Snow Tha Product - Too Much To Take (Interlude) Lyrics

I swear to god that it's not jealousy but I'm eyeing em
Like I see what they started with, I see what I am in
It's like my mama tried to do me good by putting me in better schools
Than what we could afford but then forgot the car I'm ridin' in
Forgot the rags that I am in
Forgot the money I don't get
Forgot the kids here are fucked up and I'm still tryin in
Forgot that I'm on free lunch and all these kids got money
Only broke ass kids be lining up, up in the line I'm in
Fuck it, I ain't buying it, I'ma sit here quietly
Fuckin' stomach hurted didn't eat but fuck it I am in
The cool kids table cuz of how I act
But I don't want them knowin' that I am broke as fuck
Cuz then the jokes start flyin' in
It's too close to home to be funny, huh
Suburbs really sucks with no money, huh
It's like they got a hungry kid surrounded by a bunch of meal tickets
I'm supposed to just ignore that I'm the bummy one
I wish I would've stayed up in the hood with my pops and shit
Cause what's the point to higher class unless I fit in
Cause I've been ditchin' school just to be alone, goddam
All that feels a lack of oxygen

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Snow Tha Product Too Much To Take (Interlude) Comments
  1. Roxxy MR

    The fact that I been into snow for a while and I just found this kills me!!!

  2. Keeloe10

    wish it was longer love the beat real lyrics.. I could play this on repeat

  3. Syncope

    why the entire album is not like this ?

  4. DAVID 714 OC

    the best goes hard Damm she dope 2 where's the full song at?

  5. Everyday I Need Music

    This needs to be remixed and made longer, it's too good★

  6. YN4L Trey

    june 16 is my bday and 2pac

  7. Nick Carrasco

    Same asf the whole song

  8. SuSammy!!!!

    stay blessed ma!!!

  9. Ghost Tribe

    Ok respekt earned not you need it, like the lyrics Ill make sure I keep listening. Ill pick up some downloads.

  10. Diana Valderrama

    So real!

  11. Christopher_13


  12. ander son

    i was the kid shes talking about in this verse low key real shit

  13. iizzyy noiiaa

    i want to hear more <3

  14. King Gabe

    Nicki Minaj who??

  15. Hokr K

    dope shit, love how ya end it.

  16. reacher jack

    Anyone know where to find the instrumental to this?!!!

  17. Kaya Laffoon

    This song hits too close to home. I love it, though.

  18. Dez o

    she been doing good for the longest

  19. Manny De Loera

    Sounds dope! A lot of energy! Anxiety is a trip. Keep hammering at your craft. Thanks for all the hard work an puttin so much time into everything. Feel like no matter what there's always gonna be something that feels missing in life. Just gotta keep moving forward an tryin our best. Stay Woke✊🙂👌👏👊🎧❤️

  20. gene morrison

    snow are you coming to DETROIT?Love your new stuff!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rachel Romero

    Nice job snow!

  22. VaneGee831

    why isnt this a real song holy shit!!

    Romy Taylor

    maybe itll be on pt. 2. or the album

    Aaron Tart

    same thing I said cuz I keep replaying it

    Long Bak

    you fucking stupid, this is a real song, a fucking great real song


    +Long Bak youre stupid

    Long Bak

    +VaneGee831 tell that to my bachelor's degree.

  23. jose cruz

    [email protected] ViDe0 feeling the theme !

  24. Geo-Cassi e

    damn logic and dizzy should cillab with her on this track with this beat

  25. Aaron Tart


  26. SharkeyGEE


  27. Stevieluvless

    thank you for being real & so sick!!

  28. KP195

    This low key sounds like a calmer Eminem verse. 🔥

    Romy Taylor

    the eminem show era em

    lindsey dpt

    she was inspired by him, right ?

    Romy Taylor

    @lindsey dpt him and big pun

  29. KP195

    Opens youtube, sees 4 new videos from Snow, passes out...

  30. KIA: KMH

    Yeah this ep is so good I'm already wondering when snow will release pt 2.


    She said it'll probably be in the Fall of this year she wasn't completely sure at least that's what I read in one of the interviews that she did.

  31. Jenn Baby

    killin it, i love this chick❤❤

  32. Eloisa Ponce

    Snow should collab with Kendrick Lamar on this song

  33. Ily 1188

    i have no words for this just amazing

  34. Kevin Phung

    I get a Dizzy Wright vibe from this (:

  35. BlackRican

    Yo I'm diggin this poetic ish Senorita Snow ❄

  36. Morales Amy

    super short! I wanted to hear more! I still love it though.

  37. Jazminnpookie Angelo


  38. BlacktigresS

    you always have great music to compliment your lyrics...who all produces?

  39. Teresa M

    You have no idea how much I relate to this. Dang, I'm so proud of your EP Claudia.. You're making all of the product pushas and WokeFam proud!!!!!

  40. Chicago Street TV

    this beat tho

  41. xavier reyes

    I like the tribe called quest vibe that the beat provides

  42. MarthaV Music

    I love this new album 😊

  43. christian arteaga



    this is fire I love it 😊😎

  45. Alice in wonderland

    love the lyrics! when you relate too much to this song <3 don't stop Snow!!! love all the music

  46. Elizabeth Garcia

    Love the lyrics! Keep em coming Snow ! You killin it ❤️🔥😁 #FOREVERWOKE

  47. Danny Allen Show

    hell yeah more shit like this. less of that turn up edm shit.

    KIA: KMH

    I know I like it when snow make that chill/serious music.

    Romy Taylor

    same here but her diversity will help her in the longrun. a song like nights could be all over the radios/parties while this and no cut will be for the heads.

  48. Music is life

    Flames ok now I'm excited to hear the EP

  49. christopher james

    This is just the interlude 😢. Snow is not playing no games today

  50. Edith Resendiz


  51. Edith Resendiz


  52. xX Mr Kasper Xx

    Damn how come the 2 interludes are the best tracks and they the shortest!! Fire tho


    meant to get to the point...dont waste your time learning being stuck on analyzing the anxiety or it becomes worse. this is a bandaid while exercise, diet, and meditation are permanent solutions.

  53. Nicole Sullivan

    You dropped it fuck yes !!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Devin White

    snow you about to finally start getting the recognition you deserve.

  55. Lupe Çåštrø


  56. Mariah Yazzie


  57. Danger

    Omg your so perfect👌 your gorgeous and u rap and Mexican omg the full package

  58. Black Enchilada

    I wanna listen to tha whole thing

  59. Juli Guerrero

    notification squad #staywoke #beenwoke

  60. Issac Romo

    aye this is dope

  61. Black Enchilada


  62. Juli Guerrero


  63. Demi Mena

    love it 👌😍🌹

  64. Calvin Hayes

    Dam snowwww

  65. Victoria Vargas

    love it!! #woke

  66. Dragonoid

    I liked the other but this stuff is my fav

    WOKE Mel

    me too.

  67. Tiffanie Gonzales

    first comment great lyrics love you snow 💖💖💖💯

  68. Tayton Murph

    This Is Sooo Awesome Snow!!!!!

  69. Dragonoid

    Glad to see that hard shit again

  70. King Fuego

    Trill 👌

  71. Woke Terry

    snow you're killing it!!! #STAYWOKE

  72. Dee Michelle

    I already know this is gonna a dope song !

  73. Sunny_D Thuggalo

    #1First 😍

  74. Jes Vasquez

    aye one of the first here

  75. veronica ledesma