Roll the dice roll the dice
It's the way that were rollin tonite

I'm like the stars in the sky
I'm like the moon as so high
I'm like the sun in the cloud
Garenteed teed to run the ground
Like like cloud full rain rain
Dark and grey
Don't try stepping my way
M A C like a hawk I prey
Swep it up n ill take it away.

It's time to interact MC Harvey im rading the track
It's time to intercept
M A C live and direct
Live n direct n all due respect
Ash better tell everybody gonna take jaya
Gonna take jaya when I put u on the decks
Riding a mic wid da interlect [x2]
Oh jaya shake it to the left
So solid crew wid da bass in check
Neutrino where u der

(Di-dilemma, bad situation) [ad-libs]
Dilemma how do you want it
Touch da mic Makin u vomit
Dilemma gotta deal with it
So solid were all bout it [X2]

Get get, get loose loose
Gimme tha mic
Wid da energy boast
Gimme the gin a wid da sip of da juice
Get a get a get loose loose

Dilemma how do you want it
Dilemma gotta deal with it

Mission impossible
Let me start talker so original
We gonna bring u something new
Sooner or later, everybody gonna wanna do

Deck 1 deck 2 it's true
Lyrically MAC inside da venue
Deck 1 deck 2 It's true
Paper money rinsing tune

[Repeat chorus (fade till end)]

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So Solid Crew Dilemma Comments
  1. K KaBooM

    nah but for real, allow having to split p wit that much ppl lol 10bags turn to 3 bills real quick

  2. Mark Penny

    This tune was on Oxide And Neutrino album The Solid Sound of the Underground. Feat. So Solid Crew.

  3. Angel B

    Anyone still listening 2019?!?

  4. ԐԀɪ DԆŮМS

    'So Solid's most influential track is this instrumental, which replaced two-step's sultry swing with an electro-derived coldness and rigour. This new starkness was a timely move given that two-step had reached the inevitable 'over-ripe' phase that afflicts all
    dance genres, its beats becoming cluttered and fussy. "Dilemma" rediscovers the Kraftwerk principle: inflexibility can sometimes be funkier than suppleness. So solid, indeed: "Dilemma" is like a huge block of ice in the middle of the dancefloor, a real vibe-chiller.' - Simon Reynolds Hardcore Continuum

  5. Centurion Charlie

    Roll da dice. Number 2
    I happen to spit like I got a flu


    The elite selling krewww lmfao.

  7. tangoxp

    @Zookieb yhh mate could u send me that pm me ur msn pleaseee ive been looking for that tune for tooo long!!

  8. Jay Cheeseman

    Nooooooo not grimey its UK garage at it finest! Before all this grime shit came out........ Bring back UK garage rave it up!


    im just finding this now for the first time.....and lovin it. fire

  9. TOITN


    PAUG too, of course. Tunes like Wickedest Ting etc. And of course Wiley, Maxwell and Riko all came up from the Jungle/DnB scene...Trust I know the history lol. Dilemma is the most easily recognizable and one of the earlier examples of the 'sound'.

  10. TOITN


    These man popularized grimey garage along with guys like Zed, DJ Narrows, Jon-E-Cash, etc etc. Mala and Coki used to be Malibu and Coke, garage MCs. I'm sure they'll tell you how important So Solid were.

  11. rohleks

    this whole cd was fire asher d superman tune is a classic

  12. mart7887


  13. MPS9


  14. pdot1234


  15. TheStreetGarmSTORE


  16. vibito

    anyone know the song at the end...cos i forgot the damn song..old skool


    Suburban Lick - Your Mine

  17. roebrown

    funny how they made this on a playstation


    wheres the instrumental will some1 upoad it..

  19. Deeper Movements

    hatcha was actually one of the first. listen to El-B roots of dubstep to hear the begginings..

  20. kaz287

    Woah that's insane mn.

  21. Sarah F

    i miss these guys

  22. kaz287

    How many members r there?

  23. ryan hamilton

    this a bad ass tune when it on a sub but nt being funny but so solid crew is better gararge dnt get me rng i luv this tune but garage better

  24. Thomas Deconinck

    Dilemma I want it like this

  25. BoxShape16

    god damn, that must sound bad ass

  26. jaz !


  27. Jak Tait

    yh they were the first too come with the whole type of gangster grimey mentally

    everything else b4 them was about partying smoking weed and love songs

  28. Savage Performance

    same i gt a logitech subwoofer fucking huge i gt in trouble for wakin up the neibourss

  29. BoxShape16

    I got in trouble for listenin to dis :/ da bass shakes my yard

  30. Savage Performance

    i got the instrumental 2 dis

  31. Charlotte Legate

    ive alwaysed loved the so solid crew there bass is the bollocks

  32. Treckorz

    So solid crew is a mafia if u never knew that full of organized crime members, there music is banging,

  33. bohogrowintro

    the instrumental is on four tet's dj kicks album

  34. ninjastah

    Please someone lemme noe ware I can get this instrumental...Ive been lookin EVRYWHERE for months now!!!!!!!
    Help a nigga out!!!

  35. jdiddyfrmakl

    mate it just reminds me of all the pirate radio stations in london time from 98-2000 shout outs from wembley to lewisham!!

  36. JohnnyWalker Araia

    OOOOMYDAYZ Brings Back the Memories Boi When I in Year 7 They Need to Start Playing these Tracks in Clubs.

  37. ChangeTheFuture

    must be to get more plays, coz this isnt grime. This is straight up garage!

    Does anyone know where I can get Why by So Solid? The one that starts 'It was a dark dark night, I couldn't wait for the first sign of daylight'


  38. 05dabest

    The ones there in the song are the sort of main ones, they get featured in the songs videos and stff.

  39. Chuckie2k7

    shit loads

  40. Chuckie2k7

    why did you put grime in the tags -_-

  41. ajam27

    how many of the so solid crew are there?

  42. ofarone

    Old skool, takez me bak

  43. James

    lisa maffia is so buff

  44. Chuckie2k7

    im like the staaaars in the sky

  45. CruzSW

    wats endz r dey from

  46. facestysmerk

    whoz got da instrumental 4 dis?? message me if u do plzzzz

  47. Mike Steer

    not bad old skl tunes but they did think they were the hottest richest ppl in britain a few years back now where r they? like the other coment said probably cleaning the street and back in there council flat!

  48. chuffle shuffle

    remember when they used to be on delight 103 fm big tunes

  49. benladen999

    megaz tha only real solja.

  50. SCD4

    What are most doing now for jobs, cleaning the streets more like

  51. Alan Lowndes

    bring so soild back

  52. Cielo Valencia

    LoooooooooooooooooooooooovE IT!!!

  53. ChangeTheFuture

    all about so solid, i remember the first time i heard them up on delight fm. if you only know so solid from the tunes they released you dont know so solid!!!
    big up!

  54. L Bro

    hi wot album is this from coz i ad it on tape n cant remeber wot its called now1??

  55. wileymerkage

    pay as u go cartel version is better and that is even worse

  56. benladen999


  57. RealTalkNG

    were all these guys in the picture; in so solid crew