Snow Tha Product - On. Now Lyrics

I got like a thousand reasons to quit this shit
One big reason and not
I'm that long haired chick with a bunch of shoes
That got 45 grand in a box
I put it on mind then I'm raising the stocks
Check me online, you can think of what I got
But I guarantee that you coming up short
Cause I'm more offline and I'm more on the block
And I still throw up that west like Pac
And I'm old cool like record shops
Little hot chick that mess get hot
Little setback but I progressed a lot
And I'm blessed a lot, I object to the fraud
Till I get the props, yes I'm hot, little better with the crop
That the best you got, and I'm still that mex, that flex up top
And I got that skin tone that they love to hate
Smoking and sipping that bubbly
And these haters still try to bring me down
So they bring me up when they conversate
Cause I live down south but I'm from the bay
No business bitch I'm accompanied
If you ain't stick with me you ain't getting shit
When we finally break any fucking day
Cause these prodigal minds and I means it
My bars bring fire as the weed did
Any bitch say she don't wanna no beefing
If she do then I'm gonna make her vegan
Cause I've been this and I've seen this
And I speak this cause I know
Everybody far from the game cause they know about the name
But they still tryna keep me on the low
When I be like motherfuckers scared to colab with me
Still say they real in the magazines
But they don't wanna get killed on the track I spill
With rap I'm giving no apology
Cause see, all these bitches all photo shoots
And all diva chicks in ghost written shit
But I'm killing it and I swear this falls
I'm finna hurt more than just feelings, bitch

Motherfuckers talking but don't really make a sound
You see everybody calling when you finally get around
That we on now, always going down
Say that when you know we in your town
Now we telling 'bout getting back without you in the track
Now they getting flats now we getting cash where we at
Now they feeling that, now we finna back cause we can
So we been in that, now we get the chance to hit it where
We on now, always going down
Say that when you know we in your town

[Trae The Truth:]
Pull up in the Maserati, I wear pitch black
I'm still the king, y'all admit that
Real nigga riding the game, he can't get back
I don't give a fuck about your bitch, get that
If a nigga want to be a thug, Imma show 'em what to do
Get your head chopped off like [?]
Everybody in the hood love me, know you
I've been in the gut, what the fuck you gonna do
Fuck you, tell them niggas I was in it for the win
Rise so high nigga should've been a swing
Yeah [?]
Go so hard in this track, nigga here we go again
I'mma fuck a nigga, wanna get no shit with me
I been in the Benz since '93, I make a nigga rewrite shit and get lost
Had people looking for you all OTP
Put him in the box, I put him in the river
Say you got ice, hope a nigga don't shiver
Your shit trash, should've been rid off
My shit cool, your shit look bitter
Look fuck nigga, I'm the king of Texas
South, west side, where the hood get reckless
Should sit down like I get restless
Certified fake nigga, ain't no guessing
Rapped the aces, but to the motherfuckas down the corner cause [?]
I do it for the team, nigga, worth your time
Nigga fuck get mad, nigga better get dough
Shoe box nigga better get low
I lean on a nigga like a [?]
Ask more shit, nigga better get low


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Snow Tha Product On. Now Comments
  1. Woke PattyMae

    Tell me I ain’t the only one bumpin this in 2019 😛😛

    Mike Saggio

    I'm bumping it right now

  2. Mr S

    Snow's verse heated my phone up.

  3. Kirri Broughton

    Boss song

  4. Kirri Broughton

    snow tha product is one of my fav singer

  5. MexRoze5

    Eminem and Snow would make the perfect collaboration!!! They would set the world on fire!!!! Just saying...🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤

  6. Jamie Esparza

    Still til this day. One of the dopest songs by her!

  7. Elizabeth Garcia

    Holy shit Snow AND Trae 😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍

  8. Ji Yeon

    The best ever

  9. Salem Ahmed

    So amazing

  10. jae sutt

    This was def my shit

  11. Valerie Galvan


  12. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Bro I ain’t heard this since 10th grade err body went in cardo got wings hard asf🔥🔥💯

  13. Cedric Odom

    Cardo !!!! Wiz khalifas ex producer on da beat, shits HARD !!!!

  14. Christian Goodhouse


  15. Harley Green

    Still bumping in 2018, put all these monster tracks on spotify already 😁

  16. Mac Dizzle

    Best female artist/Lyricist of our generation🔥💯🔥...#LetsArgue

    lau az

    I agree. I love her!!

