Snow - The Plumb Song Lyrics

somebody pass me that
guitar i wanna no if u can spare a few minutes of
your time u no all this chumpin and chimpin and chubin
and all round down the world heartake can be broke n break n me
but were gunna write somthin nice n smooth chek it uh (eaala)
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la ......

as i travel down lifes highways
thinkin the days gone by
i'm a city man but my heart keeps
yearnin for some bluey country side
in a place where no ones a stranger
say hello and how are you
let the musik play in the middle a day
smell the sewy poorin in you

oh a lala la la la la la la ...

theres no place that seems too far
not on earth or amungst the stars
i just close my eyes n dream
if i can reach it by motor car
sit on top of the highest mountain feel i can touch the sky
then imagine i was bird and i would spread my wings and fly

i honor the moon round the stars and back to earth to you
fa-fallow me through round the world
and back in the honor of the moon
i honor the moon round the stars and back to earth to you
fa-fallow me through round the world
and back in the honor of the moon

as i often look to the sun as it meets the rising shore
seen the lowest things
a fimilar place but the face i've seen before
april showers bring may flowers so let the rains come down
with all this sin well that all depends
i wish my friends cood see me now

i honor the moon round the stars and back to earth to you
fa-fallow me through round the world
and back in the honor of the moon
i honor the moon round the stars and back to earth to you
fa-fallow me through round the world
and back in the honor of the moon

tell a ma me tell a ma me tell a ma me na non
tell a ma me tell a ma me tell a ma me na non
tell a ma me tell a ma me tell a ma me na non
tell a ma me tell a ma me tell a ma me na non

lalalala la la la la la la whoa a oh

didalee dum da nana na na na
digidy boom boom boom
wo wom a top ma ma moon ...........

ah la la la la la la la la
i wish my friends could see me now

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Snow The Plumb Song Comments
  1. 漫FF子太郎


  2. mugm2

    I wish my friends could see me now

  3. chritters1

    He looks like a young Robert Denero

  4. WorldMind

    Filming at The Nite Owl barbershop before it was The Nite Owl. I like it

  5. PozitivMusic

    I just have to share it with you @snowontheweb and all of you guys this is the happiest song i ever heard in my life, and its also sad i know but since i also do music and know how people react and how they stand against you and how words can hurt , i find myself so much in the phase i wish my friends could see me now , because i wish i would be able to say this one day and therefore i am also working so much on my dreams and doing music :)

  6. PozitivMusic

    anyone knows what song he sampled???? or can anyone please send me the instrumental thank you in advance :))))

  7. Tha Blunt Roller

    I miss this kind of pop music. A little cheesy but also gave that tender summer, uplifting vibe.

  8. Da Original

    Yes I found it 😁

  9. thomas booth

    yes most underated

  10. burned oils

    anyone knows where to get the version of this song? on the mind on the moon album its a differant version and same with cooler condition

  11. SirZapdos

    This song is Snow's best song, better than Informer. Don't @ me.


    I agree. It’s honestly the happiest-sounding song I’ve ever heard and it’s nostalgic as hell for me. I knew about this song long before I ever listened to Informer.

  12. jonnyzhivago

    Ahead of it's time

  13. V8Tube

    bad quali

  14. PozitivMusic

    instrumental please anyone?????

  15. Richard Hannay

    Aw, I like this song... I'm surprised this isn't as popular...

  16. Kristian Gustafson

    Still like this song

  17. Night Rider

    One of my favorites

  18. matthew schnieder

    Nostalgia level 99.

  19. Christopher Kloe

    truely great song.

  20. LovelySteph

    love the pictures on the barbershop wall.

  21. maurice campbell

    snow sings hip hop, pop, reggae, ragga, but it's a good artist. greeatings from |̲̅<̲̅Θ̲̅>̲̅|

  22. Herencian

    Is that comic sans

  23. Dynamite Dortmund

    Canadian guys rule ever !!!! greets from germany and thanx for magic moments snow...!!!!!!!