  17. Ruu Layne

    this was not made in 2013...i refuse

  18. JESUS Is Lord

    One of my favorite songs

  19. pantherbaseball95

    This went in so hard i got hard

  20. jonathan villa

    Really hoped she did a song wit z ro too. Either way this shit is a banger.

  21. Rob D.

    This shit went hard both parts

  22. Erik Ramos


  23. Somi Ahmed


  24. BlueEyedPhoenix

    Uh!! I need this instrumental! 🔥❤

  25. Christopher Spence


  26. Stephanie Michelle Valin

    i ❤ Snow

  27. Bilal Aboukhalil


  28. Paul Gavenda

    Shit goes hard like shadow dyablo aka Bi$ouT

  29. Lawrence Blue

    You should hate yourself for cheating.

  30. Jaime Barrera

    Snow ur best Latina rapper I respect you alot ur music unbelievable come to Lubbock Texas club pink

  31. Jaaii Smith

    Snow Tha Product is the best rapper, no questions asked

    Ji Yeon

    Hell yeah

  32. Franklin Lanier

    Bish where u at

  33. Duane Hernandez

    Bad bitch ripping up everything I'm sure that steps foot in front of her madly skilled and crazy psychotic that's a scary bitch, I'd be afraid of her

  34. Somi Ahmed

    Love this song Max beats 🎭


    Snow kills any FUKIN track she's on Suun

  36. Msmusick Terrill


  37. WokeGEM I don't snow

    another fav

  38. JLeBabE

    WOW ♥♥♥♥♥

  39. Maria Pantoja

    Your the Boss

  40. robNtheSouth

    Shit goes haaaard af!

  41. yoongi's notebook

    is it just me or does her newer stuff seem soft?

  42. Warrior Tiger 1

    H-Town represent Trae, Snow I see u girl 😎👍🏼

  43. DollFace Killuh

    make a video to this plzzzz! this my shiit right herr snow come bak to vegas 702

  44. Daniel Ramirez

    snow with trae the truth whatttttt lol song was dooe

  45. cupoftae withsomesuga

    YASSSSS 🔥🔥

  46. Emmanuel Reece

    we on now

  47. Emmanuel Reece

    hell yeah

  48. Man-k Hh


  49. Altomin

    Eh Trae

  50. Mia Millan

    dude what the fuck is she saying at 1:27?!? so flame! but I cant catch everything she says!


    Now we telling 'bout getting back without you in the track
    Now they getting flats now we getting cash where we at
    Now they feeling that, now we finna back cause we can
    So we been in that, now we get the chance to hit it where
    We on now, always going down
    Say that when you know we in your town

    Mia Millan

    Thank you! Lol

  51. james patrick

    60 people don't understand what will rap should sound like

    Hailey Nicole

    99 now,,, thats madness. this poor generation.

  52. Sam H


  53. Dusty Boettcher

    this one :)

  54. vikingsfan2016

    someone should boost the bass for this song....

    Jbassmix bassboosted

    about to upload one now.

  55. ImNotUrFriendGuy

    Snow Tha Product might just be one of the best female rappers there is

    Truth Xposed

    You should hear her 2013 freestyle. You can look it up. It's fire.

    Hailey Nicole

    not might be, she IS :D also, omit the female part, and you got it right ;)

    Harley Green

    No might be about it, she is !

  56. Sinister G


  57. Gina Kurtyka

    Love sum Snow.....

  58. brett hedger

    this is one of them song that I want to hear tech n9ne and the rest of his strange team on.. this beat if fire! snow the product is fire! Trae the truth is fire

  59. Eloisa Ponce

    This song is the second time I've heard about snow and I'm already thinking that she's the greatest with some killa beats to the songs which it makes it really Dope especially with the fast wise rapp about her lyrics

  60. Israel Flores

    good ass jam snow....

  61. Kk Ma

    killed it

  62. Kk Ma

    killed it

  63. italianotaro

    Man this that shit ! Love snow ! So more talent and she'll set the record straight soon ! I need this song .. How can I buy this snow ?