    Mister Happy

    you know what? we do. big up germany

  24. Ingaga 4u

    most epic song lyrics I heard. #dko #snow #snowisback #shame. don't forget to look out for his new stuff being released.

    Lisa Shears

    +Inga Vilen Hard to believe he was "ice Ice baby" tweny years ago.....what a real classic, same as milli vanilli, even though they lip synched, and one ended up a mega fail, the other, dead of an overdose. The real singer came forward and it ruined their careers, too bad, but they only had physique, and should have stuck with that, they'd look real fine as just plain models. But the music company wanted "the look" and it ruined three lives. The original singer, and these two models. RIP Rob Pilatus. And the songs real creator, lost any potential future carreer, by opening his mouth, he was under a gag order, and was paid millions for the song, but got greedy for the royalties. these guys wouldn't have known talent if it hit em over the O well that's the way the music industry is, it's all tits and ass, til gravity take over, then so does the next, younger better looking girl/guy......

    Ingaga 4u

    Not really comprehending what you are trying to say.

    Ingaga 4u

    Vanilla ice was ice ice baby not snow.

  25. Andrew Schofield

    This was so huge here in Ontario when I was like 4 lol I remember this stuff it's weird to hear it again as an adult...

  26. Dally Benedetti

    Check out snow new song shame!!!

  27. Ajax KMA

    chandler from friends makes good music

  28. Pedro Rugamas

    this is still my favourite  artist of all time 20 years later

  29. Nishant Gogna

    way underrated

  30. JimmySteller

    One of the iconic songs of my childhood. I heard it all the time growing up, and it continually strikes just how cheerful it sounds despite whatever the lyrics say. It's a great song to listen to on a good day to make you feel even better.

  31. Benjamin Ray

    Underrated Song!


    Ben Reyhanian facts

  32. cloud of sounds

    fucking correct!

  33. Elite Mopar

    i know his sister :P

  34. Jacques Dray

    Gotta love Snow's Scarberia Soul years! I still remember his appearance at the old Government when he joined Ben Folds Five close to the end of "Song For The Dumped", freestyling "Informer" in the process.

  35. stonecole23

    Love how he sings "informer" at 3:13

  36. Moe Sixx

    Doesn't the picture at the 2:19 & 2:27 remind you of the late WWE wrestler Eddie Guerrero lol?

  37. Joseph

    2012 and this song still stands the test of time. Awesome song!

  38. xTorhnx212

    He's making a new album, I know his daughter and she let me know he's recording

  39. CanadianMusic&TV

    I'm sure this song is available on itunes.

  40. 0076Coyote

    This was shot on the Lakeshore in Etobicoke, Ontario between Kipling and Long Branch

  41. adzwild

    where was this?

  42. OCPRS Toronto

    I always thought that Snow looked alot like Robert DiNero when he wears glasses in this video.

    Oh yeah! And this song was really great...still is.

  43. 0076Coyote

    I remember this video being shot just down the street from where I live...awsome song, awsome video! Keep rockin' Snow

  44. Purrelli

    Super good artist. Just shared this on Facebook - this guy deserves a lot more popularity. Keep it up Snow.

  45. stonecole23

    Love how he snuck the word "Informer" in there towards the end...

  46. Vintage Warhol

    Enjoy this song and put down these plumbs.

  47. Andrew

    I feel very old! I can remember watching this on tv!

  48. newfiemale25

    @xbumrushx which version?

  49. tyrell sayese

    @dfbhcf b est times of my life bdefore the started wit all the reatlity tv bullshit

  50. CanadianMusic&TV

    Who else remembers watching this on MuchMusic? Good times.

  51. matt miedema

    snow has to get back in to the game

  52. Edna B

    he did this video along lakeshore blvd w i recognize it! still love ya Snow!

  53. Freddyeightythree

    How can you listen to this song and not be happy?

  54. slappntickle

    Can someone post a non distorted version?

  55. Loveliieee

    OMG...I totally forgot about this it

  56. Bonafidelove1

    yes Snow tell the story....
    Big Up Always.....

  57. Aliche Okafor

    this song makes me think of the 90s... miss the old days

  58. CanadianMusic&TV

    This song and video brings back alot of memories of Muchmusic countdown. Ahhh, Nostalgia.

  59. Martin Yves

    happy song

  60. Ben Stancliff

    I have loved this song since it came out, but I can't get it on itunes! Total bummer! Where'd you find the video?

  61. cloudlocke

    About late 2000, early 2001. I remember being in third year university when it came out.

    Great song.

  62. EnergizerBunny804

    purely awesome

  63. hufflebunny

    It's been ages since I heard this song. Fantastic.

  64. Spike Bloody

    When did this song come out? I have a feeling it was 1998?


    1999. Canadian and Japanese only.

  65. Snowww



    how to i get in touch with snow or his management - especially looking for a feature on an album. will someone please let me know

  67. Scheltokeeper

    Funny Video. Snow is everywhere^^ XD
    Good Song.

  68. djsaintchris

    Agreed! Snow has got talent for days...and it's too bad it's not better recognized. I'm surprised no one has remixed this tune yet!

  69. anerisgreat

    Snow is legit. So many artists these days can't sing for shit. This guy though... He's got talent that hasn't been recognized enough lately.

  70. mikeb56

    A licky boom boom down!

  71. Consistently

    I remember, I was still in elementary school when this came out. Look at me now.

  72. Vintage Warhol

    Where are the Plumbs?

  73. Fading West

    i still remember this song. I still love it, thank u for posting this! :D

  74. Snowww

    he´s new single is out, search for "Just 4 U"

    Snow feat Kobra Khan!!!

  75. SirZapdos

    Damn, what a great song and video! I heard Informer the other day, and then this song popped into my head. I couldn't remember the name, only the style of the video. I did some searching and I found it. Thanks for uploading! Again, great song and video!

  76. debzred

    when did it come out,whats it call and how can i get it

  77. debzred

    cool, whats snow been up to

  78. CobaltT9

    who directed this intresting video?

  79. 2edicske

    WOW!!!! VIVA CANADA!!!

  80. Luke Giugovaz

    i was in grade 6 or 7 wen this came out, i was probably one of the only ppl to buy his CD lol

  81. godfailme

    so f*/¿k rocking video
    its the f**kin best man¡¡

  82. StarSaber7

    Is this guy still around?

  83. Liam R

    slightly different to lonely monday morning and informer hey xD

  84. Andres Amicone

    man this guy can wear any glases that he aint gona look estupid

  85. Yuri

    Snow needs to be in the World's Book of Records as one of the Top 10 freshest singer/rappers of all time. 5 Happy Ultra STARS * * * * *

  86. gerelepo

    This song got me through a rough patch back in 2000. It still makes me smile. A lot.

    Snow, you're awesome, Bro. You deserve to be more famous than you are!

  87. Julie A

    this brings back SOOOOOO much memoriess,
    *sigh* the good ol daiis...

    btw, can someone tell me when this song came out, and why its called

    'the plum song'

  88. Andor Milosevic

    i love this!

  89. Joseph Collins

    NOTE: This song originally came out in 2000, off of his "Mind On The Moon" CD. It was released here in the states in 2004 (unfortunately due to his criminal record in Canada, he was banned to come to the states and Japan, and he had no domestic label here in the states). The ban was lifted recently in the states and the CD was released here in 2004 and from what I heard the CD is good and the one after, "Two Hands Clapping" (Out originally in 2002-in the states in 2005) is not bad.

  90. myfordescort

    This dude still is impresive all these years later. What brought me here was the jim carrey video spoof (snow-imposter) This shit still kicks ass.

  91. Quipper

    snow rocks hes my friends uncle and we got free tickets to go see him

  92. vinland06

    This song rules!!! I saw Snow play at The Docks in Toronto in his hometown back in September and he's the coolest guy!

  93. gottalock

    Good tune and a good video. "I wish my friends can see me now"

  94. Aaron Pires

    A beautiful song but its just not the Snowman.