  64. Edward Ledezma

    Sexiest Mexican rapper ❤️😘😍

  65. meer khan

    yea man a de Indian Guyanese Rude Boy love female rappers ❄ is one of my favorite

  66. davis motomiya

    Tycho sample lowkey...

  67. Jay Lee


  68. Jordan Brown

    love this song

  69. Noreen Moise


  70. Antonio Arroyo

    and Trae tha truth is best in the game I'm from Texas

  71. Antonio Arroyo

    fast rapping is great but snow is live

  72. Joshua Smith

    No words. Shoulda sent a poet.

  73. Filipe Nogueira

    The thing is that youre quite good doing the fast rapping ;) good ridance

    Angelina Polana

    I think you mean cadence, good riddance means

    1.said to express relief at being free of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing.

    Filipe Nogueira

    English is not my main language so sorry, and thank you for not being a troll. :)

    Angelina Polana

    No worries :) I'm french, I started speaking english at 18, so I get how confusing some words get, just trying to help, thx for taking it how it was meant and not getting offended, have a good one! xo

  74. Coral Estrada

    love it

  75. Lilianna Elizabeth

    My therapy, I swear to god.

  76. Ian Johnson

    Always loved this beat and they killed it. Think main melody comes from VST Spire- PL Sines Bell

  77. Geo

    That was a great colab. that's a good mix

  78. V-Money Sanchez

    Chopping it up with the brother the other day about Montana 300 or some shit , that foo got 10m views on his shit , and it's shit dawg youu know what I'm sayin . Like why tf this ain't got 10m views ? People got issues .

  79. nino trill

    yes definitely this deserves more views

  80. Average Official

    Im here for Trae but its nice to see a female rapper going in, not about their ass and the dicks in it. Snow just gained a fan.

    Jordan Brown

    shes had more of a affect on me than you. dont like admitting that though 

    stevie Eldredge

    +Trae Marks ive been listening to trae since like Assholes by Nature days, and listening to snow long before she ever collabed with anyone from strange, but for me personally this collab was long over due and perfect.


    +stevie Eldredge

    Was just giving you shit mate


    +stevie Eldredge

    Was just giving you shit mate

    Truth Xposed

    Trae Marks 😀 I was listening to Snow in 08' and I promise being of fan of her for so long and finally seeing her recognition catch up with her talent has been pretty damn cool to witness.

  81. Mona Lopez


  82. MermaidLily peach

    I love the beat uggggh

    RnR_ RnR

    it's so smooth!

  83. Tysean Cooper


  84. Jacob Urbina

    Illest shit i heard by snow turn up

  85. Thedarkknight 301

    yo this is straight fire

  86. Everyday I Need Music

    Pure Fire》》》

  87. Orlando Guevara

    Have you ever thought of doing a calabo with lumidee

  88. Eaux M

    Dope track

  89. barbie brinson

    stay with the original please don't stray

  90. Dj 7 Shawty 1 Redd 7

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱Trey killed that

  91. Princess_Blue69

    Snow white best female rapper killing them hoes!

    Ana Hernandez

    @Princess_Blue69 She's Mexican Not White. That's the only reason shes bad af.

    S D

    @Ana Hernandez you ignorant

    Ana Hernandez

    just like you are! :)

  92. Martian Lynch

    I can guarantee that's true too.... these chicks scared asf to collab with her... ctfu

    Hollie S

    I'll collab..It would be my pleasure:No measure:An underground treasure:Been around forever:I'll be the hand to plant the seeds of doubt:I'm a bitch that's what I'm about:Hold my man down:Literally,lick it up,stick it up, pay it up and move along:Snow White meets poison ivy porcelain scars with hidden bars :stacked feelings on jars:My product keep it on mars:The clouds ahead but they still see us clearly:We are the best yes:Fiercely

  93. Anthony Sanchez

    When I first heard this i was like WTF IS THIS SHE BAD AS HELL.

  94. Alex Cam


  95. Andrea Rose

    there is so many haters for snow it's ridiculous

  96. Massivesavage 47

    Sorry snow da product but i dont like the stylemy niggah said u had that bad ass music but i dont think the same like him but u pretty and hope u can keep with ur excito ! Till i hear something that amuses mi in sticking to king lil g ! Ak47 Boyz Movement

  97. Skylin Kurns

    Gaaah, how I wish i could be you man! Snow, you're the shit, and i love you! Keep showing them niggas up!